Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Shopping Adventures Continue...

First, i've added some new blogs to my links, and also changed my layout a bit. :)

If you link to me and you're not over there with the others, please tell me so i can link back to you! :P


Shopping seems to be the only mildy entertaining thing that i do. A few of you liked my last post about it, so i thought i'd tell you about yesterday's adventure to Safeway. ;D

School finishes at 3:30. My Mum finished at 3:45 and was going to walk down to Safeway, so my Nan picked me up from school and we went home first so i could change clothes, and then we headed down to meet Mum who usually goes inside and starts shopping.

Before we left again i sneakily checked my emails (my addiction). I had to make sure my Nan didn't see what i was looking at though. She doesn't know i'm gay and i'd like to keep it that way. She has a habit of sneaking up on you, and she's also very nosy. :P

Then we got back in the car and headed up the street. I was of course, in the car alone with the small-talk champion of the world. Sometimes i don't even realise she's talking to me and i find myself just going 'uh-huh' and 'yeah' without even noticing.

Friday must be the day that teachers go shopping as well, because when we got to Safeway i saw... Golemn... grabbing a trolley (also known as a shopping cart).

I should explain. Golemn is what me and my friends call one of the science teachers at school. He's named after Golemn from Lord of the Rings, because of his head - big eyes and bald... you get the picture...

We have nicknames for almost all the teachers... but i won't go into that. :P

I went in and found Mum while Nan did her own shopping. When i did, she said that we would be having a quick shop today because she had to work at 5.

So of course, we have a certain sense of urgency, rushing down the aisles and grabbing the essentials. It's weird, that we're only in a hurry when we're looking at things i want, but she can spend a whole 5 minutes looking for the right tomato sauce or shampoo. O_O

I had to put aside my pretty-boy-watching for the while as we soon headed to the checkout. Once there, it was of course my job to go find Nan and try to get her to hurry up so we could leave.

She was over in the meat section. I can't stand the meat section. One, because i don't really like meat, and two, because the smell of BLEACH makes me want to throw up. :O===

aww crappy smiley lol

We got home and Mum got ready for work and i checked my emails. ;)

Nan's always good for takeaway so i hopped in the car and after we dropped Mum off we went and got pizza. Woot pizza. ;)

I talked to AJ and a few others on msn for a while. AJ was rubbing it in about his beautiful boyfriend Matt and his beautiful hair... ooh... hair... :D

(Yes i have a hair fetish, but only for the stuff on top of the head). ;)

That reminds me... you can always use my email to send me pics as well... hahaha :D

Anyways... if you've got any suggestions for the blog or even anything you'd like to know about me just comment or email. :)

haha well i hope that post wasn't too boring. I'll post about something different tomorrow, but that was just to let you know a bit more about my exciting life. :)



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Anonymous said...

thought id just say hi and let you know im still reading up and loving the blog.
havnt seen you on msn for ages...whats happening there?

anyway...ill talk to you msn next time, dont want to leave a long comment about nothing haha.
you know how i feel.
talk soon.
matt (your melbourne friend)

PS: i dont have a profile, thats why im 'anonymous'...ill work on that after exams.

vibesguy said...
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AJCon89 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed food

So let me get this straight about your hair fetish,, you like a guy to have a lot of hair on the head... but be bald as a baby every where else? i think i got it. :-P

and pizza rocks! best food ever.

Glad you are feeling better... makes me feel better to...

luv ya buddy,

mirrorboy said...

boys don't need to have a LOT of hair, it just needs to look good... Long fringes are good. I especially like it when one side is longer than the other. Oh, and thick is REALLY good, cos then you can run your fingers through it and they...

whoops i'd better stop here before i set myself off...


As for body hair, less is best, but that's not to say i find a bit of body hair a turn-off. :)

Some guys = hotness. ;P


steevo said...

shopping details r interesting... we learn more about u and the fam that way. gives us a context to imagine who u r and what u r like.


Seth said...

m-boy does love those emo boys too - with all the hair and the smooth bodies LOL *wink*

Why stop boy-watching at the checkout? Or don't they have cuteboys as cashiers there? I know when I go food shopping (with mom, ugh) on the way into the store, we have to check out EVERY checkout lane, and see which one has a cute cashier, for when we finish shopping.

(However, nothing against them, but I have discovered that the young-er and blond-er they are, the slow-ERR they are at scanning items!!)

But we do get some cute ones on our local mega-supermarket. Shame I can't take pictures of them (like I would ever have the nerve) but they freak out if anyone takes a picture in the store. oh well.


oh ps your poll works but i wanted to select all the options!!

Master Zman said...

Cool! Awsome blog you rock check out my blog some time:)

JC said...

good old food shopping and yes, yes, yes, i done kind of a art form of that, i an now in master level. it helps when girls are chatting to you. and everyone likes hair on the head, espically the styles, for me its a make or breack. any leave the poor science teachers alone or you have s.t.n.c.u on your back. much luv, john

mirrorboy said...

aww Seth you always make me laugh. you rock. :)


naturgesetz said...

I like to hear what's going on in your life, especially when it's not bad. Of course it's important to be able to give you some encouragement when things get rough.

Thanks for being the first to link my blog. You're the greatest. I'm hoping to post some of my story and my thoughts soon. And I hope it will be interesting for everybody, even if they sometimes disagree with me.

Cheers, mate.

victor said...

oh dude, the meat counter is my least favourite place in the supermarket. it's real creepy, like walking through an operating theatre, but where they cut off pieces and leave them out for display. especially the ones where they have the huge glass windows where you can watch them work. arrrgh. chickens are real weird too, because they are still (for the most part) intact, and you can imagine some happy chicken suddenly being sacrificed so someone can have lunch. now i can usually deal with meat if it's cooked, and if somebody else cooked it,(i grew up on a farm, you can't help it) but if it requires any cutting on or other similar preparation, then i'm out of there. and hunting is strictly out. there's no way i would be able to shoot an animal and hack it to pieces and then eat it. i'd probably starve first. so i eat out a lot, for some reason. ok, that was pleasant. sorry.

Anonymous said...

SO . . .

wtf happened with all the school angst?

i was really gettin'into all that middle school drama?!?!?!?!

still luv you, AND ur blog