Thursday, October 23, 2008

Like sending an email when you're drunk...

So, anyways...

Every now and again (about every couple of weeks or so) i slip into the dark little corner in the back of my head. When i'm in that corner, i forget about everything that i'm thankful for and start bitching about everything i want.

I really should be kept away from the computer at that time. ;)

But i was on last night, and i had whining on my mind, and nobody could stop me.

After my post...

- I was reminded that i have a lot of great online friends, and that a couple of decades ago i wouldn't even have had that, right?

- My best bud told me not to focus my life on searching for what i don't have, because that's how you become miserable... and then you lose what you had beforehand.

- And in the comments, JC said i need to put myself out there and do something.

- Then Doomed BC said that if i keep following this train of thought, it'll become part of my character, and that darkness might put off the 'little ray of sunshine' i'm looking for.

OMG, surprise surprise, you're all right. :)

I don't wanna become a whiny little annoying kid. That's NOT me. I want to be the happy me, the cheerful me, the hilarious me that you all know! :D *wink wink

Even if i don't have anyone that close to me in real life, i'll keep trudging on.

And maybe one day, hopefully, I can be someone else's little ray of sunshine...


AJCon89 said...

haha... I figured as much. But feel free to vent as much as you want - thats what your cyber-friends are for :)

and yes... we are always right :-P

naturgesetz said...

Glad we've got that all straightened out.

At least for now.

Lach said...

And also 2 decades ago, you weren't born.. haha

Jake Annonymous said...

Shouldnt you be at school?

mirrorboy said...

i've still got a bit of the flu and plus i slept in this morning so my mum let me stay home.

Just sorting that out. I'm not wagging :P

Jasssoonnn said...

First I wanna comment on your last blog. It's not unusual that we often feel like we want more out of life. I think we all get to the point where we want to be loved. I mean after as humans, that is what we are made for. To love.

Even if u had that friend to share your life with, eventually u would want someone like a bf to share your life with, so like with me and Taylor I can sometimes feel lonely even when we are together.

My last Friday incident stemmed from watching "Nick and Nora's Infinite Play List" with just him. Now that sucked. lol srsly. I watched a love story with him. That left me feeling lonely and venerable as well.

But friends and people that know who you are are defiantly an added value to your life and just having a close friend to share things with like comments about guys n stuff is a bonus over being alone.

Now on todays, I also have to concur with what most said. That train of thought is ok for our one in a while pitty partys, but don't let it become how u think and how u run yer life. It is so very important to be able to learn to love and enjoy what you have right now, at this very moment.

In life, right now, we are where we are supposed to be. That is just the fact of how life works. If you step it up a bit and put yourself out there somehow, but still being safe, when u get there, and have that person in your life, then u will be where u r supposed to be. But you have to have been where u r now for one reason or another.

wow.. im rambling. sorry.

I think u get my drift tho. lol

<3 Jase

Landyn said...

now thats the mboy i kno and love :)

JC said...

yes dont go down the dark trail of thoughts, for me it can a gift and curse, but most of the time is a curse, but your just bored of the same old stuff, its like having a breck down but over a hundred times. like i said i been there, and try to say away from there. but you need a turning point in your life, do somthing diffrent, which i hope you are doing and looks like you are relasing this, . for this i smile.