Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The OC strikes again.

First of all, if you don't know who OC is you can read my 'why writing is so important to me part 1' post to catch up.

If you're too lazy, she's my previous English teacher, and my favourite teacher at that. She's one of those no-shit tell-it-like-it-is ones, and she's the one who made me decide to be a writer. She's had a massive effect on my life.

Anyway, we crossed paths today and she said that some of my work had been shown at a function at the school. Apparently people were 'talking about me' because my work was amongst people years older than me and of very high quality.

She also said that i was in a class full of bogans (aussie slang) and i couldn't reach my full potential, but when i got into year 10 next year i would have a chance to shine by doing some VCE subjects and the spotlight would be on me.

Wow. Isn't that nice? How many teachers would say that to a student?

After that i went to my form coordinator and asked to change a couple of my subjects to ones that would challenge me more for next year. :)

Have any of you got a favourite teacher who's said or done something nice for you?

Have any of them had a big impact on your life like mine has?

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Seth said...

You're very lucky to have a teacher like that, who plays a significant role in your development, and encourages you. Unfortunately too many educators seem to care less about their students. I've had some great teachers over the years. I was also lucky enough to go to a small, private, highschool, which afforded me tons of opportunities I would not have had in a huge public school. But, you take what you can get, and make the best of it, I guess.

I had a wonderful teacher when I was younger, in 5th grade, whome I still remember to this day. He encouraged me, and allowed me to grow intellectually and artistically, all within the classroom with other students who weren't so "special". Ha and I don't mean "special" as in retarded, LOL.

I was, of course, the "teachers pet". The way the classroom was set up, the teachers desk was to one side, and the chalkboard in front of the room, so the rows of little desks were arranged in groups of two, three groups across, three rows deep, if I remember correctly.
I had the front desk on the left, but I sat alone, so I really had TWO desks to myself. I also had space in a file-basket on the teachers desk, where I kept artwork and projects I was doing. I had one desk for all art supplies and projects, and one desk for my regular books and stuff. I was really ahead of the rest of the class, so most of the time, I was done with the lesson, or even the weeks lessons, by Monday. I spent alot of time with one ear focused on what was going on in class, and most of my attention focused on drawing and writing. The teacher did not mind, because I could jump into the lesson when needed. So, in a way, it was like I was in a bubble in my own class, part of it yet isolated.
That was fine with the teacher, it allowed him to focus more on students who maybe needed a little more help, and I was independently to be counted on to have everything done perfectly, in advance.

Ok, so I was REALLY a GEEK.

I remember one time, the teacher was out sick, and we had a substitute, who wasn't aware of my special "privileges" and flipped out when I was busy drawing (instead of paying attention to whatever the lesson was, which I had already completed). She came over to the desk grabbed my drawing and RIPPED IT UP. It was, actually, one of my better works, and I was DEVASTATED. That evil bitch!!!

Heh. Schoolboy geek trauma. (Well, I had lots of that, but thats for another story).

Anyway.... your teacher sounds like she really cares, and wants to see you do well. Take advantage of every little opportunity you can get, in every way. Showing your work with others? Excellent. Maybe getting stuff published? Why not? Respond to her challenges, and she will challenge you to ever better things.

Seth said...

Sorry... that was almost worth a seperate posting in my own blog.

Landyn said...

^^^ wow seth.....i think ill just leave my comment at:

last year i had a really awesome teacher that encouraged me to learn to the best that i could, and he was really funny and fun. He was one of those teachers that actually made u WANT to learn. I really loved him for that, because his class made a big impact on my life.

Anyways, yeah....that was short lol ;)

mirrorboy said...

hmm... i've just realised that i've had an incredibly great run with teachers all through primary school. I'm pretty sure i got the best one for every year level...

i really must do a post about primary school - friends, teachers, games we played. :)

i'll do that one day soon. :P

and thanks for the comment Seth. lol


victor said...

i've had 2 that really stand out. the first one taught me to speed read and worked with me on stuff like that, i was in a remedial reading class, i'm dyslexic. that opened a whole world, because before that reading took forever. i still have problems reading from a computer screen, because they're too wide. the other teacher was a creative writing teacher in secondary school. she was the first (and only one) that encouraged us to write outside of the box.

Jack said...

He was my sixth grade teacher, Here in the States, back when I was in school. in small town USA we had 1 teacher for all subjects each year in grade school. Most were women teachers and even thought at the time no one knew what to call it or how to deal with it, I have ADD. So even thought Mrs B. my first grade teacher taught me to read and print, I did not learn a lot from the other teachers till I was in Mr. H's sixth grade class. He had a assistant as he was also elementary principal. He took the time with me to keep my attention long enough to teach some of what I should have learned in the previous 4 grades. I still print better than I write and most of the time I print instead of writing cursive.
He was most likely the reason I actually finished school with good enough grades to graduate and get the job I now have which has been a good paying job for me.

So Yes we understand what special teachers are and how they can have a profound influence on your life.