Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today's gonna be a 40 degrees C day, or 104 degrees F.


I hate hot days. I much prefer the cold ones.

Damn you Australia and your hot and dry climate!

I gotta go clean up my room before my friend gets here.

See y'all tomorrow, if i haven't died from the heat by then. :)


naturgesetz said...

104 is a bit extreme, but I think i'd prefer it to mid 20'sF.

Drink lots of iced tea, and apply powder after your shower.

lach said...

lol what the fuck! Powder and iced tea?!

Is that the american equivalent of water and moisturiser? !

The icetea down here is full of sugar =p

Goodruck in the heat!

James said...

Sounds like Riverside in the summer...ugh. Australia needs some more earthquakes, seismic activity, plate movement...change up that landscape. It would help get rid of some of those deserts and heat.

How does it get so hot there so close to the south pole? I've never been able to figure that out.

naturgesetz said...

Actually , James, Victoria is about as close to the South Pole as the parts of the U.S. between Greenville, SC, and Baltimore, MD, or Santa Barbara and Sacramento.

Except for Tasmania, the rest is closer to the equator. The northern third of the continent is in the tropics.

For Victoria, think Kansas and Oklahoma.

Peter said...


You need to come here where the temperature is -4 degrees C with a bunch of snow on the ground.

Mr. HCI said...

Be glad it's at least dry! When it gets hot here, it's muggy as fuck.

Just fill the tub with cool water and take a nap in it!


Aek said...

Woah, that's hot. o.O If only we could average the two temperatures between there and here . . . it's 104 F there and about 11 F here, so an average would be around 50-60 F (or maybe about 25ish C?). That sounds nice. XD

Stay hydrated dude. :P

James, the ocean currents is what keeps the southern parts of Australia warm, just like how England is a norther latitude than much of the US but is still warmer than the northern states.

James said...

Yes, but even Oklahoma even tops out at 95 in the summer. Maybe because there's so little moisture in the air.

Cristian said...

40ºC!! how do you people survive that? here we got about 34ºC and i almost died.

Mmm, i think i should give you this: just watch it for a couple of seconds and then close your eyes. You will feel cooler.

Take care

Seth said...

If I throw a snowball from here, do you think you can catch it and cool off?


btw mentioning iced tea... in the "Deep South" the southern part of the USA, they do like their "sweet tea". One woman I once talked to in a supermarket said that she made a gallon of tea with SIX CUPS OF SUGAR.

Yikes. Us Northerners here have a bit more sensibility. LOL. (no offense to any southerners) of course. But we ~did~ win the war for a reason - must have been all that sugar!!


Poisoned Happiness said...

Weather is fantastic :D Hot, sunny, just everything I can dream of!

Peter said...

hey, a reference to the Civil War.

Now I don't feel like I'm the only one around here that knows what that even is.

Planetx_123 said...

Good God! 104 is crazy....

BTW Im going to steal your cat. Im sorry but its too cute, and certainly worth a plane ticket to make my own! (evil laugh)

Much Love,

victor the frozen said...

actually, oklahoma regularly exceeds 100 f during july and august. we've had 110 days last year north central. but dude, with no airconditioning there, please be careful. seriously. i can't imagine how severe that is.

and btw, peter, my great grandfather was in the civil war (is that an oxymoron?) he was from pennsylvania, but joined the wrong side, and was immediately captured and spent the entirety of the war in the brig somewhere.

enzo65 said...

Hi Guys, In Melbourne, Victoria, today it reached 45.5, and I just went to convert that on Google and it comes out at 113.9 degrees Farenheit - f*ck no wonder it felt bloody hot!!

Mr. HCI said... "Be glad it's at least dry!" Youve gotta be kidding!!!!! DRY!! We are in a 10 year drought that has rewritten the record books, the country is shot!! January has been the driest on record, and the last three days of over 40 is another record!

And if anyone is interested, our extreme hot weather comes from the interior of the continent, on winds from the North. True our oceans influence the mild temperatures most of the year but they don't account for the extremes we have. With no airconditioning, I can't wait for it to cool a bit, at least next week is tipped to be only in the 30's!! Phewwww,

Have a good start to the new School Year, MB,

Take care,


Bye all!