Sunday, October 26, 2008

Origins of me the mirror.

Unusually, this is my 2nd post for the day so there's another one to read down there... :)

Anyways, today i thought i'd explain my name.

It is pretty random, isn't it? Mirror-boy.

Well, every day, after i have a shower in the morning, i step out, dry myself, and dry my hair (which is very thick and i already need another haircut) and then i look at myself...

And i lose myself... I drift off into thought as i look at me.

I think of every physical thing about me... How i need to get my hair cut, how i need to work out more, how i wish i could afford contact lenses (yes mirrorboy wears glasses... sexy glasses :P).

And then i think about the other things...

How i'm stuck on a bit in my story, how i'm worried about people reacting to my sexuality, how i stuffed up my speech the other day, and which subjects i'm falling behind in at school.

In front of the mirror is where i compose myself every morning.

Mirrors are important to me, because when i'm looking at me, i think about me, and everything that affects me.

When we look at ourselves, there is no hiding. We know all thruths about us.

So, i picked the mirror to go in front of boy...

But, there was just one more reason why i picked mirror... I love those pics where boys take photos of themselves in them. :P

That's all for today. It was a long day for me, but i won't go into that... For now, i just need some rest.

Good(insert time eg. night, evening, morning)




AJCon89 said...

HEY! dont knock glasses.. they could be sexy.

Plus I wear glasses because i am too big a pussy to put in contacts. I tried, but I was too scared to touch my eye.... creeped me out.

when i worry about things like that, it is usually at night when i am going to sleep... the mind just wont shut up... lol.

and yeah... we pretty much all love those sexy mirror shots... get in line.


Bill said...

LOL, I love mirror too! Love those sexy shots of me! Kidding.=p

Glasses are fine to me ay. They look good on certain people tho.


Seth said...

Aww. :-)

When we look at ourselves, there is no hiding. We know all thruths about us." - very true. (Reminds me why I only look at myself in MY mirror in the dark, fully clothed. LOL) But very deep sentiment, I've never really thought of it on such an introspective level.

AJ said about contacts, afraid to put things in eye. I was the same way in the beginning, HORRIBLE squeamish about anything near my eye, (and we're talking many years ago when "hard" contact lenses felt like putting a dinner plate in each eye) - but you do get used to it and quickly stop even thinking about it as part of your morning routine.

Of course, glasses work too. LOL. You just won't see me in them except at home :-)

PS: If you're gonna do they sexy mirror shots (and this goys for all the other cuteboys out there also)..... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use a little windex on the mirror first, especially at the bottom where all the sink splatter is.... YUCK.


victor said...

contacts are good, even hard ones, which is what i wear. i'm allergic to the plastic on the others. and bifocals suck, which is what i wear when i'm not wearing contacts. so ya, good weekend all. see you.

David said...

glasses are hot :)

i have glasses too hehh

Aek said...

Hey now, don't knock the glasses! I wear glasses too. :P

I spend like NO time looking in the mirror cuz I'm always in a hurry.