Sunday, October 5, 2008

UK comedy Vids. Don't you just love the Brits? :P

The British. I LOVE them.

I've never been there, although i hope to go one day. I've got a few buddies i'd like to catch up with too. :P

Back to the point, where does my love for the Brits come from? Their TV shows of course!

We get a lot of their stuff down here, maybe because we just love it so much.

Come on, who doesn't love Skins? Then there are shows like Shameless, Black Books (one of my favs), Fawlty Towers, The Mighty Boosh, Doctor Who (another of my favs), and other great ones ones... Not to mention Little Britain. :P

British TV is so cool. Seriously, Aussie's love you. :)

I picked a few clips from two shows that i love/loved. I'm dedicating these to my sweetest buddy Peter in the UK. I hope we can talk soon buddy. :)

Here are a few quickies from the old UK Sketch Show. I remember watching this show when i was still a little kid so... fond memories... They never had anything offensive, just good old humour that everyone could laugh at. Unfortunately it's long over now, but you can still Youtube it and find a few of the eps. :)

The first 3 are short, but the 4th goes for 90 seconds. Enjoy guys. :)

Secondly here's a vid from The IT Crowd called Peter File. I love Jen. :P

Hope you liked them. Leave a comment if you didn't. :P

PS. New link: Shemagh by a nice guy called Adam. He's also a Brit. :D

He sent me an e-mail asking to link, and of course i was happy to. Don't forget that i'm willing to link to pretty much anyone with a blog. :P

Make sure you check him out.

Also, it's my last day of the holidays. :'(

Tomorrow i'm heading back to school and back out to a world i'm so sick of... Time to meet back up with my friends, the friends who can't know the 'real' me.

I don't think i'll consider them real friends until they do.

Love ya everyone. :)



victor said...

yah dude, i grew up on monty python's flying circus, and fawlty towers, and mr bean, and black adder, though i haven't actually intentionally watched the telly in aeons. i couldn't watch the clips in the post becasue my browser is blocking them for some reason. i'll have to try later. oh, btw, i like your blog. i've never told anyone that before.

mirrorboy said...


Man i loved that show so much... but i'm a bit young for some of the others... :P

I hope nobody else is having problems watching the vids. :P Wow, that would be embarassing... me yapping on about a bunch of big white blank squares. :/

Thanks for the comment victor. You're a good little commenter. :D



Anonymous said...

xlHi D, no I haven't forgotten to chat. Had a few probs with the computer yesterday. Hopefully speak to you very soon.

Pete xxx

victor said...

dude, it's not your blog that is the problem. i've a browser that sanitizes things, and it wasn't happy with the javascript, or the macromedia, i'm not sure which. keep up the posts, i got it to work after a bit of tweeking.