Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another action-packed school day...

So honestly, our teachers aren't even 'teaching' us anymore. Maybe they're just worn out and waiting for the holidays like the rest of us. :P

Like this - for PE (AKA SPORT) in the first 2 periods. After deciding that we wouldn't watch a movie called "Remember the Titans" (omg we've already seen it twice at school) our PE TEACHER actually took us on a walk down to McDonalds! Mmm... education...

He shouted everyone a soft serve cone so that was nice... although, is it just me, or does McDonalds' ice-cream taste like stale milk? o_O

At least we didn't have to eat their 'meat'... *shudders...

After that, for period 3's English/SOSE, our teacher just gave us a word puzzle from the newspaper...

For period 4, we just went out to the undercover area and had a barbecue. I had a sausage, although i fucked up and accidentally tipped sauce all over it. :/

Then, after that, about a dozen of us headed to one of the rooms where another kid had set up Guitar Hero - World Tour or whatever it is... And we just played that for the rest of the day while the others watched movies.

So... loud... though.

I still have a headache. :/

Anyways, i also found out what my electives for next year would be.

Semester 1.

- LOTE French
- Architecture
- Computer Programming
- Creative Writing

Semester 2.

- LOTE French
- Dollars and Sense (SOSE)
- Graphic Design
- Creative Drawing

I desperately want to change Architecture because it sounds boring as hell, and i saw on the list that the people in it are the sort of people i want to avoid.

I really wanted Journalism for obvious reasons (Durr my reason is i WANT TO BE a journalist) so i'm hoping it's not too late to change it for next year.

Can you imagine me as a journalist? ;)

Anyways, this time next week i will be FREE!! FINALLY!!

I sooooooo need a break after the last couple of months i've had. I've just felt incredibly exhausted and drained recently - i think the stress of everything i'm going through is really starting to take its toll on me.

Without the holidays i would probably just end up dropping dead from stress.

Wish me luck, please. The school year's not over just yet and there's a lot of stuff i have to deal with before i can finally relax. No doubt that this last week will be the longest of them all.

I need to have an early night now... Fucking hell i need it.

lotsa love, take care everyone,



Doug said...

Oooh your electives sound fun! Even architecture! Unless it's just like... history of architecture. But if it's like, learning how to create blueprints and stuff, that's cool! And computer programming?! LOVE IT!

I can't believe your PE teacher just took you guys to McDonalds... don't you guys need permission slips to exit the campus?? And crossword puzzles? Wow... I'm a teacher and I'm stunned at your school's staff right now! But I guess it's close to the end of the year and teachers also want school to end too. heh

Good luck with all the stuff that you have to do for the rest of school!

Jake Annonymous said...

Yeah M-boy haven't you ever been subject to the bludge weeks? At my school they have movie monday, ten pin bowling tuesday, wet'n'wild wednesday and clean up thursday as their last week. Luckinly enough I finished almost two weeks ago

AJCon89 said...

of course you ate the sausage with its special sauce.... :-P

how the hell do your gym teachers take you to mcdonalds? that is like the most unhealthy thing ever...

Btw... it would be helpful for us non aussies if you could explain what things like SOSE and LOTE are... remember.. you are writing for the entire world now.

Glad you are almost done with school... I still have a few weeks left...


Mr. HCI said...

m-boy: You watch movies about football in PE? WTF? Then again, we watched a driver ed movie called Mechanized Death in 7th or 8th grade PE one day. It's just scene-after-scene of gory, horrific car wrecks. All real, too. I figured out how to shift in my seat and get Pete T's head between my eyes and the screen, so it looked like I was watching. I'm amazed no one puked.

Jake: Wet'n'Wild Wednesday at your school? That sounds . . . interesting . . . and dangerous!

victor said...

mcdonalds ice cream. yowee. that stuff has no natural or artificial ingredients. lovely stuff. almost as good as their burgers. is the teacher trying to kill you guys off or something?
and ya, drivers ed films. death on the highway was my favourite. it made several of the girls in our class pass out. great stuff. our drivers ed teacher made us run all of his errands when we were out driving. we'd stop at the quicktrip and get skoal, and go get the laundry and any number of other things. it gave us practice parking. yeah.
but yeah, teachers get the end of year blues too. we're near the end of first semester, and i'm ready for summer already. i guess christmas break will have to suffice.
good luck with the last weeks then.

Planetx_123 said...

@Mr HCI- I watched Mechanized Death also- I love those 1950's after school specials. They have one of "homosexuals" as well...quite funny!

Woo-hoo for computer programming! At least you have a few loyal readers that could help with homework questions :-)

Remember the Titans is just a bad movie. I don't like Denzel Washington- he played that coach role alot...

Much Love,

naturgesetz said...

Good luck on changing your electives. With Architecture, Graphic Design, and Creative Drawing, it looks like a pretty good dose of graphics. But who knows? It might open up another area of interest. And if you don't get Journalism next year, you have another year don't you?

And it's good to remember that beyond the tools of the trade, it's important for journalists to understand what they're writing about. So the more subjects you become familiar with, the better you can do as a journalist.

Seth said...

Hang in there for a couple more days!!!

And try not to work too hard on your.... studies ;)


xthecouragex said...

Yeah I agree its strange that your PE teacher took you to McDonalds.

And you're almost done. Today was my last day of classes so I just gotta get through finals and then I'm done.

I would want to get out of arch. too. but thats just me. If theres people in there you dont like then I would try and switch too.

Good luck on all the things you have left to do buddy. Take care