Friday, January 30, 2009

New email and heatwave.

So i'm going to try out using a new email address for people to contact me on, because my previous one also doubled as my personal one, which i don't think was a good idea. is my new email address. It can also be found in the sidebar. For all things mirrorboy/blog-related please use that one. :)

I won't be using it for MSN though so don't randomly add me. :P

I'll still be using my other one a lot so if that's how you already contact me, don't worry about changing. And i'll be using my other one for MSN. I just won't be putting it on my blog anymore.

If you're set on having my MSN, send an email to my new address and i'll let you know. :)

Okay. That should put my heart at rest just a little more.

Just so you know, it's still freakin hot! To put it into perspective, this is the worst heatwave my state has experienced in over a century! T_T

'With fire-fighters, rail operators and power companies on red alert'. We've got news headlines like 'Heatwave Hell'. Cities are close to breaking their all-time temperature records. Some are getting up around 45 degrees C, and that's 113 degrees F!

And all you others are complaining about the snow and cold?! Gimme a break! Agh we're melting like snowmen! If i had snow i would dive into it and rub it all over my naked body.

For realsies.


Wat-So-Eva said...

47+ degrees! after parkin the car at Vic Market for an hr, when i got into the car, the leather was blisterin hot!
id so wanna be in america now (where theres snow snow/cold/ice) ~ahhh!~
Connex isnt goin to well with their services.
how do u get bout?

verification: 'plates'

cvn70 said...


I am getting on a plane to Melburne with a cooler full of snow just to see naked :P. Make sure those cats get plenty of water to drink I hope you make it

Take care and be safe


Aek said...

Your cat looks determined to do something. XD

You're more than welcome to throw your naked self into the snow here. 45 degrees C is ridiculous - you win. I'd rather take my cold-ass temperature here over that.

pinstripe said...

/gives mcake some snow++

naturgesetz said...

Looks as if you've got some people drooling.

Okay, I guess 10- is better than 45+, if you have indoor heating bit not air conditioning. But while it lasts, iced tea (not too sweet, but you can add orange juice) and powder after showering or bathing are good ideas. Avoid exertion as much as possible.

And do like the cats. Stay in the shade.

"taglin" a short tagline

Tim said...

Must be awful. I hate it when it's too hot. Thankfully there weren't too many overheated weeks in the British summer last year.

Hope it eases off soon.

mike h said...

I don't mind being cold, 'cause its easy to get warm, but if you're already hot, its not easy to get cooled down.

I was travelling through a small town called Gila Bend, Arizona which was 125F (52C) in the sun, 115F (46C) in the shade. Stopped at a hotel there and went for a swim, the water was sooo hot, that it was like taking a bath.

I was waiting the day out before crossing the Sonora Desert to get to San Diego, CA. So, yeah I know how you feel.

Here, its a nice 34F (1C), no snow, no icey rain, but still a bit too cold to go to the beach.

I agree with naturgesetz, I like your cats. I've had my cat, Sloan, for 20+ years.

Hang in there, bub!


Aahsazyl said...


Peter said...

lol I agree NAKED


AJCon89 said...

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we would all love to see Mboy rolling around naked in the snow... lol

Ohio Bro said...

That would definitely give u turtlehead but it would be sweet to see

Peter said...

lol turtlehead?

ok mirrorboy, i think this post brought the pedos in some people


cant think of a cool one said...

lol here theres a snow warning :S I admire you for handling coming out so well. Check out my blog some time @