Thursday, November 6, 2008

Reflections of my habitat.

Haha first...

Am i ever gonna live it down?? lol

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Today i had PE (sport/excersise and stuff) for the first 2 periods of school. I usually hate PE cos i SUCK at sport, and we also have to wear these daggy uniforms.

Sometimes it's fun though, like when we go bowling (yeah! i won last time! :P) or tennis which i don't suck at. Today, we went down to the beach for a walk. I like walking, because i don't fail at it. :)

Maybe it's something to do with the 'walking' itself. Maybe it was the absence of stress. Maybe it was the fact it was just the sand and the ocean and the seaweed and the shells... but today i actually appreciated the beauty of my little town.

I often put down this place. I mean it's boring as hell. There are no fun places to go. No cool things to do. There aren't any good shopping malls or anything. There are some attractions but nothing awesome. And forget about any sort of gay scene...

But today, i forgot about that... for a little while at least.

We caught the bus and headed down to the beach.

We went down the road between the short stone-layered cliff-faces.

We drove past the huge colourful playground around the blue lake.

We got out and walked up the green hills.

We walked amongst the succulent green bushes to get to the beach.

We stepped onto the soft white sand.

We walked under the bright sun.

We dodged the rising blue tide.

We walked alongside the big black sharp rocks, offset by the bright green behind them.

We passed a horse, galloping along the water's edge.

We looked out and saw the horizon - unobstructed by anything man made.

We got to the end of the beach, and saw the fisherman standing alone.

We went up to walk along the tall stone wall - the breakwater... and it hit me.

It hit me. A huge rolling blanket of blue-green, aqua and turquoise sea.

I was lost in it.

I hadn't been up there in as long as i could remember. I'd forgotten how beautiful the sea was.

It's amazing... and this is our sea. This sea is ours to enjoy.

We saw a fisherman catch a small wriggling shark at the end of it, then we walked back along the breakwater.

Most of the others headed along the bottom of the wall. Me and my friend walked along the top.

I'm damn scared of heights, and we were fairly high up. He kept lurching at me like he was gonna push me off. He loved it. I had a heart attack every time.

We were getting close to the bus, and we saw some people (tourists o_O) looking over the edge...

We looked over too, and saw a little seal floating lifelessly on the surface next to the wall amongst the little bits of seaweed.

It looked dead. Aww... that was sad. It was such a cute little thing too... My friend just laughed and pretended to shoot it (with a shotgun of course).

We headed down the steps, past the yellow flowerbeds, and onto the waiting bus, while our teacher was still coming.

When he did arrive, he said (something along the lines of) "Did ya see the seal back there? Putting on quite the performance..."

Huh? A couple of others got off to go have a look and my friend and i did the same...

Back up on the breakwater, we looked down, and the little bugger was doing twists and flips and somersaults in the water. It had big shiny black eyes and tiny little whiskers. It was the most adorable thing i'd seen in ages...

I was like, "Aww that is so cute."

My friend said a whale would eat it... then get beached on the rocks. Then pretending to be the whale he said "Eh... It was worth it!"

Yeah, the whale killing itself just to eat the baby seal... :P

My friend - he's bizarre. :D

Next time i head down to the beach i'll take the camera and get some pics.

In conclusion - my town ain't so bad. Hell, it could be a LOT worse.

We're on the coast. We have the beautiful sea. We have a lot of wildlife (compared to cities). We even have a few typical Aussie animals.

Still, i do want to move away when i'm older. I just don't feel that i'm suited to a place like this. I want the bustling city. I want the malls. I want the socialism. I want the scene. I want the jobs. I can't have that here...

I will remember my town fondly though.

I will be proud to say i grew up in such a beautiful place...

And i will return.

I will always return, to walk along the soft beach and dodge the tide, to get lost in the neverending blue sea, and to rediscover those special things i'd taken for granted when life has been so awful, stressful and mundane.



Tim said...

That was a wonderful post. I think we often don't take enough time to appreciate the beauty of our world and I felt as if I was there on that beach.

Mind you, I couldn't live too far away from decent shops either! I hope you find your dream.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Insightful and poetic. I wish i could write that well.

Oh by the way, i'm the one that left the clue to find the teddy pic :) I think its cute, and its all in fun, so no worries.

I won't tell anyone your little secret :p

Love Tristan

Landyn said...

one of my favorite posts from u man :) makes me remember how much i miss home and the beach. It's truly such an amazing and wonderful place. I have grown to appreciate it so much that I might become a marine biologist :)

anyways, thanks so much for that post! reminds me of the beauty of home and the wonder of the ocean :)

Love u man,
Landyn <2 <5 <8
oh wait...

AJCon89 said...

haha.... NO! we will never let you down.

that was a really beautiful post. your really have a way with words buddy.

and I was sparing you the details, but since you want to know...

While he was blowing me, i was running my hands through his hair... and holding his head guiding him... haha... sorry I forgot to mention that.

Luv ya buddy and I miss seeing you online.


Jake Annonymous said...

You may live in a boring as hell town, but at least when you go to the lake theres no Damn, no dead poisoned fish.. When you go to the beach theres no Sky scrapers or swarms of swimmers...

Col said...

Lovely post! I used to be like you...there are plenty of parks and woodland within easy reach of where I live but I never used to visit them. I just took it for granted that they would always be there and never appreciated them.

Now, if I'm feeling down I'll go for a walk to one of those places, summer or winter, and it cheers me up so much...just really "seeing" the beauty that's all around me.

Oh, and watching the squirrels, they're so

Col said...

Btw, thanks for adding me to your blog listing!

Planetx_123 said...

Excellent post- I totally understand. I really enjoy getting out in nature and just taking it all in. We have no water here, but we have some nice hiking forests that are beautiful to hike at sunset.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we wake up from as a deep sleep and notice the beauty of life all around us. Sometimes the dullest place all of sudden looks totally different. In those brief moments we have a chance to realize how much malls and shopping centers and high rise buildings have hidden or even ruined such beauty.

When I first moved to where I am now, I thought it was so boring. Then I saw my first sunset. Glorious from end-to-end with no high rise buildings or freeways to block the view. That was my waking up moment.

Grateful for your post.


naturgesetz said...

That was beautiful!

You are really fortunate to realize this about your home town while you're still there.

And, coming from you, of course it was well written.

(I wouldn't even have wanted something about the cat instead of this. ;) )

Jeremy said...