Monday, January 12, 2009

100,000 views. ^_^

Yayyyy. We've come a long way from my awkward blog beginnings. lol

Speaking of awkward, i wanna thank a few people for helping me be who i am.

Without you, not only would i not be here blogging, but i'd be a miserable, lonely and self-loathing boy like i used to be last year.

Lach. You were my first ever gay friend. That was a huge thing for me. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Jake. You were my first link, my first commenter, and my first boyfriend of any sort, even if it is only online. I loves you so much.

Landyn. Knowing that people as amazing as you exist in the world gives me hope for a better future. I miss you so much.

AJ and Matt, for just being my friends. I'm so happy i know you both. You inspire everyone else, even though you may not know it.

My cats, for letting me post pictures of them when i having nothing interesting to say, and especially Tig, for being the face of mboy.

All my linkers. Thanks for letting me leech off your popularity. :P

All my online friends. You mean the world to me. I mean that. Just letting me be a part of your life makes me happy.

And all my readers. It doesn't matter if you don't email me or comment or talk to me every day, just knowing that you're there makes me keep writing this.

And a select few people i know in real life who accept me for who i am. I'm glad i have that, and that not everyone hates me.

What this blog has done for me:

It's given me a positive attitude. I used to be a pessimist. I saw the bad side of everything, including myself. Since i started writing this blog, that has changed.

It's given me inner strength. I can step outside my door and know who i am on the inside, and not be willing to let anyone change that.

It's widened my view of the world. There are great people and places out there, and so many great things to do. I realised that the rest of the world is not like my little city, and thank God for that!

It's gifted to me people who can support me when i need help.

I've met so many amazing people who i love.

And it's all been a hell of a lot of fun. :)

I realised we have to be thankful for what we have. For fuck sake, we need to stop worrying about what we don't have. We're always going to be missing something. Life's not perfect for anyone! Just be grateful! Everyone has to have something in their life they're lucky to have, whether it's a single close friend, or an accepting family, or enough money to live by, or health, or a hot ass, or a great skill, or even a couple of loving pets.

I'm thankful i have this blog. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thank you everyone.


Kevin Wilson said...

In life, you only need a few close friends that you can truly rely on to support you when you need them.

Being young and gay is hard to deal with at the best of time so I'm glad you have the people you listed in this entry to turn to when the chips are down and I am sure their lives have benefited from knowing you.

Doug said...

Yay, I'm glad that the blog has given you so much happiness and courage and perspective. :)

I'm happy to have found your blog and it's really awesome to get to read about your life.

Mr. HCI said...

Congratulations! I'm glad to have found your blog and even more glad that you didn't give it up a few weeks ago when you were really down. You're a remarkable young man and should be proud of who, rather than what, you are.

Kohoutek said...

The best thing about all this is that it is based on mutuality. You got so much strength from the blog world and the blog readers themselves got it back from you just by carrying on your blog.
I'm probably speaking for a lot of readers when expressing my gratitude for that.


Planetx_123 said...

echo what everyone else said:

I am thankful for your blog too, and I love it being a part of my life, and I love getting that little slice of insight into someone else's life--who has gone through the same struggles as I.

Much Love,

Aek said...

:D *hugs* :D

I'm glad your blogging experience has changed things for you for the better. :)

I do wonder where Landyn disappeared to though . . . o.O

naturgesetz said...

I'm so happy this has been good for you. :) <3

If you're still in touch with Landyn, give him my best wishes. Hope he's doing okay.

God bless.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

gratz on 100K

(see, I can be concise!) G =]*

xthecouragex said...

well have come a long way. and i'm glad you're still here.

As I read down through the people you gave thanks to i couldn't help but feel the same way about you for some of them.

I don't think you realise how much you inspire other people too.

For example, me. You've taught me to be positive. You've taught me that there are kind people out there that dont always just think of themselves first.

You're a great guy, I know i've said that before but i don't think anyone can say it enough. I hope i get to continue to get to talk to you and you continue to write this blog to keep letting us know whats going on in your life.

Congrads on reaching 100k


AJCon89 said...

Congrats buddy...

And I love you too... You are soooo amazing and we are the ones who are lucky for having you in our lives.



cvn70 said...


Although I have only known about your blog for about a month it has been a pleasure to get to know your story and to be accepted by you.

I can only wish that the up coming year is even better for all who have come to know you and of course for you.

Thanks for evrything you have done to make my life better. As you know if you need anything all you have to do is ask and people will be there for you and in the end how much more can you ask from another.

And thankyou for all the links you have to othersto allow me to get to know others and for their kindness also.

Take care and be safe my friend as it is an honor to think of you as a friend


Anonymous said...

i am almst 13 yaers old and my inglsh it so bad.

i read you much times.befour i hate being gay boy, but now i lot better. i donot want to die anymor Thanc you for that.

u r nice persoon. i went to be brave like you some day.

i two skared to say my name. maybee some day.

sorry my inglish it was hard to do this

gay boy

Seth said...

Hooray and congratulations, you popular stud!!

Keep up the good work, we're glad to have you here.


Jack said...

Well M-boy it is hard to say anything that hasn't already been said.
Even though I an older than U it is an inspiration to me to read your blog.
You have been congratulated, wished well and I agree with all of then.
I really felt a genuine concern for you a little while back when you were talking of not blogging, and I am truly glad you decided to continue.

Like the rest I wish you hope, happiness, and strength to continue in the New Year and that you will continue the growth that we have seen this past year.

Good Luck and keep caring.
Just a reader.

Col said...

Congratulations and well done!!

I'm happy that your blog has helped you (and obviously some readers too) in so many positive ways.

Here's to next 100,000 views :)

torchy! said...

wow. what can i say that hasn't been said by all the others?

you may think you're an 'ordinary kid', but you are clearly an inspiration to many, many others, and that is a very special gift.

take care mirrorboy and i wish you well.

exalen said...

Great post! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to hear that you're much happier these days!

Peter said...

Just like the last few people, I can't really say much that hasn't been said already.

Congrats and I hope to see a 200,000 post in the future.

Landyn said...

Mboy -

A BIGGGGGGGG congrats and an even bigger hug. I love you man. Even though you got an online boyfriend now haha im still here ;)

I have been a silent reader lately because I am rarely on the net and usually forget to post. In the next few days i PROMISE there will be a longgggg post to catch everyone (especially you) up on things.

I love you a lot, you have helped me through some rough times and I can't thank you enough.

To everyone else - I AM ALIVE. so sorry about being so quiet lately.

I LOVE YOU MIRRORBOY. Thanks so much for being there for me and for all that you do.


TNC said...

Wow, just came upon your blog and this particular post echoes most everything I have experienced to some degree in my recent coming out.

Inner strength feels so refreshing when it manifests in a stronger sense of self, doesn't it? It's like you're getting to know yourself more and more with every step. And ditto on the positive view, view of the world and gratefulness.

Keep it up.

Tombi04 said...

Mirrorboy, you are far from being ordinary. Be glad, it's the eccentricities (craziness) that makes people interesting.
It's great that you get so much from your blog when we get so much from reading it. I think every open-minded person who reads this blog can see just how amazing you are, and feel better about themselves too. Like the Anonymous guy with the not-so-great english.
Anywho, I'm rambling. Congrats.