Saturday, November 22, 2008

My first 'real' post about my story. :)

(LONG POST. BE WARNED) I've made it as easy as possible but it requires a bit of commitment to read. haha :P

So i've talked about my story quite a bit in the past - about some of the characters, issues i've had with it, why it's so important, and the like...

Well, for once, you're actually going to hear what it is about. :)

Bear in mind, before i start rambling, that i have poured my heart, soul and spare time into this story for over a year and a half now. I have pressed well over a million keys on keyboards (perhaps backspace more than any others as i try to get it right) and jotted down hundreds of notes on hands, scraps of paper and in notepads.

I've gone to sleep dreaming about it... and daydreamed about it during the day.

When i hear a good instrumental song, i start to imagine particular scenes in my head...

Sometimes i see people and go 'ooh wow. They look so much like how i imagine my character...' :P

When i watch movies with cool action scenes i think 'whoa... that's awesome. I've gotta put that in my story somewhere!"

It's almost impossible for anyone but me, to understand how much this story means to me.

It is a part of my soul now. And my soul is a part of it.

If you have the patience to read this all, you get a special prize from me! :D:D:D

This is the basic plot. Don't worry if you get confused. It is quite complicated. Remember that if you were reading it, these things would be revealed one at a time.

First of all, you have to understand that there is more than one universe. That is why the story is called 'Universes'.

What we call Earth, is known to everyone else as the Light World. We are Lightians, descendants of the Light Spirit. The Spirits created the worlds and universes, and 'humans' were born from their power.

Cross to another universe, and you meet the Powerians (descendants of the Power Spirit). Then we also have Heatians, Waterians, Speedians, Stonians, Airians, Healthians, Sightians, Thoughtians, Soundians, Shadowians and Deathians, each living in their own worlds. There is also a Beast World that contains animals.

Each race has a unique power. Heatians have firepowers, Waterians have waterpowers etc... and they get their strength from their race's 'Orb' which is housed in their world.

Now, the big problem is the Deathians.

Since the beginning, it was their job (and power) to remove souls from bodies and send them on their way to the afterlife...

But one day they discovered something awful - that if instead of sending the soul onto the afterlife, they absorbed it into their bodies, they got the power of the deceased.

And since then, the Deathians have been on a quest for power and conquest.

If they can steal a race's Orb, and take it back to the Death World and place it next to the Death Orb, every Deathian gets that race's power. :O

So, if the Deathians captured the Heat Orb, they would rob the Heatians of their fire powers. Heatians would be severely weakened and permanently fatigued until they get their Orb back to the Heat World. The Deathians would have fire powers and be even stronger than before, thus, being another step closer to wiping out everyone else.

So every other race formed an alliance against the Deathians (except for the Light World (Earth), because us Lightians are way too stupid and concerned with fighting and killing our own people to be involved). :/

Access to our world was cut off, so we were left out of this war... except for a select few.

The alliance has fought for thousands of years against the Deathians.

Unfortunately, Soundians had their Orb taken, so they are now too weak to keep fighting. Also, the entire Shadowian race (perhaps the most beautiful of them all) was wiped out and their Orb was also stolen. The Beasts Orb was also taken by Deathians.

One more race also falls recently, in an event that takes place in my story... due to the betrayal of one of my characters.

One more thing - because they Shadowians had such an individual look, and the Deathians took their powers and everything, the Deathians took on the beauty of Shadowians in a twisted way, and started to resemble them...

Does that make sense? Anyway, since the fall of the Shadowians, Deathians were called shadows... because... well...

because Deathians sounds too corny! And shadows sound much creepier! I just needed an excuse to call them shadows!

There is a difference between Shadowians and shadows...

Shadowians - good.
Shadows - bad... and formerly know as Deathians. :)

Also, the alliance fights in teams, and combinations of teams, rather than in armies, so that people are always with their friends when they're fighting.

Phew... Now that's the background to my story...

That's what it's all about - the struggle against the Deathians (now shadows), who grow stronger every day, while the allies grow weaker.

The alliance must fight back against the shadows, who aim to wipe them out.

Keep reading if you want to find out about my characters and plot...

The story starts with Jack - a Lightian, waking to find his father being murdered by a Deathian/shadow in his own home in the middle of the night.

With an intense throbbing silence in the air (the stolen Sound Power), his ears bleed, and he falls to his knees behind the door with his hands on his head, unable to move, and watches his father's soul be taken.

The shadow leaves, and Jack gets up and stumbles over to his father's remains, which are now just a pile of ash.

Suddenly, there is a flash of purple light, and Jack runs back to hide behind the door.

Three people appear...

Marc - a Powerian, Sydney - a Heatian, and Dorph - a Healthian. They are part of a team, that used to include Jack's father.

After the realisation that they are too late to save him, Marc, the leader of the team, tells them that they have to find his son, Jack.

So they look for him, and (eventually) find him. Jack is told he has to go with Marc and his team-mates, or face a life alone and confused, and possibly in danger.

So, of course, Jack goes with them, and is given his father's sword.

(Yes, they fight with swords and magic and stuff. No guns... cos they're too hard to write about basically. No gun battle can match hand-to-hand combat. :P)

They warp back to the Power World, which is the main base of the alliance. It's where the teams rest, between missions when they warp out to the other worlds to fight or defend.

Marc's team is always on-call. Every morning, the team leaders meet up and are given their orders which they later carry out with their team-mates.

Jack is slowly introduced to the other team-mates - Neo the Waterian, Klax the Stonian, Xeros the Speedian, Zhetty the Thoughtian, and Coltrane who's another Powerian.

They work together, doing missions for the alliance.

But now i introduce my main character, Coltrane - a writers dream.

He is the central character in this whole story, and most of what happens involves him, or happens because of what he did.

He looks kind of emo, with thick black hair and dark eyes. He rarely talks, and shows little emotion, except to his best friend Marc, who he grew up with after his parents were murdered.

Yes, he's in love with Marc, a guy he can't have. (A problem that many of us face, isn't it?)

But not only do i adore Coltrane because he's a great character (and a gay one!)... I adore him because Coltrane is a traitor.

On his 16th birthday, he learned that his mother had been working for the shadows, promised that if she helped them, she would survive when the shadows took over...

However, when she fell in love and gave birth to a son, she quit that life and tried to leave.

On Coltrane's 2nd birthday, while he was with his parents who were going for a walk, his parents were attacked. His mother fled with her son in her arms, but she was mortally wounded, and as she got to safety, she fell to the ground with nothing left...

This was all revealed to Coltrane in a note from his mother...

Coltrane wanted to do it right. Rather than take it as a lesson, he decided to offer himself to the shadows as well, and ask for his survival in return.

That was years ago. Now, Coltrane has been working for the shadows for a long time, doing things for them that only someone on the inside could do.

In my story, his various joyful adventures include:

- Murdering the guardians of the Thoughts Orb and giving it to the shadows.

- Releasing a shadow from prison while his team-mates are outside guarding him.

- Working with a shadow general to grant access to the Health World to the shadows.

- And killing more than one of his team-mates to prove his loyalty... o.O

But is Coltrane really evil? Or did he just make a decision when he was younger that he lived to regret, and which he wants to turn away from, but is too afraid of dying to do so...

What he has done catches up with him eventually.

There is hope for him, in the form of Klax the Stonian.

Klax believes in him, and understands all he has done.

And Klax loves Coltrane...

As well as the characters in Marc's team, we also have Syrene, the Airian team-leader, who's older than Marc, but falls deeply in love with him... even though all those she was close to died a long time ago, and she had fallen into depression.

Slexo, the Speedian Prince, who's been fighting for so long in enemy territory, and hides his true identity.

Zamny, the hyperactive stepbrother of the 2 Healthian generals, who a member of the team is told to look after.

And we also meet the Shadow King and his general Vicious, who Coltrane works with on many occasions.

And many more characters with recurring roles.

Oceavan, a Waterian celebrity.

Selsy, a love interest for Neo.

Alphaz, Dorph's brother, and Malo, Neo's brother.

And many more... :)

And... urgh... that's all i want to write for now, but i could say so much more...

If you have any questions, send me an email or leave a comment anytime. As you can probably tell, i'm more than happy to talk about it. :P

Anyways, that's probably the most important thing in my life right now, so don't blame me for carrying on. I can't help it!

Hopefully, you've gained a much bigger insight into my life now though... (if you actually read the post).




Poisoned Happiness said...

Wow. That's really masterpiece of work you had done already. I like the idea you created and space you put action in. I love fantasy, those are like the only books I'm reading for years.
When I was reading your post I had a feeling that you might be familiar with David's Eddings 'The Dreamers' serie. Not that you copied anything but the idea of creating world and story is quite familiar.
So far your story have everything - the plot, the characters, the mystery. You should give us a sample of your writing. One thing is create a world other is storytelling. If you are as great storyteller as a world creator then it may really be something worth reading.
Oh, maybe in some of your posts you will share what books and writers you like and why?

AJCon89 said...

too long???? are you kidding me?

I wanna know more buddy...

Your story sounds great, the characters a sound to have some depth to them (at least some of the main ones you described) and the plot is interesting and has many layers to it.

I cant wait to read it... I'm serious.

Its very cool that you have found something that you love and are good at. Its the same thing for me and Matt with music. It just makes me so happy everytime I get involved with playing or practicing... I hope writing is the same way for you.

I have always found that practicing my instruments is a great thing for me to do when I get depressed or angry... I just go into my own zone and everything else just magically disappears. I bet its the same way with you and writing... or i hope it is.

Keep it up and you can be sure that you will have at least one reader.


Col said...

It sounds wonderful, but it's only an appertizer...I want more!!
Could you possibly give some info on the clothing for each race (maybe some sketches), you know, like do the Lightians dress like Arthurian times? Do Deathians/shadows dress in black leather (Mmmmm...only joking), Shadowians in long, flowing, bright coloured robes?

Also, what about features/characteristics?
Deathians/shadows: ugly/deformed?
Shadowians: Classic features/long blonde hair/ethereal?

These things will help me if/when you post about 'Universes' in the future.

I can't wait to hear more and I understand why it's so important to you.

Brilliant work!!!

Best of luck,

naturgesetz said...

Quite the tour de force.

I'm no literary critic, but it sounds to me as if you've got quite a talent.

Vlad F said...

sounds good. REALLY GOOD.
weird thing, taht yesterday i wrote an entry with nearly the same content...( ) that's strange.
even though our stories are really different, still:)
good ideas you have!

Vlad F said...

p.s. - sorry to bother you again, but i liked your story so much i drew a couple of pics: and
hope they're all right :P

mirrorboy said...

I checked them out Vlad.

They is massive awesomeness. :)

Anonymous said...

the "-ians" becomes tedious try greek or latin bases

sounds better - deathians:thanatans
waterians:aquans, lightians:lucians etc

Stu said...

Wow - this is impressive!
Can't wait 'til we can see the final product.

Question: Will this be one novel? Or a series?

mirrorboy said...

One book... possibly two. I'll decide when i finish it because i'm not sure how much longer it will go for.

Seth said...

wow this one will take some serious reading so i'm going to wait until tomorrow when I can focus clearly (instead of 3am) LOL


Doug said...

Mirrorboy! I love it! It sounds so interesting and is totally the type of novel that I would read!

It's so great that you can be so creative in your writing! I love the idea of Coltrane and his struggles to do the right thing. I can tell it makes for very interesting material!

I really can't wait until you finish it so that we can all read it! And maybe we have a publisher out here in the blog world that will publish your book too! ;)

Keep up the good work and let us know more about it soon!

exalen said...

Hey Mirrorboy, that's a huge story you got on your hands there! It's awesome that you created an entire universe (or multiverse, actually) and populated it with some pretty interesting creatures. A great platform to tell stores from.

You also have a great cast of characters that reads like a mythology - you know, like the entire line up of the Greek Gods each with their own back story.

I know that you've put a lot of work into the story so far and I think you should keep going and get it all out on paper. That's usually the hardest part - so just keep going. Don't try and make every sentence perfect. Just go with the flow as you write. You can always fix up anything that's off in the next draft.

Like everyone else here I'd like to see how it all turns out.

Just interested in if you've done any creative writing classes, or read up on how other authors write. Everyone has their own style, but you might learn some neat tricks and tips.

Writing is lonely work, but the reward of getting your story out is worth all the sleepless nights and frustration.

Now to take my own advice! :-)

PS: The lead character in my story is named Jack! haha!

Mr. HCI said...

Looks like you've got a lot of folks very interested already!

One question: Does Coltrane play saxophone or piano & harp?

Lach said...

I'll market it for you..


Aek said...

Wow, this WAS a long post. Sounds like a fascinating story. Just one, um, critique? Are you really going to call the people "Heatians" and such? If you could choose a more interesting/unique name for the different races, it might make it seem more . . . realistic? I dunno, lol.

In any case, I would love to read your story. Eventually. :D

James said...