Friday, November 7, 2008

Bah. Too much to do.

This is just a quickie post. :)

I'm gonna go back to my room soon and try to get some more done on my story. I'm in the midst of a big battle for an outpost, and the thing i'm most concerned with is making it interesting. There are only so many times you can have a battle before you start having the problem of deja-vu, it would seem...

I'm taking it paragraph by paragraph, just trying to push out the words, each one trying to be new and interesting.

The big problem is that I'm a complete perfectionist. Every single word has to be right before i can move on, and every little detail has to flow and make sense.

Oh my God, it's torture sometimes... :P

The poll is nearly over, so i'm looking for suggestions for the next one. Leave your ideas in the comments. :)

Should i have a particular theme or question, or another one similar to my current one?

Anyway, results tomorrow, and i'll post about 'me' (the winner) and something quite personal. It'll be interesting to see how many votes the others get though...



AJCon89 said...

you already told us you fucked a teddy bear... you mean there is still more?

oh dear lord!

I know exactly what you are saying with the writing. Its the same way when I compose or arrange something.

I always have to have the note and the harmonies exactly right before I can move on - I can never come back and just fix it later. And it is always a struggle to write something new and interesting...

Best of luck with the book. and as I have said... I would love to read it when you are ready.


Planetx_123 said...

I'd like to hear about what it's like in Australia. This is one of those places on my list that I have an idealized view that "normal" people live there. Is the society fairly liberal or conservative? I know that you said your city is small- what about others? I really love hearing about others cultures and how they differ. Growing up in southern America (and hating every second of it) makes it easy for me to forget there is a whole world with (hopefully) much different viewpoint...

Much Love,

naturgesetz said...

I write very slowly (when I write) for the same reason. Every word has to be right. And if there's time, I'll keep revising, which usually means adding stuff. My writing, though, is not fiction; it's letters, reports, and that sort of thing.

For your next poll, idk. Basically, why not ask something about us, the readers? Is there something that you'd like to know? Where we live? Age? Eye colo(u)r? Religion? Opinion of Britney Spears? You get the idea: ask us about ourselves. You may be able to get more than one poll out of it.

Looking forward to reading more about you tomorrow, and, hopefully from time to time after that.

And don't forget to tell us about the cat.