Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally found some time. :P

I'm back!


I've got the computer to myself for once tonight... finally... so i can post proper.

I'll catch you up on a few things in my life... Comment on what you will...

I went shopping with My Mum and Nan after school today... Nan didn't say anything about my sexuality. I can't say i expected her to - our family never talks about anything important. :/

Still, it could have been much worse! So i'm not complaining. :)

I haven't been contacted by the woman who runs the gay youth group yet... I do still have the former gay student's number that Mrs OC gave me and told me to call about it though, so i guess i'll call him on Saturday or Sunday... (See Thursday's post if you don't remember)

I'm kind of nervous, and kind of excited haha...

The thought of seeing a real life gay person... wow... :P

School is still sucking big-time, but only 2 weeks and 6 days left and i will get a break from it all. Let's just hope i pass... O_O

I seriously need a haircut... My hair is just SO thick and it grows way too fast. When i get out of the shower i have perfect emo hair. :D

Then it gets dry and goes all wavy... :/

I would make a great emo... You all like emos don't you? :D

I'm making good progress on my story again. I think i'll make a post about it sometime on the weekend... If you're lucky, you might even get 2 posts. *dances

- To make up for my crappy posts recently. :P

- Cos i could talk about my story forever even if it bores the shit out of you. :D

My Mum and i are getting along better now. She's doing a nursing course at the moment, and is in the middle of her very important tests which she needs to pass. I guess that's why she's been a bit snappy recently.

She only has 2 days left, and if she passes, this means she can work as a nurse in a hospital.

Also, she starts working in the evenings again, which means i can use the computer for a couple of hours. :)

*Still praying for the internet in my own room...

Although at the end of the year, we will get a fair bit of money from our tax returns, and she owes me like $350 or something (don't ask me why)... so if she pays me back (although that seems unlikely because she's not very good at it), i will be able to afford it. :)

*Fingers crossed...

And i put up 3 new polls, so take a look at them and vote, and as always, comment about what you picked and why in the comment section if you want to.

I'll get back to proper posting tomorrow.

To my blog buddies...

Matt, you are truly awesome for taking care of AJ like that.

AJ, i still think you are really brave for putting yourself back out there.

Landyn, i got your email and you really made my day... actually, my week. I love you so much.

Love you and all my readers,



AJCon89 said...

M-boy in the house!


I'm glad that you got some computer time that i didnt steal... :-P Its also good that you are getting along better with your mom. I'm happy for that.

So... to the poll questions...

Q1) Skylar

Q2) Candlelit Dinners - although i am kinda upset you didnt put down "cute boys with hardons in boxers" as a choice... i would have so voted for that.

Q3) your best friend - just because I love being your friend and I wouldnt want to risk that... plus anything more is illegal... lol

Love you buddy...



Doug said...

YAY for time on the internet!

And you should totally go emo. I love emo hair. ;) I wish I had longer hair where I can style it in different ways, but I don't.. and am too impatient to actually grow it out.. :(

And I'd LOVE to read more about your stories! Doesn't bore at all! So post away!

1) Looks like everyone is picking Skylar. I just love that name

2) Tight undies! But probably cuz I'm a little horned up right now...

3) Talk to you! From your blog, I can tell you're such an interesting person and would love to get to talk to you. MSG me thru MSN sometime at

Anonymous said...

Isnt your mom acceptable for the argument"all kids in my school have internet in their rooms,we need it for homework"?. Christmas is coming...Tell us about your thoughts in general and try to visit my pictue/video blog(no sex or anything inappropriate).Looking out to yer nxt post.Greetings from the Netherlands Europe.

Brass Matt said...

Hi AJ!


You should call that woman again and that guy. They could be a big help for you. Just do it. Call him and call her again.

Dont get the hair cut. Long hair is very sexy. I am having AJ grow his out a bit, lol. And you are too happy to be an emo. Sorry.

Now the polls: (speaking of polls, I gave AJ's a nice work out last night, lol)

1) I gotta agree with everyone. Skyar is a sexy name.

2) Tight Undies FTW! Nothing like seeing a hot guys bulge popping out and the tight fir of the undies on his ass. Yummy. I may have to buy AJ some tight undies to walk around in - his ass would look amazing in them.

3) I had to go with party with you. You seem like a cool guy who would be fun to hang out with. If you were a bit older and I didn't have AJ, I would probably say be your boyfriend.

Now we demand that second post today!


JC said...


it could be long, but then that be a essay, so,,,

i just say, dont go emo

Seth said...

Yay welcome back!!! I was just wondering why so silent from Down Under. :)

meet the gay guy LOL - in a coffee shop or something

w00t. emo boys. someone said you're too happy to be emo - true - but you can still LOOK like one and be cute :)

good luck to your Mom I hope she gets it - sounds like it will be a better position for her?



Seth said...


1) Skylar. The others sound like: Nintendo Character. Anti-Virus. Dog. Yuppie. Instant Messenger Program.

2) Tight underwear. W00t. Or maybe teddy bears.... ;)
I think all the others came after sliced white bread anyway. Duct tape? *raised eyebrows*

3)Adopt you. Maybe after I get a job LOL. :-)


Anonymous said...

What would you say to an open invitation to lean back on a hard chest and let yourself get absorbed into the phantastic experience of having your hair combed by the fingers of another who intimately understands the humanistic benefits of that action with another hottie who fits the profile?


mirrorboy said...

mmm... hair combing... bring it on haha :P

.//Kyros said...

1. thx for the correction onthe french^^

2. ok, i will make the font bigger

3. let us link!^^
Q1, lynx really iis the cutest name in the world!^
Q2, cute boys with ameras... i just luv em
Q3, ur best friend because i readd ur stuff and ur just really someone i can relate to ( and its legal!XD)
talk to me later, peace

Landyn said...


Poll A - Skyler

Poll B - condoms. wait, not an option...? ummm....I like swearing sometimes...and bread...and cameras. I think I'll go with boys with cameras because I am one like all the time haha

Poll C - Can I choose all of them except hire you and slap you? (although......)

haha love u man. Not i gotta read ur post about ur story
*cracks open energy drink*

I'm excited :)
-Landyn <3

ps: my word verification is "rests"...something I need so bad haha wtf thats ironic

Mr. HCI said...

1) Asher, definitely. I think of Skylar as a girl name. In fact, I have a remarkably horrible painting by a girl named Skylar. Maybe I'll post about it on my blog at some point (it has bizarre gay undertones).

2) tight undies . . . don't get the appeal of boxers at all, to look at or to wear (I can't stand things flopping around down there)

3) Adopt you . . . any other option would be very inappropriate, not to mention creepy, considering the difference in age. Besides, you seem like a sweet kid and we don't have any children and starting with a 15yo would be easier than starting with a baby 'cause then we wouldn't be geriatrics with a kid in high school.