Thursday, December 18, 2008

75,000 views! :D

Yes, Mirrorboy's Blog is celebrating 75,000 views. :)

My blog has changed my life in such incredible ways... that i cannot imagine what life would be like without it.

I think that i will be around our little blog world for a long time to come. Even if Mirrorboy's Blog comes to a close, i will always be here, in some form or another... It has affected me in so many ways, and many of them are incredibly positive. It means so much to me.

For once, i feel like i belong to something. Before i did this, i was just a miserable little kid. I'd barely spoken to another gay being, and that made me feel so alone and weird.

Life sucked. I could not be myself. Not only was in in the closet, but i had no way of being me to anyone. And i saw absolutely no way out.

And yet, after i took that one first step into the blogging world, which i felt very apprehensive about, i now have this... or rather, i have all of you, and you've all seriously opened up my eyes. I cannot express that enough. The world is a big place full of wonderful and amazing people...

And before i met you... i thought the world was a very unkind place to live in.

So, i want to express to all of you, a profound thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for simply accepting me, and you know i mean that to ALL of you. Even you cute little silent readers, who i know are there... i'll keep doing this for you, as well as myself.

It is literally an honour to be a part of something so... just plain special, and to share myself with the part of the world who won't reject me.

I would say i am lucky... but to be honest... i got here on my own hard work! LOL! Suck on that!

Yep. I've put a lot of time and effort into this. And it was hard... but you only get out what you put in. And it was all worth it. :)

Now forgive me while i suddenly seem to change the topic...

I believe in karma... and not in some weird spirit and soul way... lol

Simply, show a little bit of kindness for someone, care about them, lend them your ear and give them your opinion when they ask for it, and they will be better for it, and they will remember you.

And when you do that for a bunch of people, you make a lot of wonderful friends who would do the same for you.

That is karma for ya, at least the way that i like to interpret it.

Also, when we all care about each other, there is no problem that one of us can not overcome, because we will be united.

Whether by actually being there in person, or sending your support, or offering your knowledge, or simply loving the person, we can all do something special.

That is what we have in our little blog community... and we are truly lucky. When any of us or our readers have a problem, they can come to us for help.

I don't know what else to say... other than that is a truly special thing...

Okay, time to finish before this post gets even more bizarre... This was a 15yo giving advice to all of you on how to care for one another. LOL

How strange...

Although that is the beauty of having a blog. I can say what i want, and none of you can stop me! :D

lotsa love,


Hope i made sense... I'm never sure anymore... :P


Anonymous said...

congrats mirrorboy!
you've definitely set up one awesome blog! keep it going :)

Tim said...

It's lovely to read something so positive. I can't begin to imagine what it might have been like for you. When I was younger I had lots of friends but I didn't identify as being gay (or anything for that matter!) so I just went about my life. I'm glad you found people, albeit people you may not know personally, who give you love and support. In this way, the internet is a wonderful thing. Keep it up and keep smiling!

It's not strange for a young person to give advice. Although you may be young and some might say young people have no life experience, they do have feelings and a view on the world so don't hesitate to say what you feel when you've put some thought into it. However much they might like to deny it, old people like the fresh ideas a young person can give, it reminds them of what it was like to be young.

Merry Christmas, I hope you have a good one.

Doug said...

You make perfect sense! :)

And CONGRATS! That's so cool that you have had so many visitors. Just think... all those people listening to your thoughts every day. :) Quite an amazing thing!

I love reading your blog and everyone else does too! That's why they keep coming back!

Take care little buddy! And may there be many many many more posts from you so that we may keep enjoying your thoughts.

Jake Annonymous said...

I think the new internet filtering might disagree with things you say :P

love bro

Doomed but cheerful! said...

Gratz m8! And when I stop listening to people it's time to go - whether they are 15, 50 or whatever.
We support, inspire, learn and amuse eachother, both 'us' in the blogosphere, and people we meet IRL. Some do more than others - clearly, you do a lot more than most =]

naturgesetz said...

Congrats on the 75,000!

You're an awesome guy.

Tim said...

By the way, I am one of those old people...

Congratulations on 75,000 views!

Anonymous said...

Jake Annonymous said...
I think the new internet filtering might disagree with things you say :P


Maybe for you and the "cute little silent readers" this blogging stuff is like a training program so that as you have the opportunity and desire to be "out" IRL you'll have had some experience of acceptance and support. Maybe this is the place to explore the various "yous" you can be. And that is a good thing, in fact it is what adolescence is all about for all teens.

And remember that this is also about "us". As a cute silent reader comes forth and comments or emails someone our family gets stronger.

Happy 75K, mirrorboy. The numbers speak for themselves.

Peter said...

congrats M-boy!

No one is more awesome than you!! And no one has a more awesome blog than you...except me! I'm kidding.

You are great!

Seth said...

Very inspiring words. I'm glad you found me, or I found you, or whatever - and that we became part of this community. Its likewise an honor for me (even if you spell it "honour" LOL).

ps: I'm "stealing" your description of Cute Little Silent Readers" because its so... well, cute.


pinstripe said...


Your e-milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

childOFpurity said...

your blog is amazing even if I'm not writing I fall back on ur blog your so smart, congrats to you :) about the big number if views hope to tlk again soon take care.
---- Child of purity

Jack said...

although I have no idea what you actually look like, YOU are a beautiful person with such depth for your age. You are so loving and caring for others even though sometime your life sucks like all of us have our suckie days and some times more than days but if we are willing to talk to others that love us bi it in a blog, chat or in person, we realize we can make it thru almost anything.
Try to keep your chin up and your spirits also. God loves all of his creation, great or small, just remember always.

Jake Annonymous said...

You don't know what he looks like, because he has something against showing pictures about himself, I reckon its because he is so attractive even straight guys fall in love with him, that or he is terminally ugly

<3 Jake

Jack said...

Well Jake you are correct about mirrorboys looks but I would bet it is the first reason he does not show pictures not the terminally ugly. But I likewise feel it is not a good place to post a picture that would be recognized because first, he is only 15, and even though I am mush older it leaves us valnorable to actions by people who may wish to treat us with a lot of disrespect and intolerance when they have no reason except that they have feeling they can't act upon so they take it out on those they do not even know.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, Mirrorboy's Blog is celebrating 75,000 views. :)" and I'm happily responsible for at least 100 of them over the past three months...

"My blog has changed my life..." but you have no real way to know how much you've changed our lives...

"I think that i will be around our little blog world for a long time to come. Even if Mirrorboy's Blog comes to a close..." I really hope you warn those of us who are not in direct personal contact well enough that we can follow you to your new incarnation...

"So, i want to express to all of you, a profound thanks, from the bottom of my heart..." however, you should know that we all owe you the thanks! Not too many of us ever run across an honest, intelligent, articulate teenager who actually wants to engage in a dialogue to increase his world view. You've changed ALL our lives by giving us another measure of hope - by asking questions, questioning the answers, telling us what you think and feel, and actually causing us to think anew on your perspective. One can offer no greater gift to those one loves than to offer them hope. Thank You!

"It is literally an honour to be a part of something so... just plain special..." You damn right! Whether or not you realize it, the concept of honour (or personal dignity) is the primary component of the social contract denied to those disenfranchised as second-class entities by society, and your writings and audacious thoughts remind us all that honour still exists for us and that we have every reason to continue to believe that we deserve the honours to which we're entitled.

"Okay, time to finish before this post gets even more bizarre... This was a 15yo giving advice to all of you on how to care for one another. LOL" and I'll never claim to be the first to recognise the truth inherent in the statement that 'a child shall lead them.'

Whatever you might be thinking or feeling, know that you are a leader for our future. Never give up! Speak out. Love whoever you want! But, whatever you do, please do not hesitate to remind us that we have both rights and responsibilities.

I LOVE mirrorboy's blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Feliz Navidad! etc., etc.

mirrorboy said...

Thanks so much for all the kind words guys, and girl. ;D