Saturday, January 3, 2009

Boyfriend... kind of... :P

K first of all, it's time to get rid of these old polls...

Poll A - Was the worst experience of your life related to, or a result of, your sexuality?

106 votes.

Yes - 39%
No - 60%

I thought they'd be the other way around, but it's good they're not. :)

Poll B - What was the best experience of your life related to?

109 votes.

The most popular was Travel with 17%

Ahh yes. That makes sense. I can't wait to travel. It's definitely near the top of my to-do list.

Not surprisingly, Love was also near the top - 16%
Friends (probably not the TV show) - 14%
Young innocence (which was my answer, as funny as it sounds for a 15yo lol) - 10%
Sex - 10%

I'm not sure how sex can be up there but whatever... lol

Then School, Family, and a bunch of others. :P

I'll put up some new polls in the morning. I'm too tired to think of any now. :/

Anyways, i'm sure you all know Jake Anon from his blog, My Life On A Wall.

That was, until now, my brother blog. It's now my boyfriend blog. ^_^

And Jakey's now my e-boyfriend. That's right. I pounced on him before the pedos did. They all seem to love him, lol. Well i got there first. :P

This means that... well... neither of us really know. But it's just nice aye.

We'll see where we go. It could dwindle. It could turn into something great. I can't be any worse off. :)

And he's a really great guy.


I'll explain it better when it's not nearly 1am. =_=

Goodnight all.



Jake Annonymous said...


Take that Peter. Ha.

Mr. HCI said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Tombi04 said...

Congrats (although Jake seems to be the one obsessed with you).

I picked Friends because I thought you meant the TV show.

Col said...

It's about time you two!!!

Doomed but cheerful! said...


at last - and you are saved from becoming the mad old cat person!

seriously - w00t!

EM said...

Awwwwwww, that's so cute!!

Good luck with the e-relationship.

Seth said...


cvn70 said...


be careful and take it slow. you do not want a city slicker to take advantage of a country boy do you haha

Can't wait to hear how the first e date went

And i checked, it is about $260 US to fly round trip (brisbane to victoria) let us know when you two are ready. haha:)


Poisoned Happiness said...

Good for both of you :) You both are sweet guys :)

Aek said...

Awww, that's so cute. :) Good for the both of you. XD

xthecouragex said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. not quite as good as jake's comment but then again i dont want to be. I don't cause edrama lol.

But no like I've said before I'm really happy for you guys and hope everything works out for you guys. You've both been really good friends lately and you both deserve the best.

And like I said on jake's do you believe me that he really likes you and isn't just messing around?



AJCon89 said...

eboyfriend stealer!!!

He was mine!

I now HATE both of you!!!!!!

naturgesetz said...

This is all so sudden. I don't know what to say.

jay.osa said...

awww thats sweet. good for teh two or you

Peter said...

uhh, yeah like N.G. said-

A little to fast.

James said...

Young love...just make sure to wear an e-condom. :P

Anonymous said...

you could do better

mirrorboy said...

Somebody's jealous... :P

Peter said...

Hey, he wasn't the only one.

But I'm over it now so I guess he IS the only one now