Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm sore.

I feel so sore right now.

- My hip is sore because of what i slept on at my friend's house last night...

(It was the bed i was on... Nothing dirty! You pervs!) :P

- Then my left middle finger is sore because i burnt it on the stove. My arch-nemesis strikes again!

- The muscle in my right arm is sore.....................

That's what you get when you have so much free time huh. ;D

Seriously though, it's really sore. I'm not sure what's it from... Probably too much computer. *cough

- Then i've got a sore on the bottom of my right foot and it hurts when i put pressure on it. :/

- And then i'm also really tired, which makes me just feel kind of weak right now...

- Oh, and i almost forgot that aliens abducted me the other night... The probing wasn't as fun as i thought it would be... :/


Anyways, strange holiday habit #1.

- On school days, all i want to do is sleep in, but on weekends and during the holidays, i wake up at about 6:30 every morning. Sometimes i listen to the radio, or i switch on the tv... or i have some 'happy time'.

*naughty smiley

I just love waking up early. There's something about it that just makes my day feel so much better.

Sure, sleeping in is nice sometimes (especially when you're supposed to be getting up), but if i get up at midday, i feel like i've just wasted hours that could have been spent doing something fun.

Is it just me?

Anyways, i'm too worn-out to keep writing. The foldout bed i slept on at my friend's house was really uncomfortable and i couldn't get to sleep.

I need some sleep. I also need some 'happy time', as you can tell cos that's what's been on my mind the whole time. :P

Me tired...


Will resume normal posting as soon as soon as i get back to my old self. As you can tell, i've been writing words but not really 'saying' anything recently... I hope at least i've been mildy amusing...

Take care.


Col said...

Very amusing...lol. You poor thing with all your aches and pains. I think a bit of "happy time" is just what the doctor ordered (wink wink).

Btw, I too feel like I've wasted time if I lay in...but I can't help it in the winter.

Sweet dreams,

Planetx_123 said...

I am the exact same. I love getting up early and feeling productive. If I sleep past 8:30 or so then I feel lazy and like its time wasted that I cant get back.

MB I love reading your blog regardless if its everyday stuff or super-deep introspection. Don't worry about the content.

Much Love,

Jake Annonymous said...

I think ur all freaks! I sleep in late and adjust the time I go to sleep accordingly, then the next morning I'll sleep in later and so on. But sometimes I forget how young and innocent mboy is, what is happy time? Lol


Peter said...

I agree with Jake. You guys are wacko. I love sleeping in.

Anyway, glad your back mboy.


P.S. Enjoy your "happy time." LOL

naturgesetz said...

Hope the visit at your friends house was pleasant apart from the sleeping arrangement.

Next time let him have the cot. lol

I tend to be a night owl, and if I didn't want to get to daily Mass, I'd probably sleep at least until 9:00. But I need to be out of bed by 7:30.

Poisoned Happiness said...

Because I want to go to swim pool every day before work I'm waking up at 5am now so I can be at pool at 6:30am. So I'm going sleep about 10pm right now. I use to say late when I was student because it was best time for me to study but now my internal clock has changed it's schedule. So I can't really sleep long on weekends and I'm waking up at about 8am usually.

Anonymous said...

dear jake

happy time is like joshie "got milk?" time...

or maybe you were just, um, er, ah... well, "pulling" my "leg"?

Anonymous said...

for foreign (!) readers...
"got milk" is the tag line for a long running American dairy industry add campaign for milk.

Some are even funny.

Seth said...

... and since we all know what "milk" is really code-word for, right?...

Welcome back m-boy, get some rest and come back refreshed


Zee said...

I never have set sleeping habits I sometimes get into funks where I sleep early and wake up early. Other times I go to sleep late and wake up early. I sometimes get into the habit of going to sleep late and waking up early. I also find it easier to sleep in the afternoon rather than at night. You are right though. There is nothing worst than waking up really late because the day seems like it is almost over (especially in winter).

victor said...

i'm glad you got a chance to take a break and get away for a while. sorry about all the sore bits. hopefully nothing too tragic. was the stove a gas one from 1958? (!)
and i'm not even going to go into alien abductions, just as long as you don't end up like eric cartman on that one southpark episode. yowee.
ok, since sleeping habits are a topic today, i tend towards the graveyard shift, 11pm to 7am is when i'm most productive. the problem is i can't sleep if it's light outside. so i compromise and go to bed between 2 and 3am and get up between 6 and 7. if it's overcast though, i can sleep all day. weird, eh?

Lindsay said...

Didn't know that your friend was an alien and ran a Boot Camp...
It sounds like you were roughing it too much for your own good!

Ah well, you're home now.
Catch up on all your beauty sleep and wake up whenever you want too.

Welcome back.