Thursday, October 16, 2008

A busy month.

So, m-boy is at home with the flu. :(

Yesterday at school i was just so sore all over. Everytime i moved it hurt. To top it off we had one of those year 9 assemblies where they pack 150 kids into two rooms...

I also had to take my MSN request down from the sidebar. In the past few weeks it's gone from having a few of my school friends to 27 contacts. I can't talk to you all as much as i want to because i use a shared computer. :(

I'm trying to get one of those hub thingys though so i can have the internet in my room but i'm not really sure what i need - i'm not all that smart with computers. :P

That's not to say that you still can't be my friend. Send me an email if you want to talk. :)

Also, tomorrow is the 1-month anniversary of the start of the blog. :D

It's amazing just how much has changed in one month.

I went from having no gay friends to having dozens (or hundreds) of them. :)

I went from almost completely in the closet to proudly out.

My opinion of my friends has changed dramatically. I don't have to pretend around them anymore either.

And of course, i finally connected with the gay community.

I've said it before and i'll say it again. Starting a blog is the best thing i've ever done.




Anonymous said...

Hmmm could be stress related? Drink plenty of fluids.. orange juice, apple juice etc. Flush it out. drink and piss, rinse and repeat. Plenty of sleep. Think good thoughts and recharge yourself. I like your story by the way. That darn cat! ::hug::

Jasssoonnn said...

So apparently I missed a lot on yer blog! lol. It's amazing how much life changes and how liberating it can be when u can summon the strength to come out and be real with not only yourself, but also with all the people around you. I tip my hat to ya bro. It's for the better and now, it may not always be easy, but it will always be eaiser than lying and hiding it all the time too.

ANNND for the 'hub' thing u need, lol. U need to get a router. Either like a wireless one, or a wired one. If u get a wireless one there is not wires to run at all. So it's all good with that. The netgear one that I have is like 30 bucks from wal-mart. It works awesome tho. If you computer does not have a wireless card in it, that will cost a little extra also, but if u can get the money, it's well worth it.

Hope that helps, n if u have ne more questions about it, let me know. Im not xactally a computer nerd, but i think i got a handle on this internet stuff.

Landyn said...

im way happy for u man, how things have gone soo good for you in the past month. of course there hav been the ups and downs...the times when u have worried a lot, and the times of being just totally happy, but im glad that overall things have turned out so well.

im so glad we met each other and got to be friends :) Especially with all the msn friends that you have now lol, im lucky to get a few words in here and there :P

U are an awesome guy, have been so fun to talk to and always make me smile.... ur one of the few people that can do that so thank you :)

I hope to keep talkin to u whenever u can and arent too busy. send me an email any time if u wanna, cuz ill always respond to those. and of course, our msn convos :P

u da man buddy. stay happy, take care of yourself, and know that I love u.

-Landyn <3333

JC said...

yes jason is right, and i wished i had the courage of you,but time shall time, and it you do need a router, a wirless one would be easier, as it need no wires, and if it in another room and if the connection box is downside, it gonna be extra work for to run a wire all the way to where you want it, if it is close, go for wired, cheaper and better. but also as jason said if you pc hasnt got it , you will be a wirless car if you go with a wirless, and if you go wirless, make sure you got router serctuity on it, mac address block, and wpa with good encrption, which any good router should provide now.