Monday, January 5, 2009

Links and other crap.

All the random stuff i wanna get out.

And yes, i feel better after an early night. :)

I've added a few new blogs to my links recently, and they're still in their early stages, so you can jump on board before they take off for stardom. ^_^

Of course, i have no idea if they'll turn out decent... or end up taking the same path as Archer's Blog. Too bad... cos i was really liking his blog too...

Rock You. By a gay 17yo from New Zealand...

The Awakening. By Aahsazyl. He's pretty insane. lol

Writing Fiction. A gay 19yo... who writes long posts. hahaha

Doubtful Animal. A friendly 16yo from the UK.

Gentleman's Romance. ANOTHER blogger from California. :P

And Joie to the Max, which has been around for a while. Really cool. :)

Moving on. I've got a bunch of people on my msn list who added me and haven't even spoken to me yet. It's kind of creepy; like i'm being stalked in a tiny way... -_-

I am NOT going to initiate first conversation with someone who added me. Adding me is fine, but i thought it was only common courtesy for them to say hello!

At the end of the week (Saturday), i will be deleting and probably blocking all those people who haven't spoken yet. If i'm not online, at least send me an offline message or something. I'm sure you added me for some reason, so speak up or you won't get another chance!

For followers of Landyn's blog who don't talk to him personally, i'm letting you know that he's okay, but he doesn't get much internet time anymore cos he's back living with his family, so he won't be posting much for a while.

Also, this is a reminder for everyone to call me mirrorboy, and not by my real nickname. I'm not that comfortable with everyone calling me anything else other than mirrorboy in the blogging world. Please. And don't be a prick and do it on purpose after this post.

And my e-relationship is going good. I'm more in love with Jake every day. (heart)

And if anyone has sent me any important emails that need replying and i haven't replied, send me a reminder, lol. I can't be stuffed going back and looking through them. :/

K. I've probably fogotten something important, lol. If i remember it, i'll just come back and edit it in later. :)

My contacts appointment is tomorrow in the morning. Wish me luck...

*crosses fingers



cvn70 said...

Good luck with the contacts.

Great to hear you have gotten some sleep lately - that Jake is wearing you out. :)

Is your wireless hooked up yet?

have a good day, take care and be safe


Ryan said...


Good luck with your contacts lenses and Jake

Glad you are still remembering 'the little people' and fair enough with the msn thing.


Col said...

Good luck with your appointment!

Poisoned Happiness said...

So you going to initiate conversation later? :)

Col said...

p.s. Enjoy yourself tonight! ;)

Aahsazyl said...

I'm not insane! I'm a nutter... Get it right!

Jake Annonymous said...

going to bed at 11.30 is lame lover.
the real party starts at 3am!

Planetx_123 said...

I would love to talk to you on MSN but Im never on, nor am I very interesting to talk to, I I wont waste your time :-)

Good luck with your contacts!

Aahsazyl said...

wait... Jake's insane too... Where do you fit in?

Aek said...

Hi! Just wanted to say hi, that's all. :P

Good luck with the contacts and such (though, glasses can be sexy too :D).

naturgesetz said...

Although it's been said many times, many ways —
Good luck with the contacts, to you!

xthecouragex said...

Boy thats funny about the MSN stalkers... I think I was the one who said that first...but you can steal my theories I don't mind.

jerk :)

Oh and sorry if I was a prick last night online calling you that other name...but you kinda asked for it hahaha but i've always kept it mboy on blogs.

Hope you read this before you go to your appointment. Good Luck.

<3 - Courage

Jonathan said...

Haha, "Another California Blog," haha. I love you Mirror Boy.


j said...

lolz. foreigners and their msn.

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the update on Landyn. When you say he's back living with his parents, does that mean for good or just between semesters?

And thanks for noting the new blogs on your list. I was familiar with most, but I checked out Doubtful Animal — looks interesting. I'll take a look at Rock You later.

James said...

*hopes he's never used your real nickname*

naturgesetz said...

I'm afraid he did.

James said...

I meant on the blog.

torchy! said...

hey, i wear contacts too - weekly disposables. good luck with it. i'm sure you'll be ok, but i do know a guy who fainted when he tried to put one in his eye!
take care. torchy!

torchy! said...

i like the way you do comments, mirrorboy (that is well cool name btw). think i'll do it with my blog, cos it'll save the time on moderating them.

naturgesetz said...

@ James —

I meant on the blog, too. I could have sworn you used the "real" nickname in a comment once. But I've spent a ridiculous amount of time reviewing comments, and I can't find one where you did that.

Did you delete it? lol

Joie Mayfield said...

Thanks for the link! :) I appreciate it, Mirrorboy! :)