Wednesday, January 7, 2009



I just got back from the optometrist. Although i was a little better at putting things near my eyes, i'm still really really bad at getting contacts in. My f**king reflexes are too strong.

Even when the optometrist tried to put them in for me, she still found it a struggle.

I've got another appointment in a week.

For now i'm just really disappointed. I want this so bad.

My eyes are sore. Although i just put some drops in them, i won't be on for long tonight.

I should just rip my eyelids off.



Seth said...

awww.. man I'm sorry to hear that

PS (I was not ignoring you earlier when you messaged me, i was not around the desk - and yes, i was having a bad day lol but thats now yesterday). So sorry for not replying don't be mad or upset at me. oh, and on that note, sorry for being a sucky conversationalist. :/

I was hoping the best for you - i wish there was something to say to solve the problem like "lift weights with your eyelids 20 times every day until you get over it" or here's a book to read called "My Unsqueamish Left Eyeball - A Practical Guide For Sticking Things In Your Eye"

but unfortunately, its just one of those things i guess. im trying to remember if there were any tricks or anything i used when i first got them, but all i can remember is the mirror (coincidence?) i had to use to see where my finger was headed, so i didn't wind up smooshing the lens into my ear.

i hope you can make them work again next week.


Seth said...

oh. my catpcha in that last one was disastra - lol sorry

xthecouragex said...

aww I'm so sorry buddy.


I'm sure with time it will get better, or at least i hope. Thats all I was thinking about tonight was hoping things would work out for you.

I'm sure you'll get it eventually.

James said...

Poor guy :( I know this meant a lot for you. Still, don't knock how stylish glasses are. Heck, there's people that were glasses with plain lenses just so they appear more attractive, smart, etc.

Planetx_123 said...

Yes- now this doesn't mean much coming from me since I dont need contacts or glasses and don't understand the paint (even though I am frightened just thinking about it)---

but glasses are really sexy I think... although Im 25 so Im like an old man...


Jake Annonymous said...

I don't think you'd look very attractive with no eyelids...

TPR said...

ummm...if you rip your eyelids off, your eyeballs will shoot out every time you sneeze. So you'd have to remove your nose as well.

AJCon89 said...


and dont rip the eyelids out... i dont think I would be able to continue talking to you... it would just gross me out.

love ya...

Aahsazyl said...

yuh no eyelids is REAL smexi... ha
ha so
want some soup?
i cant talk about the rest it makes me ill...

JC said...

see it takes time and pratcise to stick things in ur eyes, with blinking, just praticse, sit in a mirror and slowly put ur eye on ur eyeball, and then try a bit faster, but dont poke ur self.

cvn70 said...


maybe if the optometrist was a guy you could keep your eyes open?

try to take it easy cause if you stress about it your eyes will not relax

leave the eye lids alone you will get by this problem

take care and be safe


Sam said...

Your glasses suit you

Tombi04 said...

Don't worry, it took me a few appointments too. Just chill, they are really difficult at first. But if you really don't like your glasses it'll be worth it in the long run.
Good luck. *hugs*

naturgesetz said...

Aww :(

Sorry it didn't go better.


aron2631 said...

Courage. It will get easier.

You might think of it this way -- it is a test of how much you trust your own self.

Jake Annonymous said...

listen to the words of wisdom:
"slowly put ur eye on ur eyeball"


im sorry this didn't turn out well for you love, but keep trying. ive only ever had to use silly eye color changing contacts for my zombie costume.. and i remember that took every ounce of skill in my body

Jake Annonymous said...


Aek said...

Patience young one. You'll get it eventually if you want it bad enough. Don't get too frustrated, that makes things worse. You may not get it this week, or next week, but with practice and determination, you'll get what you want.

Pretty much applies to everything in life, unless your dream is to spout angel wings on your back that actually work. o.O

torchy! said...

listen up mirrorboy m8. this is how you do it: read the best answer, not the other one. practice this in front of a mirror several times a day until your next appointment, bring your finger real close but *don't* touch your cornea when you don't have a lens!! take a deep breath, relax, say to yourself that you can do it, and go for it. easy fella, not too fast! remember mirrorboy-san, *you* are in charge, not your eyelids.

don't be discouraged that the optometrist couldn't get them in - i've been wearing contacts for quite a few years and i won't let anyone else near them, not even my optometrist!

good luck m8, you *can* do it!! the title of this post is wrong! you have *not* failed, you just haven't passed yet.

take care

Kevin Wilson said...

With all the troubles you are having with contacts, maybe you should just stick with glasses. I know a few people who have tried contacts but went back to their glasses because of the troubles they had getting them in.

I always find it a bit disconcerting when a person I have known for a long time changes from glasses to contacts. There is something lost in them.

Good luck with them if you decide to keep going down that track.

victor said...

dude. stick with it. look how much other stuff you've overcome by not giving up. it won't be easy, but you will make it. it took me forever to get them to go. but i've worn them for over 30 years now. wouldn't trade them for all the glasses in the world. and i wear hard lenses, the absolute worst.

Anonymous said...

I got contacts when I was out of school and working, since my parents wouldn't consider springing for the extra cost, after having worn glasses from the 2nd grade. I thought I was the only one who couldn't get the damn things to go in my eyes. I never told anyone cuz I was so embarrassed I couldn't perform such a simple maneuver as 'hold lid up, touch contact to eyeball, blink gently.' I tried for months, put them away, tried again a couple of years later, no such luck. Same exact problem as you - too strong of a blink reflex.

Some minor success came when I was very relaxed, my body and eyes were well hydrated, and weather conditions excluded dust and pollen. Keep trying, but some of us just can't do contacts.

I'm convinced we're still hott!

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

If it's any consolation I have had to put my son's contacts in since he was 4 months old - and it is a lot harder to 'poke your child in the eye' than your own (i have them too!) but it *does* take some patience and practice - and maybe take a few days off trying - or think of someone nice while you are putting them in, and how much nicer they will look ... =]

Anonymous said...

i had the same problem in high school with my contacts, gave up stuck with glasses, then ended up having lasic later on

not like that is any easier keeping your eye open but they make it so you can't blink lol