Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A hairy fascination.

I don't really know what to call this... Is it a fetish? Is it an obsession? Is it just an attraction? WHAT?

I have a really big love for hair. Now i'm not talking body hair, i couldn't really care less about that. I'm talking the sort that you find on top of a person's head.

It drives me absolutely crazy.

On the list of qualities my perfect boy would have, a good head of hair comes in either 1st or 2nd - as my pic-swapping MSN buddies would have already found out when i bombarded them with hair pics. :P

I like long hair, not too long, but at least a few good inches. A long fringe, and thick is great as well. Colour? I really love blond... and black. Wow, black is great. Brown's really nice as well, as is orange. Mmm... Red/orange can be on the verge of perfection sometimes... And dyed hair is fantastic as well.

Is this where my love for emos stems from? :P

Perhaps it's the way that the fringe can droop over one eye that jolts my heart. Then the thought of rubbing my hand through the thick back while i give someone a big kiss... Or feeling it flop onto my face as we lie in bed...

Watch out future boyfriend! I sound like a creep right now. :P

I dunno what it is. Hair can make or break a boy for me. I have a crush on the biggest prick at my school for the sole fact that he has perfect hair. It juts out like a thick cluster of blondy razorblades and i can't help but sigh when i see him. Better not let him catch me. :P

It even plays a big role in my own life right now. When i'm writing a story and i'm describing a person for the first time i can't help but mention their hair and make it an important thing.

Is there a name for this... 'thing' i have with hair? And is it a fetish, an attraction, or an obsession?


Anonymous said...

The cool thing is that you don't need to label "it". So you like hair, long, thick, over the eyes, shining like the reflection of the moon and stars hair. Fetishes are simply an attraction to something that connects sexually to us, but by definition isn't sexual at all.
Underwear? Feet? Hands? Leather? Butts? People have all kinds of fetishes. You don't need an excuse, or a reason, or a label. You like it and thats good enough for me, or anyone else. Swim in it, make no excuses, and smile everytime you pass a barber shop... oh, by the way... i think long hair is cute too :) ::hug:: Tristan

jhorner said...

Hair is nice :+) Makes me wish I still had some ;)

JC said...

i like hair tooo, cant stand people who are bold,and if there too hairly, i love brown or blondy some kind of spiky hair, god bless the hair, and kudos for doing well at english, maybe one day i can read your book

Jake Annonymous said...

what is with foot fetishes?


Landyn said...

^^ ahaha

but yeah...i love hair too (head hair). If mine grows too long, it just gets outta control so I usually keep it around and inch/inch and a half. otherwise I start to look like chewbacca ;)

Tristan said it i'm not gonna try and say it again haha he has a way with words.

yay for hair!

-Landyn <3

Landyn said...

haha the title of this post freaks me out everytime i read it lol

James said...

I'm not sure what it is, either, but I share an equally (almost sick), borderline fascination with hair, too!

Yeah, just as you described. Longish, thick. Thin hair can also be nice, too, though. It's fine and easy to finger.

Joe said...

I completely have the same thing!!
First thing i notice on a guy is hair. And there is nothing better than running your hands through it love. J x