Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You may or may not know that my cousin is gay - I've mentioned it before.

He moved to a different city a while back. He's had a few bad experiences revolving around his sexuality and I'm pretty sure they're what caused him to leave... mainly a vengeful old cow who was determined on ruining his life... but she's another story. :)

I'm not sure how old he is but i think he's in his mid-twenties or something.

Anyway, i'm going to tell you about my first encounter of the gay kind.

I was about... 13 i guess. My cousin was leaving and my Mum bought his computer from his cos it was a pretty good one. I ended up with it because i needed something to type up my stories on.

Needless to say, he didn't get rid of all the pictures on there. They were those sort of files that the computer stores on there when you visit a webpage - temporary internet files or something. I came them when i did an image search. O_O

I had no idea he was gay, but i did now. Here i was looking at naked guys. Wow! That was so new to me. I'd never seen gay porn before.

To use the term of a friend of mine, it was like an 'instantgasm'. lol

Ironically, a couple of years later my mum found out i was gay when she saw the addresses of the websites i'd been on at the top of the page, after she got on the computer when she got home from work.

The internet - shoving people out of the closet for years. :D


JC said...

ccleaner, good program, but i gues it too late, just read your blog, i like writting creative writting too, got so many idea;s usally from dreams. but my gramer and spelling hold me back so i gone to song writting, well cya on the top moutain.

mirrorboy said...

thanks for dropping in buddy.

Don't worry about your spelling and stuff, you can always learn how to improve on them, but a creative mind? That's something you can be thankful for. :D

Good luck with your songs! :D