Sunday, November 9, 2008

I almost forgot a title.

My Tiger. The most photogenic cat in the world.

The new poll is up so make sure you vote on it. The red is supposed to encourage you to do so. :P

I posted about sex basically. It seemed the obvious choice after yesterday's post... I hope you don't all say sex doesn't matter just to make me happy. Surely it MUST matter to SOME of you.

I'm expecting at least a few votes towards the top... Don't be shy now. :P

Well, that's it for tonight. My mum wants the PC... *sighs...

I must get the internet in my room, but i need money first... and that, i don't have. :(

I'll post proper tomorrow.

See ya, love,


///You can use this space to spill on what you voted for and why. :)///


AJCon89 said...

i gotta vote:
"It's not the most important thing but it's still a necessary part."
because at least for me right now, love and affection is #1.... and then its probably how well we get along non-romantically and non-sexually...

so sex probably comes in at #3

not the most important thing... but something i want in my relationship.

So there is still hope for you and me... :-P


Landyn said...

I agree with AJ on this one. Necessary part, but not like "OMG OMG gotta have it EVERY SECOND!"

I'm freakin hyper all of the sudden. A depressed teenager who's bouncing off the walls. Ironic?

Take care and catch ya soon. Stupid time zone differences. Ill just have to move to aussie then I guess :P

Love u so much man,
Landyn <3

Mr. HCI said...

Three for not-the-most-important-but-necessary.

A huge part of a successful romantic relationship is intimacy. Not all types of intimacy are sexual, however. I love (and need) the little things like lying on the sofa together watching TV, kissing, holding hands, hugging, snuggling together in bed, etc.

Sexual intimacy, on the other hand, is much deeper (mentally and physically). People have varying levels of need/desire for sexual intimacy. Some couples go at it like bunnies, some maybe once or twice a week, some once or twice a month, some even less frequently.

In both sexual and non-sexual intimacy, the important thing is a couple is happy. Some compromises may have to be made, of course. You might find a boyfriend that doesn't want to hug and kiss very much but will be willing to try for your sake. Conversely, you might have to compromise and try to be more sexual for his sake.

Keep this in mind: so far, your only partners have been your hand and your teddy bear (ha!). Sex with an actual, live human being is rather a bit different. Just because porn doesn't turn you on all that much and it takes you a long time to reach an orgasm when flying solo doesn't mean that you won't find actual sex enjoyable.

Now the part you might like: at 15, I think you're too young to be engaging in sexual activity, anyway. I would recommend any kid your age (gay, straight or in between) stick to non-sexual intimacy until you are a bit older.

Seth said...

argh. as usual, I don't fit into any one of the button choices. *grumble* not your fault, m-boy, just I'm always a strange one.

I don't like plain old sex, except for my *unmentioned* fetish type things LOL, and of course "wanking" -( i love that word ).

So, there really isn't an option there for like "i don't need sex except with my left hand" or something like "I like things other than just vanilla sex" or "i rather cuddle with a cute boy with cute hair and tight underwear" or even "ask teddy..." j/k


So I'm wavering between choosing one of the bottom 3, because I guess my personal odd-ness falls somewhere in there.

PS: Looks like no one has (yet) admitted they are total sex-fiends or nymphos and chosen the OMG option.

Seth said...

PS: I PROMISE PROMISE to stop mentioning your "plushism" fetish.


Planetx_123 said...

I dont think anyone has chosen the top three, because those people are probably spending more time at clubs randomly hooking up with hot guys...rather than reading blogs online :-)

I am probably bitter because I am not one of those guys, but I think that the people in the top three, are probably less intimate and less caring, because they seem more narcissistic and selfish. So they probably would care less about others, especially those that you must spend time reading to get to know... wow I sound almost vicious- I don't think Im typically that judgmental (even though they are).

So our sample is probably skewed mboy! I put #5, but its somewhere between #4 and #5 for me.

Ooh- pretty kitty by the way! I don't even like cats and I like yours. I like big obnoxious dogs :-p


WP said...

Just found your blog which is really interesting, i voted for #5: Sex is a small part. Affection is more important.

My logic is that if theres no affection, sex wouldn't have as deep a meaning as it should have. Besides there are other things to do beside have sex all the time.

naturgesetz said...

What a handsome cat! Anytime you want to tell us about his exploits, adventures, endearing habits, unique qualities, or anything else about him, I'm all ears.

Meanwhile, thanks for the pic.

I answered "I choose not." I say a bit about it on the front page of my blog and in my post titled "Image and Likeness of God." Eventually I hope to post more. Meanwhile the "City of God" and "Adventures of a Christian Collegian" links can give you some insight into how I approach the question. Basically, it's a moral question for me, and celibacy is the answer which I think is correct.

Zee said...

I voted that sex is not important to me at all. I recently posted this on my blog but I will repeat it here. I am a Muslim so anal sex is considered sin even for husband and wife. There is no way you can get around that. So in that sense I totally refuse to ever have anal sex.

Generally speaking most Muslim would see any sexual contact between two men as sin. Some more liberal scholars might suggest that God was condemning rape and general indecency in the city of Sodom (I have heard some gay imam's make that claim).

To conclude, I won't engage in any sexual activity until I am in a fully committed relationship and in a legally recognized union. Now that may never happen but oh well. Any guy not willing to let me have my beliefs is not worth dating.

For the sake of full disclosure, I should state that I have never been in a relationship before.

David said...

my bf's cat looks just like yours!! :D