Monday, December 22, 2008

Cat pic post.

My cute little companion who sits with me while i'm on the computer. :)

Click it and you'll see all the detail. :)

Exactly how i sleep...
Although i'm not as cute as her. :P


Seth said...

oooh i get to be first comment. lol.

awww. what cuties. lol the "evil eyes" in the first picture.
second picture looks SO much like my Tyler. cute as a button.

and that last picture is a classic


Peter said...

Love the pics you post of your cats. You can have some of my cats if you want. They are SOOO bad, but sometimes they can be cute.

Col said...

Ahhhh, he/she looks so cute in number five.

Anonymous said...

Your cats are cute. I hate living with a bunch of people who hate cats. I'd love to get one but they'd all throw a fit.

The sleeping picture is the cutest, and I'm sure you're pretty cute when you sleep too mister.

Oh, and I think people just sit on your blog and refresh the page over and over in case you update. That way they can be the first to comment. No offense to them of course, I'm only joking :p

Take care buddy

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the kitty pics.

If you'd post some pictures of yourself in the garden and sleeping, we could tell you if you're as cute as the cats. lol :P


P.S. Pete, why not put the kitty pix on your blog so we can all enjoy them?

Peter said...

Because the only good time you can take a picture of them is when they are sleeping. Any other time they are destroying the house!!

I will try though.

Anonymous said...

Psh, I'll bet you're 5x that cute when you sleep. ;-)

Wow, you're cats are really photogenic. I try to take a picture of mine and she acts like a convict, dashes out of the room, turns her head, grrr...