Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Big Cat Pic Post.

K so i'm not actually doing anything 'special' for the last post of the year.

Instead, i'm just going to post some more cat pics. This time, it's just them in all their feline glory, without me enlarging their eyes or making things glow weird colours. :P

Some of my paragraphs are a bit weird, cos they always go weird when i post pics so... forgive me. ^_^

They all look better full-sized, so don't forget you can click on em.

I took these next 2 this morning, while my friendly little companion was keeping my company while i was on the computer.

He's actually beside me right now, as i'm writing this post.

I should thank Tig (Tiger) for being my mirrorboy mascot since the blog began.

You've probably noticed that my profile picture is one of him.

Such a handsome little cat. ^_^

I got this look on him by holding a chip above his head, which he ate afterwards. :P

His eyes always open up when food is involved.

He has a thing for having 1 arm hanging over the side of his chair.

Tig seems to have a fair few pics where one of his eyes is glowing... :O

Enough of Tig.

This is Jim (Jemima).

Our bossy, thin, loud little thing. She's not as photogenic, but when you get a good picture of her, it's a great one.

I took this one about an hour ago...

This next one is one of my all-time favourites...

Please click on it. I <3>
Okay... I couldn't resist warping a few of them. lol

Happy new year etc. although Australia is ahead of the majority of you so ours comes much sooner. Suck! ^_^


Col said...

Happy New Year!
The last photo is brilliant!

koenski said...

only two more hours..its in holland 8 hrs earlier i believe and freezing cold, minus ten,auussies are friendly people,i prefer you lot more than lets say...yankies?.haha happy go lucky you bastard in 2009, gereetings from just a boy from the ast of the netherlands, the only land of the free!

Doomed but cheerful! said...

Happy New Year form Aotearoa! Thank you for all the feline eye-candy - love it to bits!
I hope all your dreams for 2009 come true, and more.

G =]

Aek said...

Omg, I <3 the one where your two cats are snuggling! XD

Happy New Year!! :P

James said...

Ok, Tig is a REALLY big kitty! He looks a lot like my sister's cat, Owen. Is Tig really cuddly and loving? Cause he looks like a nice cat. :]

Scratch both those feline friends for me. :D

Seth said...

Have a wonderful, safe, happy New Years Eve, and may 2009 be a much better year!!!


*(well, I think you already did? - damn time zones)

Peter said...

Well, maybe your cats are just A LITTLE cuter than mine.


Aahsazyl said...

i like jemima's awesome, tho any animal that does the hanging arm thing is cute...

naturgesetz said...

Those pictures are so beautiful. I especially like the fourth one, and the one of the two of them together.

Happy New Year, M-Boy.

xthecouragex said...

Your cats are really cute. I really want a cat...once i move out i suppose.

And everytime i see jim now i think about the story you told me. I'm glad she wasn't gone forever :)

Happy New Year MBoy

cvn70 said...


i hope your friend gets your wireless internet up and running

can't wait to see how your life improves next year


Aahsazyl said...

whats the drawing in tigs ear? or are thos blood vessels...
link me

mirrorboy said...

That's the tattoo thingy the vet put in after we got him desexed.

Hish said...

I think... you are showing symptoms of turning into one of those old cat ladies who live with 1293 cats or something in their twilight years.

and Happy New Year :)

Kevin Wilson said...

I have a cat and she is like a child to me - until she got sick and might have been put down, I didn't realise how much she meant to me. I just wish she would sit still long enough for me to take photos of her. Once she sees me with my camera, she's off.

I wonder if cats are a gay thing....

Planetx_123 said...

yes- cats are a gay thing... at least its part of the stereotype in america!