Monday, October 6, 2008

Whoa O_O

I struggled to be able to post tonight, not because i couldn't get the pc, and not because of homework, and not because i was too tired, but because everyone was worried about my day at school and wanted to check on me.

I'm so touched that you all left messages of support for me. I checked my comments this morning and i felt really special as i walked to school. I feel so loved guys. Thanks for your support. Whenever i don't feel good i just think about all of you and i know that i am accepted around the world, even if i'm not around here.

Anyways, today sucked because it's so hard to get up now. I'm so used to getting up casually and hopping on the computer or switching on the TV, but now i've gotta run down to the cupboard and grab a towel and jump into the shower, then get out, put on my uniform and grab a jumper, head down to the kitchen and make some breakfast, then get my food for school, and then get out the door.

What i'd do for just one more relaxing day...

My best friend Matthew also wasn't at school today. I haven't heard from him in about a week so that's kind of weird... Then again, he gets 'sick' a lot, really easily. :P

For a project at school we had to come up with a job for every letter of the alphabet. For Q i put Queen. My teacher said queen wasn't a job but then i said i meant it as in a drag queen. We argued whether it was just a choice or an actual job... Seriously, a professional drag queen is a job isn't it? They perform and they get paid. Tell me that i'm right. :P

I've got so many friends on msn now that i've been talking for ages and i've run out of time. My mum gets home from work soon and she'll want the computer, so i'll have to wrap up.

I'll post something decent the next time i get on. :)




Anonymous said...

both a royal queen and a drag queen are jobs. Yes, a drag queen is a profession and they get paid to perform. A royal queen doesn't just sit on her ass. She has a job to do too. She has to participate in government and represent the state to other nations. That's a job too. Your teacher just wasn't thinking it through and wasn't accepting an "out of the box" answer.

Landyn said...

haha hey, sry about being one of those 'friends' on msn that took up ur whole freakin night ;)

Ya, both those kinds of queens are jobs haha :) ur right. teachers can be stubborn if they get it in their minds that they r right sometimes...

and ya, take care at school. kno that we r all here for ya, and nothing will change that.

Peace, love, and happiness,
Landyn <3

JC said...

nice to hear you doing alright and for q at job Quality manager, ahaha. and yes i hate going back, espically today, it was cold, borning lessons, and i was having a wicked dream, what i wouldnt give to start in the afternoon and still finish by eveining

hornetboi said...

It was my first day at work after a week off and it really sucked getting up early and have to get dressed instead of lounging about the house in just boxers. Oh well it pays the bills.

Ethan said...

Yeah I know this is REALLY old but I have to comment anyway

Yes I Drag Queen is a professional job (I think)

Ok now I'm off to catch up on more of your blogging