Thursday, January 8, 2009


Sorry i wasn't around much last night, but i felt like crap.

I spent today at my friend's house. I got back half-an-hour ago.

I think i'll get some dinner, and then spend the rest of the night relaxing, away from blog stuff. As much as i love it, it's draining my energy slowly. I also need to go practice jabbing myself in the eyes.

I'm taking down the poll tonight too.

72 of you said i should give my e-relationship with Jake a go, while 16 of you were against it.

Well, i'm damn right gonna, cos i love him more every day.

See you tomorrow.



Jake Annonymous said...

About time I found out if you were alive!
You missed me saving Milkboys blog!

naturgesetz said...

Take it easy, man. Don't let your energy level get low.

Nice picture. Thanks.

See ya.

Col said...

Practice makes perfect!!

Hope you're chilled out by now.

Take care.

Jake Annonymous said...

Oh yeah, I love you too <3

vertification word- diess

Davey said...

*hands MB a combo energy/happy potion* AND gives him a big hug!

Take care bud!


ps if you tire of the kitties mail 'em to florida!

Aek said...

I really like that pic of your cats. :P

Are they lovers? Or just friends?

torchy! said...

chill... relax... think of the sea... waves lapping... hey! careful of those rocks there.

yo mirrorboy, i've mentioned you well loads in todays post. hope you don't mind - it's all done with a sense of frisky fun and friendship.

take care (& keep practicing)