Friday, October 3, 2008

My Boyfriend is a Robot? Could happen...

Human being's are bizarre creatures, in so many ways.

I want to bring up one topic though. Attraction to non-living things. Now wait. Don't get me wrong here. Just follow the following... :p

- I mean, we are attracted to boys in pictures.

- We can be attracted to something on a screen.

All that means we are attracted to things that aren't physically there with us. It goes further...

- Then we can get turned on by sketches of other humans.

These things are completely not real. They were created by someone else, but we are literally attracted to lines on a page.

Bizarre huh?

We can be attracted to things that aren't real. Why? What is it that makes them turn us on? They are just shapes, lines, colours.

Where does it stop? In the future we might as well just create our sex partners - Boy-Robots.

No doubt we will strive to give them a more sophisticated AI, and we will start falling in love with them. It is inevitable.

Best robotish picture i could find. lol :p

Do you think that love with a false human can't happen? Think of how many of us love a TV character... Hell, i love the pixie-like Link from Zelda.

I don't know... Do you even understand what i'm saying? :p

Put simply as i can, we are attracted to fake things. We will eventually make things that are the pinnacle of our sexual desires. We will fall in love with them inevitably.

What happens to human-human love then?


Landyn said...

I think that at some level, humans need other HUMAN connection. I mean, yeah we can get turned on by images/drawings/etc, but does that substitute our need for REAL love with REAL people? I don't think that at any point we will be able to create some robot that can actually feel like we feel. The one thing, i think, that makes us humans unique is our wide range of emotions.

Once we stop loving other humans, and if at some point robots have real feelings/emotions, who then is the robot and who is the person?

JC said...

i agree with landyn, you can subsititute it but soon or later, you gonna need a human, human love is what keeps us going, the day that dont happen is when the world goes down

mirrorboy said...

What if we put a human brain inside a robot? :P

Anonymous said...

idk if u see these comments on really old posts, but neway

pic is hott!!!

idea is hott also - see story titled 'sentenced to life' on ac's corner cafe at

see also story titled 'M.A.R.C.'by 'AmatuerishWriter' on Nifty Archives at

also, what about the idea that loving something actually causes it to be real? read 'the velveteen rabbit'


mirrorboy said...

yeah. i get an email for every comment. :P

I dont know if i have enough time to read any stories but i may check them out in the future. :)

And yeah, the boy is hott! :D

Anonymous said...

4pm is about when i thought you'd be home from skool - i'm 16 hours away - the southern US, EST to be specific

i found milkboys about 3 weeks ago and was so impressed i started to look at the blog links

i must say i've been amazed, pleasantly amazed.

i went and did the unthinkable - i read your blog from the very beginning to the present - i was never presented with a reason not to do so . . ..

i commented on your blog anonymously several times last night, but forgot that i created a 'signature' that would tell you who was writing - the "xoxo" thing

so, the bottom line is this, IMHO:

your blog is by far the best one i've ever read - you are REAL, sincere, mentally together, and dealing with life just as it comes at you. being 15yo, you do jump around a bit, but within well defined parameters, so those of us who scored higher than the orangutan on our IQ tests can still follow you well. i love the questions you ask!!! they're the same ones i asked, and they're the same one's every questioning 15yo i've ever known has asked . . ..

no 'put-down' intended, but many of the college-age guys you link to are either full of themselves or full of cynical self-delusion; you've got your s**t much more together than that!

re: the suicide panic surrounding your forced outing at school AND your lack of intimate personal friends: Do you have the phone numbers (or do they have yours) of any of the numerous online friends that you've found since you started blogging? Have you ever called each other? i'l be the first to admit that online friends seem so real, UNTIL you're in a crunch, then, only the one's you can see, hear, or touch matter.

in case you've not established such a connection, i highly recommend it. i've got a friend in europe who's a young teen survivor of horrible emotional, physical and sexual abuse - as soon as i got his cell number, i contacted my phone company and found that i could talk to him on the phone for as little as $USD 0.05/min. we've gotten him through some rather hairy situations, without any bloodshed or panic.

i've posted as 'anonymous' because i don't presently have any other way to post and still have an identity. everytime i see those thingy's that tell you who just arrived on your site and from where, i believe that Big Brother is watching, and at my age and in my backwards state in the US, that's NOT a good thing. maybe in a few, after i get sum of the local middleschoolers to tell me how to use proxy servers, i'll be more comfortable.

in the meantime

uuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrr grrrrrrreattt!!!

Anonymous said...

i forgot to ask:

is the 'robot' pic YOU without your glasses?

neway, READ the stories - they almost exactly match the shit you're dealing with now


mirrorboy said...

Umm... thanks! haha :D

I'm just doing what comes naturally i guess.

My writing is what i take pride in, so i'm glad you think it's good. Apparently you think i'm great too so... thanks again! :D

I would say more but my Mum wants the pc and when my mum wants the pc she wants it NOW! haha

see ya later xoxo


ps. i don't have any phone numbers of the guys.

pps. i think you underestimate the power of having online friends. Some of mine are truly awesome and i know they'd do anything for me and just knowing that helps me feel better.