Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whoa! O_O

Just yesterday when i posted i was amazed i got 565 hits. Now it's up to 1300. :D/:O LOL

New links:

VIPtogether and Romancing the Stone. Thanks to... i don't know if i should use his real name or not... Oh well, thanks to whatsisname for sending me an email. It seems more and more people actually want to link to me now. :D

Hahaha it is literally illegal for me to look at Romancing the stone cos it's about porn. Be warned. o_O

VIPtogether's got a lot of cute pics and is fairly tame in comparison (lol) and i've been checking it out for a while. :)

*EDIT: I say that and then he puts up a bunch of dick pics. :P EDIT*

So be sure to have a look at both, that is, if you're not under the legal age... :p

Also, a big thanks to my readers for leaving some pretty sweet comments. You make me smile. :)

And my MSN list is bigger than ever. :O

Thanks friends. Thanks linkers. Thanks readers. I'll post again soon. :)


Landyn said...

hey dude, hope u dont mind....I linked to ur blog. I just started mine yesterday, and have been following yours for a few days and really like it. If u want me to take u off, just let me kno.

Thanks man :)

mirrorboy said...

i linked to yours, and i'll be reading from now on... O_O

Good luck. :D

steevo said...

I am gonna link to u too.


mirrorboy said...

thanks steevo, my friendly commenter. :)

I'll link back.