Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is about one of the most important things in my life.

One of the most important things in my life is my story - the one that i've been referring to a lot. Its name is 'Universes'.

It's around 172,000 words at the moment, but growing each day...

You all know how much writing means to me, and when i'm actually 'writing' stories, i put everything i have into getting it right. I draw on every bit of skill, creativity and knowledge that i have to create the best tale i can.

Every aspect of me goes into my story - from distant memories, to what i love, to my fears and dreams, and from my happy places to the darkest recesses of my mind...

I created everything from zilch. My story is part of me in a way you wouldn't believe.

My characters live within me, just as i live within each of my characters.

My worlds are created from my dreams.

The homes are where i long to live.

Their relationships are my fantasies.

The dark creatures are my nightmares.

The magic is everywhere.

My story is my everything.

And not only is it my passion, but my therapy. It keeps me sane and collected. It gives me focus. It gives me some meaning in this bland life.

At times, it can be my torturer...

Like right now. I STRUGGLE to find the RIGHT words!! I want to smash the bloody keyboard into the white page staring back at me under the full stop!

It hurts, but i always (eventually) find a way.

And it is SO worth it, when you get a shiver down your back, or laugh out loud, or bring a tear to your own eye.

That is the life of a writer.

At this moment, you don't actually know what is happening in the story... but if you want to find out, you have to vote for it!

...I'm sure i'll end up putting it in anyway though. :P

In the poll, it's pretty clear that you want to know more about 'me', but it's funny that coming 2nd is 'more about boys' and that has nothing to do with me really...

Speaking of voting, woot for Obama!

Here's a pic of Yoshi. Big woot for Yoshi!! <3


AJCon89 said...

hey buddy...

I would love to hear more about your story... even help you proof-read it if you need help.

I hear you on the writers block thing... i get that often when i am trying to compose. Just some nights i feel uninspired and just cant write anything...

Hope you get past this latest spell. I cant wait for your story. I better get a thank you on the inside cover... haha

Luv ya buddy



JC said...

yes writting is a marvous tool, and an excellent skill, an also very powerfull one, as writting is what drives the media, which in turns drives the public, which sets the opions and morals of people. writting can also be fun and as you said therpahy( thoe u spell it betrer).

i write to make sense of the thoughts of the back of the mind, to put things into prosetcive and to have fun, while if i couldnt write i think i would go mad.

Doug said...

like AJ, I'm eager to read some of your story. I have no doubt that you put every ounce of yourself into it, which is why I'm interested to read it.

Hope you consider posting excerpts some time on your blog.

wOOt for Obama!

joshposh said...

Don't blame me, I voted for the story xD

Ah, my boyfriend calls me Yoshi all the time ><

naturgesetz said...

Well, since you didn't include an option of voting for the cat, ;) my vote was for more about you. :)

But since the story has so much of you in it, that's of interest, too.

Especially when you've got nothing new happening in your exterior life to tell us about, you can give us glimpses of your interior life.

P.S. Tell us about the cat.

Anonymous said...

How did Milkboys get a picture of you and Teddy?

childOFpurity said...

its unfortunate tht u have writers block atm
I get tht alot to, *sigh* I look foreward to checking
out ur creative writing

Take care
(/we can't always be 100% pure\)

Planetx_123 said...

I also voted for the story... but being that I have no talent for writing (and little for fiction reading) my opinion will be worth zilch.

But I can offer lots of moral support!


Aek said...

Almost couldn't read the pink text . . .

Anyway, I <3 Yoshi. People get pissed when I play as Yoshi, cuz I never know what I'm doing yet I do just enough to not get killed instantly, and enough to annoy people. XD