Saturday, December 6, 2008

A friendly little anonymous comment.

dusty aka mirrorboy coff coff.

1.kidding yourself

3.omg everyones gonna find out your gay how depressing go cry in a corner and im pretty sure like 50 kids per day get in situations like that so deal with fuck stick

4.know one cares about your little homo sittuations.

ps. go fuck yourself or your cat cos that seems to be your only pictures i mean cmon are you rooting your cats your like the crazy cat lady but even more gay

pss.go die kno onelikes yo.

Umm, well anonymous aka gutless cunt.

1. Why bother writing a comment that i can just delete?

2. Why are you reading a GAY blog?

3. I can tell you're a young stupid little dumbass because of ALL your spelling and grammar mistakes - you don't even know how to construct a sentence so frankly your opinion means zilch.

4. You know my real-life nickname so perhaps you know me. Next time come and confront me yourself or are you so scared that you have to hide behind a keyboard writing laughable little ramblings.

5. I don't give a fuck.

I've seen and dealt with worse already. I'm secure enough in myself now, and smart enough to have a good view of how things in the world work. I know that people love me.

I also know that some people are just plain stupid.

Next time, at least write a sentence that makes sense, and then we'll go for another round. If you wanna have a word battle you picked the wrong guy to mess with.



Words only have strength if what they speak is the truth.


Anonymous said...

Can you say OWNED!
Well don’t told him!

Idiots like that aren’t worth your time, or anyone else’s for that matter. I suggest you ignore it all together from now on, this is a blog about you, and if you continue to make it about this gutless wonder then he wins.

As for the brain dead bigot himself, why waste your time coming onto a blog like this to criticize? It serves no purpose, only to prove to the rest of the readers that you are indeed so sad and pathetic, that you have nothing better to do with your time than to post something as thoughtless and meaningless as that. Next time try writing something constructive, or maybe just steer clear or things you don’t approve of (like the rest of us) and work on getting some friends or something better do use spend time on.
Obviously you either know m-boy in person, and are too pathetic to take your issues up with him yourself. Or you’re just another insecure, confused little boy...who i might add will probably turn out gay because of your tendency to surf gay blogs.

After what you’ve done, i have one message for you to carry for the rest of your life...
You are insignificant!

Mirrorboy, you’re better than this scum. Ignore it - yes I’m referring to the poster as an IT. Hopefully tomorrows post will be on a much better note than this one, and well have one less idiot to worry about.

Matty (from Melbourne)

Oh and a word of advise for IT. People like you (who lack intelligence and people skills) may need some assistance with your future occupation. So let me be of some assistance, repeat after me:
"Would you like fries with that?"

Planetx_123 said...

What post was this on?

Reading things like this makes me want to scream and punch things (like the Hulk, but not so green).

Mboy- you have anymore trouble and Im sure some of us wouldn't mind vacationing in Australia over the christmas "handle the situation" if you get my drift- I have no moral problem beating the shit out of 15yr old bigot idiot cowards >:-)

Hey- its summer there, right! So thats actually a great reason... its 27 degrees F in TN right now, and Im FREEEEZING...

We all love you mboy whatever that counts for!


naturgesetz said...

People like the anonymous commenter are what is known as "trolls." They only post things to make other people upset. Conventional wisdom is that the best thing to do is to ignore them.

But I'm glad you decided to post about it, so we could understand the sort of hostility and stupidity you have to deal with.

mirrorboy said...

I know what you mean Matty but the point of this post was to show that i DON'T care - and i will stand up for myself on my blog AND IN REAL LIFE, rather than just ignore it and let the prick think that it may have affected me.

Rather than 'let's just ignore it' i thought 'let's point and laugh'.

To be honest, does this not prove to be an amusing post? After the initial surprise, i actually smiled as i re-read it.

Don't think i'm going to stand for any more idiocy though. I will delete any more stupid comments, just like i did to this one.

I'm looking forward to seeing if the prick has the guts to show his face to me.

And yeah, it does sound to me like they are from my school.

Poisoned Happiness said...

You always find stupid people around you but you will also find true friends who will understand and accept you. Some people are just immature.

dusty - cute nickname :) Does it have a story behind like your online nickname?

Mr. HCI said...

pss.go die kno onelikes yo.

Looks like someone needs to develop basic motor skills. Does your school include kindergarteners who have computer access?

Lach said...

Hey man,

You know i'm only a couple of hours away.

I have some family in your area if someone needs sorting out..

Steevo said...

It's a bird, it's a plane,'s SUPERLach


Kevin Wilson said...

The internet has given the less intelligent the ability to play childish mind games with the end result being that they think they are doing something clever in their own mind.

You would think that if the trolls read any of the posts properly, they'd realise that you have already overcome a lot in regards to your sexuality (coming out at your age would bring its own set of complications) so anything they say isn't going to make much of an impact on you.

Pointing and laughing at the troll works for me but if it's someone you know in real life, I'm fine with you beating the crap out of him/her.


Jake Annonymous said...

I love people that iBash people, it shows what grade in school they stopped caring (By spelling) and how little they know about things or themselves. hes just covering for his own homosexuality

AJCon89 said...

I have said it before and I will say it again....

I fucking hate those anonymous assholes who bash you but are too chicken shit to at least leave an email address or a blog name where you can contact them back.

They sit there behind their keyboards and act all tough and shit... well... they can go fuck themselves.

they need to go grow some balls and leave a way for people to respond to them... if not... go the fuck away. We dont need them here.

and in case he is wondering... I for one (and I can tell you that I am not the only one) really do care about mirrorboy... and guess what you toothless knuckle dragging coward? I like him too... he is one of my best friends online and a really cool guy...

so go fuck yourself you anonymous piece of shit...

AJ - aka someone who is not afraid to use his real name when he leaves a comment...

PS - sorry if I got a little mad there... but my anger gets the best of me when those assholes bother my friends...

Anonymous said...

1.WOW I dont correct my words perfectly for your gay ass taste

2.I have better things than to type a fucking novel at probly dark ass room surrounded by the light coming out of a computer.

3.know cares go die ect ect

4.also know cares about your small ass town

ps go die

PSS if u have any problems im at

Seth said...

pps: does that mean we can now call you dusty OR m-boy?? It will be SO confusing.



dionest. (slang): the only truth . Used in a sentence such as: dionest one returned the wallet he found on the street.

Seth said...

Oh. looks like your basher "came out" on the comment above mine.

Ignoring them is best - deleting the comment meants its not even visible, and attention is what they crave.

Besides, we all know when you pretend there is no problem, there really is no problem. Just look at the US President and the US economy.



AJCon89 said... i'm sure all of your KKK brothers will really be glad to know you read gay blogs...

haha... you probably jerk off to them too... this is just your way of hiding your gayness....

dont worry buddy we have all seen it before... and we are a very accepting bunch here... you can come out to us... we wont shun you like your arian friends will...

Paul Newman said it best about you... summed it up in one chorus... lol
"We're rednecks, we're rednecks,
We dont know our ass from a hole in the ground.
We're rednecks, we're rednecks,
Keeping the niggers down."

btw... you can listen the song here... its really funny...

you fucking knuckle dragging sister fucking piece of shit.... go away

what the fuck is your problem? i mean does it really matter what he writes? does it affect you that much?

how pathetic is your life that you have nothing better to do than troll blogs and bash people...

real tough guy you are... lol... i'm sure you are real proud.

fuck off...

oh and to answer your points...

1.WOW I dont correct my words perfectly for your gay ass taste
>>> yeah... it just proves that you are a brilliant person... unlike what everyone here has been saying...

2.I have better things than to type a fucking novel at probly dark ass room surrounded by the light coming out of a computer.
>>> yeah... like trolling people online and and bashing people on their blogs... great life you

3.know cares go die ect ect
>>>hey dumb ass... it is "no one" no means none... know means to understand... that is the second time you made that mistake you retarded motherfucker. you are really breaking the stereotype... way to go...

4.also know cares about your small ass town
>>> you may have a point there... lol

now go fuck your mother in the ass and cum on your sisters face you fucking inbred lowlife...



Planetx_123 said...

11,324 points --> AJ
-45 points --> "knuckle dragging sister fucking piece of shit"

I especially agree that anyone who spends a lot of time searching for and reading gay blogs...probably needs to think about why they enjoy reading ABOUT GAY PEOPLE so much.

whitepower- when you grow up to be a big boy that can form sentences and use properly spelled words, then you will recognize that you are:
(1) the scum of the earth
(2) have no real friends
(3) are an intellectual vacuum
(4) are seriously considering purging yourself from this planet since you failed so completely at any attempt to be a human being

Now go away- go beat your fists on your chest in some other corner of the internet--you fucking ape.

Much Love,

Lach said...

Whitepride is just a troll address. It's used in a lot of racial hate areas.

Seriously, fuck you. I dare you to give a proper msn.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe it`s a good idea to leave only this comment out in the public, so he can read all the comments here about him and i`m sure HE will be affected by them and starts thinking..
What do you think?, does that make sense..
You are a smart young guy!.
visit"", that`s my blog.
Greetings from the Netherlands, Europe.

Ben said...

That's ridiculous that people leave comments like that.
You show a lot of character to be able to handle it so well.

Brass Matt said...

God it just made me so horny to hear my boyfriend rip into that asshole, lol.

I now night have to give him a reward!

Hey Dusty, don't worry about an ass like that. There are more people that care about you right here then there are people who care about him anywhere.

He is a nothing looser and that is all he will ever be. It's really pathetic if you think about it.

You are more awesome then he will every be.


Doomed but cheerful! said...

Your persecutor needs to grow some. You clearly have some =]

Anonymous said...

So this post and this anonymous guy makes me laugh. One of my biggest fears would be someone finding out about me being gay in real life because I gave away too much info on my blog. But then I realized they would have to read gay blogs to discover that.

I wont rip into the kid because all of you have done it and I kind of feel bad for him. He obviously is questioning his sexuality if he's reading gay blogs. Its just too bad that his maturity level is that of a 8 year old and so he's freaked out by it and thinks if he makes the biggest noise against someone who is gay it will cover up for it.

The reality is that we all know that you came and looked at a gay site and you probably do it often. But hey, what ever gets you off buddy, we wont judge you.

Finally, it's hilarious that you made that comment about having something better to do then write a novel as a comment. Who are you fooling? you feel threatened by a gay boy? hahaha why? because you might have gay feelings sometimes too?

M-boy, I would just go back to deleting his comments. He's only going to keep posting them because he's going to get all defensive from what everyone is saying on here. And I wouldn't worry about him doing anything is real life, he can't even post a real name on here. And if he ever does...I would love to come to Australia and show him that this bi guy leads his hockey league in fighting minutes =P


Peter said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous:

I'm just curious to know how you found M-boys blog? Most, if not all, of the blogs that have a link to this blog are by gay authors, so that means you had to have looked at them first. Probably most of their blogs are also linked by more gay blogs, and the chain just goes on and on. That tells me that you started out on a gay blog and kept reading and following links until you found this one. Which means you had to have had an interest in reading gay blogs in the first place. You had to have spent time reading this one otherwise you wouldn't have known about M-boy's story and his cats, etc...

Also, why do you only pick on M-boy? You have access to all of our blogs, so why do you only harass him, but not everyone else? If you hate us so much it only makes sense that you would harass others too.

And another thing: What do you get out of harassing him? I'm just curious to know because it doesn't make any sense to me at all.

mirrorboy said...

Damn... I missed all of the excitement while i was sleeping... :P

In response to idiot's 2nd comment.

1. When i'm making millions in royalties from my stories, i'd like to see you pick on me then.

And at least i have better things to do than write childish comments to people who don't care in a probably dark ass room surrounded by the light coming out of a computer.

2. I have a couple of questions for you.

- How did you find my blog? 99.9% of my readers come here from other gay blogs who link to me. I'm part of a blogweb. You'd have to make your way through many to get to mine.

- How do you know my nickname? If it's cos you know me in real-life why don't you come and show me your face or are you that gutless?

Oh, and 3, nobody may care about my town, and neither do i really. That's why i only made 2 posts about it.

As for 'having the guts' to show your 'email address'...

I Googled it, and from '

///Trolls are generally white people who display at least some degree of racism; some trolls are extreme, using anonymous email addresses with names like or These "trolls" post almost exclusively in subject threads that focus on racially divisive issues like affirmative action...'

So you're not only scared of gays, you also typed a fake racist email address, and that only undermines your credibility even more! ...if that's even possible.

I only left your above comment on my blog because it had so many responses and i thought it was amusing but seriously, you should go away, because we don't care. Anything else you do write will be deleted. It's very easy for me to do so. In fact i could click on the trash bin icon underneath your comment right now and it would be gone in two seconds.

I do hope you understand, because i have a tendency to use 'big' words that may be beyond your comprehension.

This started out as amusing, but now i'm sick of you. Sorry. You have no place on this blog and you will be removed every time you step foot on it from now on.