Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It was soooooooo hot today.

I hate hot days. On cold days, you can easily warm up, but on hot days, you can't cool down easily without some sort of... electronic air conditioning machine (which i don't have). lol

So i was melting... melting for most of the day. :/

I HATE hot days. Aaaaahh!

I also woke up at 5 AM today! :O

I was feeling really sick and had a bad pain, but i'm okay now. It just woke me up. Then i started watching TV and a repeat of one of my favourite shows was on early in the morning. ^_^

So i've been pretty dreary today. But i guess that's good cos it should reset my body clock after a few late nights. I need to be up and ready for my 9 AM optometrist appointment tomorrow so i can shower and practice with my eye-jabbing etc.

And i love being an early-riser. :)

Now something weird is happening. Almost every day i experience some sort of deja vu. Does anyone else ever feel like that?

I can be doing something totally random, and all of a sudden i'll just freeze and be like, 'What the hell? This is so familiar...' It's like i've already done it before.

It's creeping me out. o_O

Sometimes i feel like i've dreamt about it before it happens...

I dunno. I'm probably weirding everyone out right now. *shuts up

K thanks for all the kind words regarding my milestone. It means a lot. *hugs

I'm also thinking of ditching ===>mirrorboy<=== for something less... fancy. lol

The only reason i ever went with that one was because Landyn was the only person to respond to my post about possible signatures and suggested that one.

Any ideas for a new one?

Oh and speaking of Landyn, he's still alive and just posted after a month! OMG! haha

If you haven't read his blog before, go have a look and get to know the most awesome person in the world. :)

K well. That was a lot of random crap for one post aye.



Kevin Wilson said...

Deja Vu is something I get a lot but when I get it, it can be weeks or months between thinking the event and it happening.

I don't know if this is weird, but I think that Deja Vu is a form of ESP. Kind of like predicting the future but I have found that the end result of the Deja Vu experience never is what it should be.

naturgesetz said...

Of course sometimes the deja vu feeling could be because you actually did experience something similar.

If you've been in the same house with the same people doing the same sorts of things for a while, there can be some repeats, or near-repeats.

Ben said...

I get the feeling that I've already previously experienced certain things in a dream quite often. I don't think though that it has much to do with what naturgesetz is talking about either.

Col said...

The Deja Vu thing used to happen to me a lot, nowhere near as much now... must be my age lol.

I always tried to think "what happens now?", but I could never remember.

cvn70 said...


Sorry it is so hot but its in single digits here wanna trade. A couple of weeks ago we lost power so you can not always get warm. Drink lots of fluids while it is hot.

Deja vu can be scary and it does happen to me especially places I have dreamed about defore.

Godd luck with the conacts

Take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

keep the signature - if it ain't broken, don't fix it :)


Jake Annonymous said...

id only be concerned if you dream about an earthquake or flood or zombie invasion.

Jake Annonymous said...

wake up love, I can't sleep

Anonymous said...

Keep the mirrorboy - it has character and we have become used to you the way you are - awesome.

Swedboy said...

gah! now i'm jealous!
here in sweden there's still snow on the streets! it's freezing!

Aek said...

Hearing about hot weather warms me up (that, and I just ate/drank some of the tomato soup I attempted to make last night).

It apparently feels like 2 degrees F (-17 degrees C) outside. Can you fathom how cold that is?! Omg, and it's going to get colder still. :(

I hate where I live. -_-

torchy! said...

i've had bouts of deja vu before now, including multiple bursts, like i've had that deja vu before!

i think a lot of it is tiredness which is causing your brain lobes to be a bit out of sync. (neurologist torchy!)

hey mboy - good luck at the optometrist. hope it goes/went well.

Planetx_123 said...

torchy is smart! Deja Vu is not a complete mystery (at least what I remember from psych class)...

I think Deja Vu is cool, even if it is a bit scary. I may write a blog post about it since you've inspired me!

Good luck poking your eyes out <3


victor the psychotic said...

deja vu is real weird. the worst one i had was at mayan ruins. i knew where everything was, and what it looked like before. i know i'd been there. out of body experiences are freaky too. those are supposed to be caused by the out of sync brain waves. doesn't make them any better though. so ya, apparently you're not alone in this.

best wishes on the contact thing.

my word today is feered.
i feered that would happen.

Landyn said...

Deja Vu is so confusing - makes me feel like im going insane (even more so than usual haha)

It does seem like its almost a way to tell the immediate future in a way though...idk how to describe it really haha.

<3 you

mike h said...

Hey MB!

This is my first...

I've ben following your blog now for some time, and for the 1st time I felt I should respond (well, not really because of all the great help/response you get).

I too hate it when it is hot! I've always said the same thing... "If it is cold, you can always get warm, but if it is hot, there is not much you can do to get cool...". Living in Texas, is prob. about the same as for the heat. Esp. if it is raining... Ugh!

As for Deja Vu, everybody experiences it... I think it is a trick of the mind.

I too wore contacts at one time, but at my age, it is too much of a hassle to keep it up (I'm an old fart, but that is relative).

Oh, and yeah, I should have responded to your milestone, but hey I'm busy (that is somewhat a lie, I try to keep a low profile -- "aranoya will destroy ya...".

You're a good kid. I wish I could help you in your small town situation, but you ARE on the other side of the world to me. :-/

Just hang on, and you will get through this. We all have. It is unfortunately that your outing was not a choice. Keep going...

Give all your cats a hug for me (I'm a cat lover too). I have a mix cat that I rescued 20 years ago. She keeps missing the litter box, and on an occation I've stepped in it. Talk about a quandry, part of me wishes she would expire, but the other part wishes not.

OK, now I will quit rambling on about all my thoughts, but I do want to say "STAY WITH IT!!" Don't give up.

Maybe, if you want a trip to your favorite country to visit, you can set up a TI-It, and we can contribure to your trip fund.

We all love you, and want to extend our arms to give you a *hug*...


mike h said...

For some reason, my laptop wants to overwrite shit. I wanted to say "Open a Tip-It account..."

Love ya!!

Tombi04 said...

I hate hot weather. Especially hot wet weather. There are only two things I can think of at the moment that are best when hot and wet (make that three) : Sex, Shaving and Boys.

mike h, try turning insert off if it has an insert key (aka isn't a mac)