Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekend. Let's relax while we can.

Oh my God. I am so exhausted. The weekend could not come early enough.

Thank God for weekends. :)

No thanks for all the homework i gotta do during this one though. :(

Anyway, i'm at home now, so i'll stop thinking about school for now.

Before i forget, good wishes to my buddies AJ and Landyn. Life is hard. I hope we all feel better soon. :)

A while back i promised more about my story, so here we go... again. :P

I've been getting a lot done on my story recently, so it seems like i've gotten past my writer's block... again. I've written a few thousand words in the past couple of days, and considering the scene i'm up to, that's pretty damn good.

Things are so much easier when you have great characters to work with. Unfortunately, that's one of the biggest problems i've had recently. With my main character in prison, i've had to put more work in with making my other ones have more interesting storylines.

That's hard work.

I introduced a couple of other characters to help put a jolt back into things though.

One character who i introduced in this chapter, is Zamny. I wrote a background for him before he even appeared in my book. I like to do that because by the time you put them in, you already know who they are and how they act and stuff.

He's an exciting addition.

Zamny's a hyperactive eight-year-old boy who lives in the Health World capital city. He's the son of the former Queen of the Health World, and the step-brother of the 2 Healthian generals who were already characters.

He has really strong fire powers and could take down a strong foe, but his brothers don't want him to fight because he's too young...

He's a fast runner though, and they can never stop him.

Characters like that, although they're complex, make writing easier.

My main character, Coltrane, is the most disturbed of them all, but he is such a joy to work with.

You'd think that it would be the other way around - that the characters you have typecast as a certain sort, would be easier to write for... and in some ways that is true, but they're not as exciting and unpredictable as the ones you wonder about.

Excitement and unpredictability are the 2 staples of a good story.

I think a good story needs a mix of both unpredictable characters, and the ones that you can rely on. I like to think that i've found that balance.

I have my former team-leader Marc, who's protective of his group and takes charge when things get hard. I have gutsy fire girl Sydney, who would take on the world for her friends. I have my softie healer Dorph, who tries his best, but feels he never lives up to everyone else. I have my joker Neo, who teases and pisses off people who are weaker than him, like Dorph, but would defend them with all he had. I have super-fast Xeros who only wants to be useful and helpful but sometimes fades into the background.

Then i have Klax, who adores my main character Coltrane, but feels like he won't have his feelings returned.

And then Coltrane... an author's dream. I won't get into him here though...

One day we'll see if it pays off huh?


AJCon89 said...

I know it will pay off for you buddy. They sound like interesting characters.

So when do I get to start helping you proofread it? I could be your e-editor :-P

Lach said...

haha. I had dibs on his story first.


Doug said...

All your characters sound very interesting! I love it all. Can't wait to hear more.

naturgesetz said...

It's amazing to me that you can compose all this in your mind.

You're very talented. (And you didn't need me to tell you that.)

Planetx_123 said...

Is anyone else twittering? I got it just recently after lots of peer pressure and I'm kind of liking it... but it only really works if you update it a couple times a day.


Anonymous said...

sounds like an awesome story dude! get it published and make squillions XD like the guy who wrote the Eragon series (i LOVE those books! - just finished reading Brisingr :D) his name's christopher paolini. Anyway, hope you weather through this storm in your life... i got exams in a couple of days and im soo not ready for em :S stressful times ey :(

victor said...

quite the cast of characters there, it sounds like. so does this mean you've gotten through the battle then? sounds like it's to be an interesting story. hope to see it someday. btw, i've found that writing is a great stress reliever, at least for me. my most creative times are when i'm frustrated all to hell, or viciously pissed off. sometimes i have to trash the stories, but i feel better at the end. most of the stuff i write is autobiographical, but it reads like fiction, nobody believes it's true. i have a very wacked life. you couldn't make up some of the stuff. ok, not trying to post a novel here. see ya.

Brass Matt said...


I'm Matt, AJ's boyfriend. Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself.

AJ made me link to your blog and then read the entire thing. Its really good and I already feel like I know you.

I cant wait to talk to you on MSN.


JC said...

do you know when reading blogs it triggers memoeries, which then triggers emtionals. i like reading your blog, as at time it reminds me of my past, and how glad i am that it is gone, it is the reason why i am linking you. but sometimes you gotta try not to aruge, and if you stay next to her all day you of course gonna argue, it called frication.

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