Monday, November 3, 2008

Milestone, and miles above the clouds...

So a week ago i celebrated 20,000, now it's time for the 30,000 views milestone celebration! woot! :P

Although i don't have the computer for long tonight so i can't go and find any cool stuff to celebrate with...

Still, the way the poll is going, it looks like you all want to know some more personal stuff about me, like what goes on inside my head, so that will be our celebration for tonight. :)

As all my friends know, being RANDOM is what i excel at... :P

So here are some random (and personal) facts about me...

- My next-door neighbour looks like Drew Carey.

- I have a thing for Rafael Nadal, and i love tennis. :)

- I think my first crush was for an Asian boy i knew in Primary School.

- I have a teddy-bear who i pretended was a boy when i was younger (just like an imaginary friend)...

(also how i discovered masturbation) :D

- I have a Nintendo Wii, and i kick everyone's asses on it. :P

(just a little geeky lol)

- I got done for truancy at school. :(

(Bad m-boy!) i know... but i've gotten past that now. :)


- Lately i think i'm obsessed with angel-boys - even boys dressed as angels. Thinking of that toga-like thingy draped over their body revealing random spots of skin... oh, and wings! How awesome would that be...

We all fantasize... :D

- I'm an early-riser.

- It's easier to write when i'm tired... (isn't that weird)

- I cry really easily when i watch movies or TV (especially when bad things happen to the cute ones) ;)

- My favourite drink is Schweppes Lemonade. I can almost fall over in pleasure when i take a sip... (well, maybe that's a little exaggeration) :P

- I have bad circulation. My hands and feet get cold really easily and even in normal weather i get really cold and start shaking.

(All the more reason to find a boy i can cuddle, aye? Make me an offer.) :P

- I am a 'cat person'.

- No, i don't like meat, but i still eat it... One day i might be a vegetarian though... I'm not sure.

- My single biggest wish is to have a boyfriend i can share love with, but so far i've seen absolutely no sign of any decent ones in my life... That's kind of depressing... I get sad if i think about it too much. But i'm not depressed, so don't start with all that 'be patient - it'll happen' sort of stuff again! :P

Umm... that's it for now, but i've got more. If you want more just keep voting the way you are, because i've got something big on my mind i might spill, if you want me to. :)

Otherwise, you can keep voting for the other stuff. :)

I'm heading back to my room now, to work on my story, watch TV, and dream of angel-boys with wings in skimpy white outfits... :)

G'night, love,


(Feel better soon Landyn)
big love to you <3<3<3


jhorner said...

Wish I had as many hits as u ;)

Anonymous said...

great to hear from you again!
im sure everyones dying to hear what this big thing you wanna get off your chest is...your such a tease.
some interesting facts there, slowly getting to know the faceless boy haha.
talk soon.

Col said...

Congratulations on your viewing figure, that's great!!

Some interesting facts too, I'm like you with the crying thing but with books too lol.

Like anon says, we all want to hear about this "big thing" on your mind.

Finally the poll...

Although I want to hear about the personal stuff I would love to read about your stories too.
If you don't post anything maybe you could email some stuff???

Sweet dreams,

AJCon89 said...

dude.... you learned how to masturbate from a teddy bear?

We cant just let that one slip on by... next thing we know you are going to have a plushie fetish.... :-P

And even the angels with the wings... haha...

On and dont worry... you will get over it and it will happen in the right time... I know you will grow to love mean :-P

oh and I gotta jump on board with the shoutout to landyn... feel better buddy


Doug said...

Wow that's a huge number! So you got 10,000 in one week? that's amazing! How do I get that many hits?! lol.

Yeah teddy bear? You're going to have to elaborate. lol

Thanks for sharing your random facts! Maybe I'll do the same on my blog some time. Sounds like fun.

Seth said...

You scare us with the teddy bear LOL j/k

Congrats on the count, and all ~without~ posting pictures of cuteboys I feel jealous

ps did you see my angel-boy on the halloween post? i'll see what else i can find ;-)

glad to see you are in a better mood too!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing that. I totally *heart* Rafael Nadal! And I write better when I'm tired too. I think it's because my brain is too tired to judge my writing, so I manage to "get it out" before my brain tells me not to because it's too stupid.


naturgesetz said...

cat person?

me too

I've been meaning to ask for more about the kitty in your photo.

So never mind telling us about yourself. I'm changing my vote. I want to hear about your cat.

Landyn said...

thanks so much buddy <3 love you too. im feeling slightly better, so thanks :)


Landyn <3

Planetx_123 said...

So what is on your mind that you want to spill? Curiosity and mystery always make for good cliff hangers and plot twists >:-)

...teddy bear... single chuckle


Anonymous said...

Teddy Bears? Oh my! Thats disgusting! I would never!... well,... was it the furry, soft... i would never!... like brown and black with a cute face and all snuggly?... thats sick!.... I wonder if i still have mine...:)

Love ::hug:: Tristan

childOFpurity said...

*giggles* cutee blogg today is a less morbid me btw I added yu 2 msn so look 4 tht long ass' name,
purity always tainted by our sins