Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obamarama. :P

I watched some of the early morning coverage here of Barack Obama's inauguration.

What an uplifting, inspiring and amazing man he is. Even with the world basically going steadily downhill, he had the courage to stand up and take charge.

His speech was amazing. I hung off every word. Compare that to the former president who could barely string a coherent sentence together, and things start to look up for us. ^_^

Perhaps we needed someone like him. Someone who grew up as part of a minority, who knows what it's like and has a bigger view of the world, and someone who wasn't 'born with a silver spoon in their mouth'. It's certainly a step forward.

And i can say to Americans, that i am proud of you for making the right choice. :)

With Obama at the helm, you might regain some of your respect. lol

His ambitious dreams of unity are what we need.

I believe we're in the safest hands, and i think the world needs him. If he can't do it, then no one can.

A small sample of awesomeness:

"So let us mark this day with remembrance, of who we are and how far we have travelled. In the year of America's birth, in the coldest of months, a small band of patriots huddled by dying campfires on the shores of an icy river. The capital was abandoned. The enemy was advancing. The snow was stained with blood. At a moment when the outcome of our revolution was most in doubt, the father of our nation ordered these words be read to the people: 'Let it be told to the future world... that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive... that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet it.'

America. In the face of our common dangers, in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words. With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come. Let it be said by our children's children that when we were tested we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations."


Peter said...

ooh, I'm the first to comment.

Obama is THE man!!! Woot for Obama!!!

I hope he will do a good job.

I got a big laugh when he and Chief Justice Roberts messed up the Oath of Office a little bit though. lol


O-BA-MA, O-BA-MA, O-BA-MA!!!!!!!!!!

Bitter And Sweet said...

Finnaly we have some one to be happy about!!! but america must feel stupid after trusting such a dumb man twice...

I know I would.

Seth said...

Let's just hope "unity" includes the GLBT community. Unity, and equality.

mirrorboy said...

Well he's much more willing to help us than any of the former presidents.

That's a goddamn plus.

Steevo said...

Obama is smart and strategic. He's setting the stage for recognizing GLBT rights. Rev. Warren brought him some street cred w/ some bible Christians. He'll deal w/ DADT and DOMA I think. He needs to set a context of ideas and principles so he can explain why he is doing it.


cvn70 said...


I do wish everyone around the world a better future than the last eight years has brought and i hope Obama is the president you all want for us whether you are an american or not.

I am also happy for your generation around the world who are inspired to hope for a better future based on his leadership. Even though i did not vote for him i wish the best for our president who will keep this country and a good part of the world safe and secure and we hope prosperous

But I believe it is the man who stumbled the words of oath of office that will some day issue a ruling providing equal rights for gays here in the states and that is Chief Justice Roberts, it will be our courts not our politicians that will secure our rights.

Obama may help towards that goal but as long as we are seen as a minority our rights will be secured through the courts

take care and be safe


Aek said...

Obama is an inspirational and passionate speaker. I'm interested to see how he'll handle the issues facing the US (and the world) in the coming 4 years.

I'd also like to point out that I have some reservations with his "savior status." He is only a man, and I say to the people of the world that he cannot do anything alone. We should not rely on Obama to "save" us, we have to work for the betterment of our own futures. And that's something that's the responsibility of all countries.

Steevo said...

aek... read his speech. he sed that many way many times...

Aek said...

Steevo: I'm sure he said that in his speech. I've only listened to it once, will probably listen to it again.

But you know, there's a HUGE difference between saying and doing. I have a feeling that people will only mobilize when Obama says so, rather than taking their own initiative.

People say "We've been waiting for someone like Obama." Well, WHY are you waiting instead of doing something anyway?

mirrorboy said...

George Bush was in control. People couldn't DO anything with an imbecile like him making their decisions.

But guess what Aek, Americans did DO something. They kicked him out and voted in Obama!

Aek said...

mboy: Technically, Bush couldn't run for a 3rd term I believe. So he would've had to leave whether or not we had to kick him out. The real action is voting for Obama, that's true. But in a way, that's an indirect action.

I do not like Bush, but I hold my tongue because he's only human. And because he's human, he's subject to the flaws the rest of us are.

mirrorboy said...

My mistake. lol. Sowwy

I feel stupid now. Just cos you're a smart asian.


Planetx_123 said...

Aek- I understand what you are saying, but I think you are totally underestimating what "one man" can do.

He is "one man" but today as he was speaking he has the entire worlds attention. Considering that our entire financial system is based on human emotion, confidence, etc., by having a "leader" that can make such a positive impact on the world will absolutely make a significant difference... much more than some bag-lady saying she was waiting for obama.

What Obama has said many times (today and before) is that it takes us all-- and the metrics for voting turnout, etc. has shown that he more than any other has stirred up america to act. This is where his real power is-- to mobilize his supporters, and to truly lead the country.

I'm incredibly apathetic to politics, but am in love with Obama--everything he says is spot on. He has such intelligence (check his grade...) and surrounds himself with other smart people. I think intelligence and eloquence can go so far...and hopefully we'll see it in the next four years.

God I feel great just typing this and thinking about it!!


naturgesetz said...

It is a wonderful thing that America has an African-American president, and I hope that his actions will be prudent and effective in furtherance of the goals he enunciated in his inaugural address.

But there are also many of us who are deeply concerned because during his candidacy he said that passage and enactment of the "Freedom of Choice Act" would be among his top priorities. It would undo at a single blow every protection of innocent life which we have been able to achieve since the tragic Supreme Court decision in the case of Roe v. Wade 3 years ago. It would remove laws which require parents to be notified before abortions are performed on their minor children (just as they must be notified of every other medical intervention in the lives of their minor children). It would remove every "informed consent" law which requires that patients be informed of the facts of human development in the womb before they can validly consent to agreeing to the termination of that life. It would remove all restrictions on government funding of abortions, thus making all taxpayers material participants in abortions. It would remove prohibitions on extracting all of a fetus from it's mother's body except the head, and then sucking the brains out of his/her head while the head is in the birth canal. By doing all of this, the law which Obama has said he supports would lead to the deaths of thousands, probably millions of innocent human beings who otherwise would have lived. If so their blood is on the heads of those who voted for him.

But there is room for hope. He said not one word in his address which refers to his past enthusiastic support of allowing maximum opportunity for the butchering of humans in their mothers' wombs. He *did* speak of "the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness." If only he can come to recognize that "all" includes unborn humans as well as those who have already been born, then there is cause for hope on this score as well.

Planetx_123 said...

ugh...abortion...the absolute worst debate to engage in. Its hard because everyone is right: no one wants to have tragic procedures performed on them, no one wants society to inherit the enormous cost of caring for millions of children (and the poverty they will surely contribute), and no one honestly believes that the mass of society will all "abstain" from having sex (nor is there any evidence throughout history).

I understand that for religious people this is a really cut and dry issue...unfortunately- this just isn't reality- (a vast majority) of people are not going to abstain from sex, and unfortunately many heteros just aren't going to be responsible and wear condoms (thats if the christians even give access to them).

So I am waiting on a realistic answer from anyone to this problem, but it is naive to believe that we can just "abolish" abortion as a solution. As a side note, when we have fully overpopulated the earth and killed all of natural resources (which is absolutely inevitable at our explosive growth rate)-- what do we do? what does the bible say to help us? We must act like rational beings and understand that problems are just more complicated than cut and dry? For me the answer is simple- I don't believe that humans are any more special than any other form of life (dogs, cats). That being said, I am perfectly fine defining life at the time of birth arbitrarily. Therefore, if someone CHOOSES to abort their pregnancy, then they should be able to have that CHOICE. I cannot speak to the bill in particular because Im not knowledgeable about it-- I would probably agree that yes parents should be involved in minor's medical procedures, and while government money MUST be used for realistic safe sex education (i.e. NOT naive abstinence only), I could concede as a compromise to disallow government funds for abortions.

I highly recommend "Lake of Fire" a documentary on every aspect of abortion. It does any excellent job of presenting many sides, and I found it to be surprisingly absent of a "message". So I think that it would appeal to all. I particularly enjoy Noam Chomsky's interview (a brilliant MIT professor), who questions the emphasis being placed on "abortion" as a loss of life vs the very real loss of life by adults that isn't controversial.

Mboy- sorry- Ill shut up now... back to fun topics! happy happy joy joy! hot men, et al. :-)


naturgesetz said...

@ Steve — overpopulation is a myth. In much of the industrialized world birthrates have fallen below replacement levels.

Instead of arbitrarily defining life as beginning at birth why not define it scientifically, which, for sexual reproduction, means at conception?

In a way, I'm sorry to be the skunk at the lawn party, but I just can't always be silent in the face of such a great evil.

mirrorboy said...

Boys! Boys! This is NOT a post about abortion!


And i won't be making any babies anyway so keep it to your own blogs. :P

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Wonderful - asynchronous IRC! Just the thing to cope with multiple time zones and the need for sleep.

Whoever is at the top of Pennsylvania Avenue, if they can stop our young men and women in uniform from being maimed and killed in the pursuit of dubious foreign policies, he/she gets my support.

xthecouragex said...

After watching him speak yesterday I am very proud to say he's my president and that I voted for him. Although I was proud that I voted for him before yesterday anyway.

As far as the talk about Bush between MBoy and Aek... I have to think that some of the reason why McCain didn't win was because of how the people feel about Bush. McCain was just too close to Bush in policy (mainly because he was a Republican)...if that wasn't the case there wouldn't be so much talk about 'change'.

I think Obama will be a good president too, but I think there is a ton of pressure on him. I hope people can see progress he will make even if it is small progress. People need to see the big picture and stop thinking he's just going to solve all the problems instantly.

And its important that the American people get involved with their country to make that progress. I think thats the greatest thing about Obama is that he can inspire and get people involved.

I'm excited for the future of america. I don't think its as doomed as the news makes it out to be sometimes.

mike h said...

The problem I have is the fact he wants to play "Robin Hood" by taxing the Upper and Middle class to give money to the Lower class. I don’t like it when he says that he’s going to take my Retirement from me, that I’ve saved, and give it away. “It’s not fare that the rich has retirement and the poor do not.”

We have way too many people on welfare with no motivation to improve their situation. We’ve had people leaving the polling booth saying they voted for Obama because they will no longer have to pay for gas, pay their mortgage, or their car payments.

I was raised that all individuals have the right to better themselves, but we have people who would rather use the excuse “the man is keeping me down,” instead of wanting to earn an education to improve their situation. I have a friend whose ex-husband kept going from job-to-job, being fired for not wanting to do a day’s work. He had dropped out of school. My Mom tried to help him get a GED (equivalent to high school diploma), but never would study, and of course he failed. He keeps using the excuse “the man is keeping me down” for everything. This was all after he fathered 4 kids, leaving the mother to raise them on her own, while working and going to college.

We have elected a man whose birth right to be President is still in question. The US Constitution requires that the President be born on US soil (American-controlled territory is included in this). After repeated attempts, he still refuses to provide the evidence that would prove his right to be President. What has been given is a re-print, even though in his book “Dreams of My Father” he admitted that he found his real birth certificate. Even the Governor of Hawaii has sealed his Birth Certificate so nobody can request a copy. Why not just present it and get this issue cleared up? Why is he still resisting?

He definitely is a smooth talker. When someone like this starts talking to me, I always reach around and put my hand on my wallet. In other words, he’s a good salesman.

I sure hope he can improve the economy, but I don’t want him to do it on my expense.

Steevo said...

mike h sed: "We have way too many people on welfare with no motivation to improve their situation. We’ve had people leaving the polling booth saying they voted for Obama because they will no longer have to pay for gas, pay their mortgage, or their car payments."

So what evidence do you have for that statement? Even if it did happen at all how many is too many? Nothing I have seen indicates he wants to take your money away. The very tax structure itself redistributes wealth to some extent.

Bush got into office, started 2 wars, then lowered taxes for the wealthiest. Never before did we wage war and cut taxes. That's nonsense. Like buying another new car when I can't afford the one I have.

Try to keep an open mind and look for facts not wild eyed pundits ranting away to get attention.

bridgeout said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog and for your comment on the Obama events!
I am glad I got to discover your blog!
Here's to a better world!

bridgeout said...

PS- I like Seth's comment,,,

Tombi04 said...

Gaaah! Everyone loves him. Personally, I don't see why. And naturgesetz, I think this Freedom of Choice Act sounds pretty good. But Mboy is gettin annoyed at the abortion debate here, so read why on my blog.

mirrorboy said...

Trying to leech traffic, Tombi? XD


naturgesetz said...

I'll go where I'm welcome!



Tombi04 said...

I just thought you would appreciate me not rambling on about irrelevant stuff in your comments, Mirrorboy. And if that ups my views, then that's just a bonus =P. And naturgesetz, everyone is welcome on my blog.

mirrorboy said...

Hahahahahaaa! I can't believe you plugged your blog again!

mike h said...


Here is the video I was talking about.

Also, we here in Texas took in FEMA evacuees from Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina and gave them a place to live, give them trianing and a job, nobody wanted to work, bur collect welfare.

Google the two phrases "hurricane katrina" and "you owe me" and you'll see what I mean. You can even get the ring tone for you phone...

Sorry MBoy, didn't mean to bring our garbage to your blog!


Steevo said...

mike h----
i'd respond to you directly if u had a blog or email address...

that video says nothing other than she thinks he can help fix the economy... unless u r looking for minority welfare cheats.

sorry mboy... i made it short at least which is not easy for me as u know...