Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thank you.


Well. I just spent the last 2-3 hours writing reply emails to everyone who emailed me after my last couple of posts because they cared about me.

It makes me feel warm inside to know that there are actually people out there who genuinely care about me.

So i'm taking this opportunity just to say a big...


to EVERYONE who cares about me, whether you emailed me or commented on the blog, or talked to me on msn, or just wished me luck, because without you i would be in a very bad place, let's face it.

You mean so much to me that you wouldn't believe it. I am so incredibly thankful to be here and have met you all.

And... that is ENOUGH writing for now. My mind is blank.

I need a shower.



naturgesetz said...

I'm sure you understand that those of us who didn't e-mail but expressed support in our comments also care about you. In a way, I'm sorry I didn't also e-mail you, but I'm glad I didn't make you write yet one more reply.

Hope you can relax for a while.

mirrorboy said...

Duuuuude!! :P

I meant thank you to ALL of you!

I changed the post a little just then, so that it emphasizes ALL of you, lol.

Thank you too naturgesetz! :D

naturgesetz said...



Tim said...

Nice to read that you have so much support and that you appreciate it. Enjoy the holidays and relax. You know that we're all here for you and there are some people with very sound advice.

Take care. Happy Christmas.

Steevo said...

I was wondering what that "fragrance" was coming in from the south/down under!

You gratitude is appreciated, MB! It is a sign of real growth and increasing maturity to feel that way. And to recognize that u needed th support. I hope that is not too condescending!

But, perhaps there is a next step... there almost always is.

The more independent you become, the more certain and comfortable with who you are, then you will feel more strength. And u will be able to pay it forward and assist others in the process, as I know you already do.

One reason I blog is the satisfaction I get seeing guys grow into the young gay man they want to be. And can be if they believe it.

So props to you. You make me proud and the others too it seems.

Planetx_123 said...

Thank you! Thats very kind to take the time to respond to everyone.