Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Clarifying and contacts.

K. I said not to call me anything other than mirrorboy, in the blogging world. That means that you can call me whatever you want in emails, or on msn or anything else.

On blogs though, my name is mirrorboy.

I hope that clears things up a bit. I don't get upset or anything, but i would just prefer it that way. :)

So, I just got back from the optometrist. I tried putting the contacts in my eyes, but i can't keep my eyes open to get them in. The moment anything touches my eye, my eyelids shut. So i couldn't get them in.

I need to practice getting over my blink reflex, and i've got another appointment at 4:35pm tomorrow to try again. :/

I don't think i've ever mentioned just how terrible my reflexes are. If anything comes towards me, i pretty much jolt. I also hate having anything near my eyes, which was okay while i was wearing glasses, because they were protected a little.

My friends love messing with my reflexes of course, like pretending to whack my hand with a pencil. My arm, of course, recoils like elastic.


I might post again tonight. We'll see.


Jake is probably still sleeping. lol

* * *

1 last note. This is awesome. XD


Jake Annonymous said...

OMG We must play cricket with you!

victor said...

contacts are hell when you first get them. i had to actually pry my eyes open to put them in. once you get over that though, they're great. also, be careful about putting them around the cat, because if they fall on the floor, there's a reflex in cats that causes them to come running over and eat the lenses before you can react. of course, i wouldn't know anything about that. good luck buddy

James said...

:( Well, at least you got them. I'm glad I can still use your real nickname elsewhere. I like it. ^_^

Mr. HCI said...

I'm not sure I could ever handle contacts. It's nearly impossible to get eyedrops in, even, like when I had a glaucoma test last week. My ability to focus on stuff really close up is starting to go, though, so they may be a reality one day (but I hope not!).

So . . . good luck!

I just remembered an appropriate song and found the lyrics on-line (but I changed the gender to make it fit):

"[Boys] with Glasses" by Kenny Howes

I like boys with glasses!
I really don't know why.
Sometimes 'cause they'll talk to you,
sometimes 'cause they're shy.
All the boys I've ever loved
had trouble trying to see;
I like boys with glasses -
is there something wrong with me?

I like boys with glasses
don't know if it's true:
Thought it could be something
that reminds me of you...
All the boys I've ever loved
had trouble with their eyes
I like boys with glasses, man,
I really don't know why,
don't know why.

I like boys with glasses,
I don't know if it's true
Just another something
that reminds me of you.
All the boys I've ever loved
had trouble trying to see
I like boys with glasses
'cause there's something wrong with me,
wrong with me.

naturgesetz said...

Well, if you can't get the contacts in, you'll just have to think of the glasses as a fashion accessory.


Seriously, I understand that you think you look better without glasses. It's a matter of opinion, and your opinion is the one that counts. So it'll be too bad if you can't get the contacts in.


But since it is a matter of opinion, there may be some people who actually find you more attractive with your glasses.

Better luck tomorrow.

Aek said...

Awww, I HATE anything that comes near my eyes too, even cigarette smoke (just has to be present, doesn't have to be all up in my face).

Reflexes are generally a good thing, nature created them to force us to move when we'd otherwise be too lazy to move our asses from harm.

Peter said...

I think I look better without glasses too, but everyone else says I look better WITH glasses. Even though I hate glasses I will never get contacts because all my brothers hated them.

Jack said...

When I got contacts I could not get past the reflex at first, But the lady at the eye doctor showed me how to hold my eye open with my thumb and index finger and touch my eyeball with my second finger to practice until I could come back for my next appointment I could do it then it was easy to put them in with the contact on the second finger.

Good luck and hugs

We love you and wish you the best.

Seth said...

When I was young (and before I had lenses) I was poked in the eye with some sort of musical instrument (I think it was a guitar) that was on a shelf near me, and to this day my eyes are incredibly sensitive/squeamish with anything coming towards them. Heck even just typing this is making my eyes tense up LOL.

When I first got contacts, it felt like putting a dinner plate on my eyeball - so heavy and stiff (of course, that was back in the days of "hard" lenses. Oy. Be thankful for soft lenses now!!

The first time I went, the doctor put them in for me - and was so gentle, quick, and sneaky about it, I had no idea it was even in for a few seconds. "Blink" "Blink again" "Look up" "look left" "blink" etc.

For my first few years, I HAD to use a closeup mirror to insert them, it was a whole procedure and lots of fussing and squirming.

Somehow, I have gotten past the squeamishness, and now I'm an expert at popping them in and out. You just have to practice a few times and hope for the best - like riding a bicycle, the first few times you fall off and one day you're sailing along.

Above all, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before you handle your lenses, and follow your disinfecting procedures daily and to the letter.

Good luck tomorrow, hope you can get them in!

ps: never heard the cat thing, but it cracks me up imagining!!

also ps: be careful WHERE you are sitting/standing when you put your lenses in. In the beginning, I found it necessary to sit at a desk or table, now I can pop them in anywhere. And especially in the beginning, you don't want one falling down somewhere gross, or getting washed down the sink. Plus, its highly embarassing to be crawling around half-blind on the carpet looking for the left lens.


tostr - the thing that makes white bread burn

jay.osa said...

i have to hold my eyes open with the other hand to put mine in. it's the only way i cna tough my eye

xthecouragex said...

Well I already told you most of this stuff last night, but I guess I'll leave you a comment here too.

Sorry about your reflex. I have this big thing about touching my eye, it just makes me cringe. I once got a piece of ash from a fire stuck in my eye and i had to go to the ER where they gave me drops that numbed the reflex so i could move my eye with my finger and wouldn't feel it. It was kinda cool until he went at my eye with a needle to take out the ash. haha.

And I really dont blame you about the name thing. Hope to talk soon.


Wolf said...

I really want to wear contacts but i cant put anything near my eyes, i remember having eyedrops to put in years ago, it was a nightmare!

plus glasses fog up at the most awkward times :(