Sunday, January 11, 2009

Woot Tennis Woot.

Yayyyyy. The Australian Open tennis is almost on! Tennis on TV every day for almost 2 weeks. ^_^

Tennis is one of the few sports i actually like watching. Everything else (apart from the Winter Olympics) bores me to pieces.

Of course, i'm too uncoordinated and clumsy to play it myself. lol

Even though a lot of the matches can go for hours, it really gets my heart pumping, although maybe that's cos i usually watch my favourite players, and i end up feeling connected to them.

And they are Marcos Baghdatis, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal (epic sigh). I love Rafael Nadal for so many reasons. ;D

And i actually don't like any of the Australian players. lol

They really annoy me. I like seeing them fail. :)

Random stuff:

- I've been practicing my eye-jabbing. For everyone who keeps asking, I DON'T HAVE my contacts yet!! I'm not gonna get them until i can actually put them in and take them out at the optometrist's.

- I deleted about 9 contacts (not the sort you put in your eyes) from msn today. Your loss for being creepy bastards. lol :)

- What's funny is that as i browse the web, i see more and more random people linking to me. I guess i'm semi-famous. Ain't that cool. :D

I'm still just an ordinary kid though. lol

Remember that. :)

K. I'm having an early night.



Jake Annonymous said...

Ana Ivanovic in a short skirt... who wouldn't like that! Though, they used to play the Australian open on ABC instead of the kids programs when I was a youngin. I think that may have actually killed a generation of tennis fans.

Doug said...

Man I love watching tennis. I didn't always used to. But one of my friends just told me to watch it with him one day and I got hooked! And it doesn't hurt that some of the guys are pretty hot. Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Roddick... mmmmmmm.

AJCon89 said...

you better not have deleted me... lol

tennis? really dude?


cvn70 said...


you are more than an orfdinary kid a lot more :)


Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Come on - we know the truth ... it's the hairy balls that you like!


Aek said...

I like tennis too. :) It's also a sport I can get at least close to decent at if I tried.

As AJ said, I hope you didn't delete me (and I hope I'm not creepy either o.O).

Hmm, my word verification is "dissenti."

Seth said...

I suppose tennis is a pretty good sport, at least its non-violent.

Sorry I don't have too many tennis players in my cuteboy pictures lol.

Keep umm... jabbing.


Anonymous said...

Tennis is a fun sport.

I never liked watching it as a kid.

But I did play it and was actually pretty good. I got asked to play on a travel team for a few summers. It was fun. Even went to Canada to play a few matches, not that Canada has great tennis, but it was still fun.

I still play once in a while but I'm not as good.

But I do enjoy watching it on TV now too. Hopefully we can get some of the matches here.

And I told you, your getting famous and will then forget about us all. :( lol

Anonymous said...

Hey the contacts... u might wanna check if you're allergic to Thiosol, which is used in contact lens saline solution...i had pretty much the same prollem with contacts as you, and it turned out i was allergic to the stuff....coundn't even get 'em close to the eye before the eyes slammed shut like a bank vault....worth checkin into