Monday, January 19, 2009

Awful Dream.

Yeah... What an awful dream.

My Grandma dies and my Mum goes blind. Then my Mum starts to get worse and i can tell she's going to die too.

I live in a (perpetually dark and gloomy) castle. It's my family's job to protect a small, obviously important, crystal.

A band of people inside the castle (perhaps our former workers) start trying to get their hands on the crystal, killing those in their way. People loyal to us are tricked and murdered. We fight back but we can't stop them.

A person close to us is the leader of our enemies, and takes the crystal.

My Mum vows that when she is dead, she will haunt him forever.

Then i come out into the kitchen and cry. My Mum can't comfort me because she has lost most of her hearing by now and doesn't hear me sobbing.

The End.

I think dreams represent something that is happening in our real lives. I wonder what that one means...


AJCon89 said...

wow... that is a weird one...

maybe its the theme to your second book?

who knows...

Seth said...

nightmares suck


torchy! said...

nightmares can be disturbing when you wake up, but equally really great dreams can turn out to be a massive let-down when you wake up and realise it wasn't for real!

dreams are but fleeting visions - i wouldn't spend too much time analysing them - just enjoy them or wonder at them.


ps. if you call your mum off, i'll give you back the crystal ok?

Mr. HCI said...

Dammit, AJ beat me to what I was going to say!

Aek said...

Argh! I was also going to say what AJ said. -_-

Seriously, that'd be a sweet story plot for a book. :P Perhaps it was a subconscious message to do just that.

Dreams are strange. I think they sometimes are a way for our minds to work out things in real life, or to bring to our attention something that's on our minds, even if we don't know it. Not much research has been done with dreams. Most just assume it's random firings in the brain. Whatever.

naturgesetz said...

That does sound like a very unpleasant dream.

I don't think dreams mean more than a symbolized representation of what your subconscious mind is working on. So I wouldn't worry about it.

Say hello to the cats for me.

Steevo said...

the best explanation of dreams I have ever heard was from a neuro-psychologist. She sed dreams r like instant replays of whatever our brain dealt with recently but in totally random order, all mixed up, meanings disconnected and re-arranged at random. All in tiny bits of memory randomly concocted and sometimes they happen to make enough sense for us to remember or sort of be aware of them when we awaken.



Aahsazyl said...

wow...thats a hell of a dream...
dont look too far into it, you'll drive yourself mad. ive had wierd and vaguely theatrical dreams before involving similar themes.

Anonymous said...

I like the view that nightmares are our body's way of making unreal the things that haunt or bother us. Maybe it does represent something going on in real life, but only you can know that. Let the bad dream pass, let it become nothing more than a memory. *hugs*

cvn70 said...


I do not know anything about dreams and what they mean as i do not tend to remember mine if i have them at all but you will another tonight and hopefully it will be better. i agree with others though that there maybe more to this story for you to write about:)

take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

I've probably said this b4, but anyway...dreams are all about what you are going through. Usually unresolved stuff. Each major element (like the crystal) have a symbolism that only you can discover. (A crystal means something different to me than to you). And each of the characters like your grandma and your mum all symbolize parts of you. Your mum might be a symbol of protection (I dunno, only you know). Your grandma might be something within you that you really value that is "under attack."

As I read your dream in general, it sounds like some important part of you is under perceived attack and you feel the need for protection and there isn't anyone to protect you.

Of course I can be way off because that's how *I* interpret the symbols from what you wrote.

naturgesetz said...

It just occurred to me this morning that the "crystal" is the "family jewels"