Friday, October 3, 2008

Random stuff about me and links.

First of all, 2500 views so far. :O

Thanks for reading, and i'm always willing to link any of you guys (or gals) if you've got a blog. :p

New link: Steevo in Cali

Steevo's a good commenter too. Thanks buddy. So is Landyn. :D

Speaking of comments, i've had... 39 so far, although some of those were mine. :p Thanks! Comments are welcome on every post, no matter how small the comment or how old the post is. I get an email every time someone comments so i read every single one. :)

Had a good response to yesterday's Affection vs. Sex. It seems a lot of us do like affection, but it's too much of a generalisation to say that one sexuality prefers it over the other.

I'm going to go get my hair cut today. Man... i hate going to the hairdressers... We go to a place full of those young girls just out of college it seems. They always complain about how thick my hair is. I can't help it! :/

Then i gotta go shopping with my nan and my mum. We go with my nan because we don't have a car and she does, so we do our shopping at the same time. We usually get take-away afterwards. :p

Also, only 2 more days until school goes back. Unfortunately the posting is going to cut down a bit after that, due to not being home as much, homework, and just being plain too tired after school.

I'll try to do at least a post every day, but I can't make no promises. :'/

Wish me luck guys. :)

Also, here's a few ideas i've been thinking about for a sig.

OX - mirrorboy - XO

:P nvm

Have a good day everyone.


Lach said...



The chicks @ the hairdressers shouldn't be whinging about anything.. it's their fucking job! lol.

I cbf thinking of an analogy to go with that right now.

Regarding the robot post, have you seen the movie with robin williams, where he is a robot that learns love/affection etc?

I can't personally see it happening, but I guess anything is possible..

Landyn said...

Thanks :) glad u approve of my comments lol :D

I have thick hair too, so I just keep it way short haha-no problems there if theres not much to cut ;).....
(but seriously, why does EVERYONE have to comment if u have thick hair?! its like "omg omg, becky come check this kid out! ya i know! THICK HAIR!!! quick, call somebody important!"

Totally understand about being busy with school and such. Just blog whenever u can/want to. Its YOUR blog. don't feel pressure :) I always post at night when I can't sleep. works out decent.

I like the signature with the ====><==== cuz its like a mirror effect. Dont care though, anything works lol :)

Take care dude, have fun today (omg omg THICK HAIR!!! hahaha)


JC said...

the good old, mum hasnt got a car, go shopping with your gran, ahhh, then there is the convo in the car. now everytime i go wit her, i tell my mum to keep the convo to normal or i will wreck the pc, ahaha. i hate wating in the ques for mine, he is a good hairdresser thoe, and be glad you doing work, mine should be done, but i havnt started, but i will in a couple of days, and for robots what about A.I, i almost cried in that film. much love, me