Sunday, December 7, 2008

Piecing it together.

Not to sound full-of-myself but i'm a smart guy. I guess all my readers already knew that though, right? :)

Regarding you, anonymous fuckwit, yeah, i think i've figured out WHO YOU ARE! I thought about it for a while. I had a list of the possibilites in my head, but one last clue made everything fall into place.

It goes to show that people can smile to your face, joke around, and say what they want but inside they can house a silent hostility for what you represent. YOU CUNT.

I knew from the start of your comments that you knew too much about me to not know the real me, the first 2 sayings you wrote are common amongst my 'friends', and then there were the racist remarks, but it was the fact that you knew my real-life-nickname that gave you away in the end.

Did you think you could bully me online and get away with it? This is the one place i can be myself and you dare to stamp on it?!

You won't get away with this. You're a fucking RACIST and a HOMOPHOBE, as well as a TOTAL CUNT! I can't believe i ever considered you a friend. You think you're better than everyone else but you are the lowliest scum i know!!

You can pretend like this never happened at school but i will always HATE you from now on and if you comment on my blog again i will make you pay.

I'd like to see which of our friends would choose you over me! What would everyone think if they knew what you were? How about some teachers? If you do something, how about we involve the police? Although, i'd prefer something less legal, cunt. That would be a lot more fun.

You can pretend not to care what some fag thinks. Or you can pretend that you're not really who we both know you are. It doesn't matter, because i know the truth now.

I have nothing else to say other than you'd better watch out from now on because i know your true colours and i'm fucking pissed off!


I hope YOU go die, fucking SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poisoned Happiness said...

That was kinda emotional. But don't waste your energy on him. He's not worth it. He's either close minded person or is having problem with himself. Maybe he's gay or bi himself but he can't accept it?

Be careful not to lower yourself to his level! Maybe show him you are better person, do something he don't expect like talking to him in private? Whatever you do don't let your anger control your decisions, don't do anything stupid you might regret later.

mirrorboy said...

Well he obviously doesn't respond to intelligent conversation. I tried being reasonable in my first post and he didn't give a fuck. Perhaps the sort of crude language he likes to use will get through to the cunt.

He can get fucked. He wants me to die? I hope he drops dead.

He stamped on my only safe-haven and i will make him pay.

AJCon89 said...

I find angry Mirrorboy kinda sexy... :-P

and I agree... fuck him and the cunt fucking horse he rode in on.

he is a lower level of life form then smegma... he is a fool who just wants attention because no one gives him any in real life.

No one loves him so he has to hate.

I would call him out at school... fuck him... tell your teacher what he did... lets see if he is so tough when you fight back.

I love you buddy and am so proud of you for standing up to him.


Poisoned Happiness said...

I'm not saying you shouldn't protect your safe-haven, because you should. Just be reasonable, be mature as you are and don't let emotions rule your actions, because it's way you may do something stupid and regret it later.

But all in all I'm totally on your side.


aron2631 said...

Whew! I bet that felt good to say! Many times I've wanted to just bitch slap someone into next week. Never done it though.


Mr. HCI said...


Just kill him and be done with it.


No . . . wait . . . that's probably not very good advice.

There is a possibility he's gay as well, full to the brim with self-hatred and lashing out at those who are more self-accepting. If you've not already read everything on Steevo's blog, read this entry:

[broken down so it will fit in the window]

Seth said...

OMG. You are SO wound up over this - especially with the "connection" (as opposed to just some random person) you have with this guy.

I'm a bit... frightened LOL. Calm down a bit. J/K.

Just FYI, after many years of experience, I find WRITING those sorts of rants is a very good way to vent some of your emotions, but actually PUBLISHING them is a bit more intense.

But then, at least its got a certain poetic quality to it.

But yeah, really don't stoop to his level - its just not worth it in the end. Reference Poisoned Happiness's second comment.



xthecouragex said...

I agree that you shouldn't take the fight to his level. I mean look at what AJ said, he's just looking for attention and the more you keep it going the more he's going to post.

I am NOT telling you to just roll over and play dead and give up and take all this stuff from this dumbass. and I'm not saying that you were wrong for posting this. Its good to get it out, but unless he does something else major I wouldn't act in school. Just ignore him in school too even when he tries to talk to you. Then if he comes to you privately you can rip into him.

Either way, I know your a strong guy and are a better person than this low life.

And I kinda agree with AJ's comment about you being sexy, there's just something about a pissed off mboy =P

Razz said...

hell hath no fury like mirrorboy scorned! haha! watch your back anon!

Doomed but cheerful! said...

Speak softly, and carry a big stick, and you shall go far.

You can try and see things from all sides; even walk a mile in another man's shoes. However, if those shoes are full of crap, I would avoid it.

The reward your persecutor craves is attention and adulation - TBH, who gives a monkeys what he thinks about anything? Deny him what he wants, and let him disappear up his own fundament.

That he is a bigot, and has issues of his own, and will lead a life of considerable unhappiness and discontent is irrefutable. That he will be re-visited by his bad karma is inevitable.

You, on the other hand, are learning and growing from this. Becoming stronger. How you deal with this now is for you to decide. However, take into account the 'law of unexpected consequences' before you do anything, so that you are not harmed.

And if you are reading this, this also goes for the persecutor - you have not made any friends here, if you know what I mean =|

naturgesetz said...

It must be really rough learning this about someone who acted like a friend. It is a real betrayal. If it had been someone you didn't know, it would have just been annoying. But coming from someone you thought was a friend it really hurts.

It was only natural that you would feel the way you did. It will take time for the anger and upset to go away.

But I hope you will not give him the satisfaction of letting him play with your emotions any more. Try not to react to him anywhere he can see it. If you need to vent about anything else he does, the best thing is probably to do it somewhere ither than on this blog. I'm sure you are in contact with some of us. If you want to e-mail me about anything he says or does, feel free.

Planetx_123 said...

wow... don't fuck with mirrorboy, he fucks back hard (metaphorically of course)

Oh...metaphorically is six syllables... that won't work. hmmm

scum fucking moron anonymous commenter: go to google and type "define:metaphor" and see if you can learn a new word-- three whole syllables! woot woot- have a party, you are movin' on up in the world!