Saturday, January 10, 2009

Almost there.

We're a few days away from 100,000 views.

That is so hard for me to comprehend - to see it as more than just a number. But i can see that i should do something special. Cos even as just a number, it's a big one. ;D

You're my readers. What do you think i should do?

100,000 random facts about me? lol. Nooooo.

Leave some comments...

no. I'm not posting nude pics. :P


Peter said...

Well, you already shot down my ideas.

You are 100 times more creative than me so sorry but I can't really help you on this one.

I don't think you will go for this idea but why don't you post a picture of yourself that expires in X number of hours like Jake does? I'm sure most of your readers would like to know what you look like.

Just a thought.

Peter said...

ooh maybe mess it up in photoshop. That would be funny!!

cvn70 said...


would you consider sharing something you wrote with us, maybe a short story or something.

take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

yeah im with peter...stuff the nude pics, how about just any pic of you! we wanna know who mboy is!
pwweeeeeeeeease! lol

mirrorboy said...

No way. O_O

I'd have to be pretty stupid to post a pic of myself. People i know would be able to identify me, and i don't want that.

Jake Annonymous said...

How about..........nudes?

naturgesetz said...

How many people who know you read your blog and don't already know it's you, do you reckon?

I think you'd be perfectly safe posting pics of yourself. One with glasses and one without, so we could tell you if you really need to make the effort to put contact lenses in your eyes.

Of course nude pics of your cats are always welcome.

But since 100,000 is a multiple of 5, if you won't give us a picture of yourself, you should just ignore it. Or else, just say "Thanks," to all your readers, without whom you wouldn't be where you are today. Well, of course, you would be in the same town in Victoria. But you wouldn't have the world-wide fame and admiration.

You have demonstrated a depth of humanity which has touched many people.

Post whatever you want. We love you.

Mr. HCI said...

Very wise, Mirrorboy. Too risky for plenty of reasons.

Messing photos up with Photoshop can be foiled. There was a case a year or so ago where they found some kiddie fiddler who posted pics on-line of himself screwing kids. He distorted his face with Photoshop or something but Interpol (I think) unscrambled it, identified him and locked him the fuck up, thankfully.

mirrorboy said...

Yeah i remember that.

Technology backfire on him. lol

Jake Annonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funnier if while arresting the man they thought fondled the kids a guy with a twisted face walks past in the background


Planetx_123 said...

I was thinking the EXACT same thing!

I actually like NOT knowing what mirrorboy looks like... it makes the whole blog more mysterious! I'm sure that my mental image of mboy is much different from the actual mboy (not that that is a good or bad thing).

100,000 views is a ton! Congrats-- thats gotta be a pretty cool feeling that 100,000 separate times someone thought of mirrorboy (and the person behind mboy) to check up on whats going on in your life.

How about a video of the cats? Or like a scene from a movie or tv show, but with the cats as actors?

Yes- as demonstrated, I too am not creative :-) Anything will be fine!

Much Love,

Doug said...

I would LOVE to read more of your story. How about an excerpt? That would be great!

Jake Annonymous said...

Youtube four words.
Ninja Cats Car Ad

Best car ad Ive seen in a while

Kevin Wilson said...

100,000 views is a milestone for sure and should be celebrated in some way - maybe a long drawn out speech thanking everyone from your cats to your e-boyfriend for giving you support and shoulders to cry on in times of need.

They probably don't want that kind of thing anyway, but it's always good to thank the little people (even if they aren't midgets).

Wise decision to not post your own picture on so many levels.

EM said...

I would have like to see a picture of how you look but completely understand that you don't want to post one.

You could write a description of how you look or have someone else describe you. Maybe post a picture of your glasses or your favorite non-living object. Just some ideas.

MorGod said...

I'm with @cvn70 and @Doug on this one. Why don't you post one of your short stories or the first chapter (or more) of your book?

What about some kind of review or abstract of all your posts?

You can also make a poll with all the suggestions.


p.s. don’t post your pictures here

Jake Annonymous said...

only idiots put pictures of themselves on their blogs.



Mr. HCI said...

Yeah, a real pic would destroy any mental images.

It's probably waaaayyyy off the mark but the mental image that formed in my head is of a short-ish (not short, just a bit below average height) boy with spikey, black emo hair (like an anime character), biting on the corner of his lower lip and wearing a bright pink hoodie.

victor the nebulous said...

congrats dude. you've come a long way. thanks for sharing part of our life with us.

mirrorboy said...

@Mr. HCI.


I wish. ;)

mirrorboy said...

Save the congrats for the actual post, Victor. lol

Joie Mayfield said...

Awesome! Congrats on 100,000! :) Very proud acheivement! :)

Hope you're doing well.

Tombi04 said...

Oooh, big number.

I definitely think you should at least post an excerpt from your book.
And while I would love to see what you look like, I totally agree with why you aren't going too. Jake is right. Only idiots put pictures of themselves on their blog.

Tombi04 said...

Doesn't Mr HCI's idea of Mirrorboy sound hot?

Col said...

Sorry, I can't come up with any ideas Mboy (mine stink, ask Peter lol, although I do have to say that he did give it a go).

Whatever you decide to do, it will be read by hundreds of people who will enjoy it, no matter what it is about.