Monday, November 24, 2008

Writing, polls, and a few links...

First of all, i'm sorry i missed yesterday's post. I got caught up playing a game and before i knew it my mum wanted the pc back to do homework or something...

Second of all, i'm surprised, and proud, that a lot of you read my last post. I thought it would be too long and boring but perhaps i underestimated you haha. :D

Thanks so much for all your kind words. It really does mean a lot to me to have you guys show an interest in what i'm doing.

There were a few questions asked in the comments section, so rather than write a really long comment of my own, i thought i'd make a mini-post.

Q. Books and writers i like and why.

A. I don't read much nowadays. I haven't touched a novel or anything like it probably all year. I did read (and get read to) a lot when i was younger though. I have really fond memories of, as a child, lying in bed with my Mum sitting next to me reading The Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton to me. I'd always ask if there were any pictures on the page. :P

I don't remember much of those books, other than that i loved them. Very fantasy-like.

When i was in about grade 5 or 6, my Mum got me the Lord of the Rings' books for Christmas because i loved the movies. It was probably a little ahead of my comprehension, but aim high my friends! Aim high! It did me good.

The most recent books i read were the ones by Eoin Colfer. Now i love him as an author. When i read his stuff, i get the feeling that he never underestimates his audience's ability to grasp what he's trying to get across. He gives them a lot of credit basically.

Q. Will my story be a novel or a series.

A. Well, THIS story that i'm writing, will either be one book or two. I haven't really decided because... i haven't finished it yet.

Now if i keep going with my worlds and races, then any future stories would probably not contain my current characters. I would probably start a new struggle with an entirely new plot and cast because by the end of this one, they'll have outlived their usefulness.

Q. Have i taken any creative writing classes or read up on how other authors write?

A. Nope. Not at all. But next year i'm doing 'creative writing' as an elective. :)

Feel free to ask me any more questions. Like i said before, i could talk about this sort of stuff forever. Writing is my life, afterall.

After boys. ;)

I don't want to start a whole new post now so...

To the polls now. :)

It's pretty obvious that a lot of you think Skylar is a really hot name. Well, i agree. It's also the name of the main character in my NEXT story, Hope Hurts, which i've started planning but haven't started writing yet, and i won't start writing until Universes is done.

Personally, i think Lynx is the best. :)

Lynx is another twisted individual, very much like Coltrane, except this guy is ACTUALLY evil. He's also bisexual... and has powers of seduction... *wink wink

I won't start talking about that story now... Some other time.

Poll B speaks for itself. It seems that you're all very horned-up. ;D

More than half the votes so far go to something to do with hot boys. ^_^

And poll C... Cuddle me is winning? Oh wow! That's so sweet. :D:D

I knew you guys were awesome. haha

5% of you want to bonk me haha lol. I wouldn't be much fun in bed. Sorry. ;)

2nd is talk to me... Well, sorry, but i don't think i'll be meeting up with you any time soon. You can always add to msn though.

I must admit - i'm pretty damn awesome to talk to.

*free plug for addys lol

And what else? Well...

I like this game.

I like this song.

Check out this new blog.

See ya tomorrow.




Poisoned Happiness said...

Reading is fun when you are lonely. I used to read alot, not I don't have that much time for it :(
I prefer Skylar as a name, sounds better.
You seems so busy person, you still have time to talk to anyone? Talking and making friends online is good. Especially if you are going to focus on making less friends but good ones instead of many but talking to them rarely. I prefer first option, I kinda dream about building real friendship with someone met online. To bad time difference is not helping in meeting people from around the world :(

Stephen Chapman... said...

Bonk is great word to describe some man on man action. It was a 1980s word that went out of fashion - thanks for bringing it back!

AJCon89 said...

I hope you arent saying that all of us bisexual boys are evil... lol

because its just some of us... :-P


Anonymous said...

So I've been reading your blog for a little now but I thought I would finally start my own and finally comment yours.

I like the idea behind your story. I hope we get to sample some of your writing soon. Now it may be predictable but does Coltrane have to kill Marc (causing problems)? Maybe I'm far off.

Well hope everything else is going alright with you.

.//Kyros said...

i luv lynx too!! its such a cute name, thankx for the link aswell^^
being that fun in bed doesnt matter, its the feelings that you feel that eventually lead you thereXD! its like " i dont care how you are in bed, as long as were in it together, ill be happy" kind of thing^^. thats what i luv^^
~ .//kyros

Aek said...

Have you ever read Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy? It's "The Golden Compass," "The Subtle Knife," and "The Amber Spyglass." Amazing books they are.