Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random stuff about me... again.

I have neither the time nor the mind to construct a proper post at the moment - my mum is bugging me for the computer, again... O_O

So here is a bit of random stuff that you may or may not already know about me. Feel free to comment on what you will.

1. I love emos. Mmm... hair...

1 1/2. Hair can definitely make or break a boy.

2. I have a fear of emus... and spiders, and heights, and blood, and needles...

3. Let's get geeky here. I don't do that very often... do i? :P

I have a Nintendo Wii. My favourite games of all time are the Paper Mario series. On Super Smash Bros my favourite characters are Yoshi, Pit, and Zero Suit Samus.

4. We have to wear uniforms to school. Mmm... grey and white... how very appealing...

And... sorry for that sucky post, but i've run out of time. I promise i will post something decent next time... I just wish i had the internet in my room because for the last few days i've barely had the internet at all, and when i do finally get it, my Mum is always out here, so i have to be careful what sites i look at, cos if 'pics' come up, then i'm OBVIOUSLY on porn... So it's better just to avoid them...

Of course, that means what i can view is very limited recently... *sighs...

*Praying for the internet for Christmas...



(Still haven't gotten to emails. Promise will do so soon.)


Poisoned Happiness said...

OMG! I like emos too :) There is something awesome in their look, their hair, their clothes that makes them so hot. I also like guys with longer hairs :)

I hope you will get internet in your room for Christmas. That would be great gift :)

AJCon89 said...

sorry everyone... this post is most probably 100% my fault... haha

Thank you buddy for talking with me last night... it really helped out a lot and made me feel much much better.

You are a good friend and knew how to lift me up.. even if just a little.

I love you man.