Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Wrap.

Damnit. I only get 20 mins on the computer tonight... And i also have to try to post while my cat is rubbing his face all over my arm. :P

The poll finished today. There were 152 votes. The question was 'How important is sex to you?'

OMG It's the most important thing! - 3%
I need sex to survive - 13%
Can't have a relationship without great sex - 2%
Not the most important thing but still necessary - 32%
Sex is a small part. Affection is more important - 28%
I don't mind. We can always work something out - 2%
I don't give a shit! I just want a partner - 7%
Sex doesn't matter to me one bit - 3%
I choose not to have sex - 5%

Well if anything, that poll helped me not feel like such a freak for not caring about sex. Everybody is so diverse - if we were all the same then finding love would be pointless because there would be no challenge. When you find someone who feels the same as you do it makes it all worth the wait.

I hope that makes sense - i'm kind of in a hurry. :P

A few other things to get through...

- Thanks very much for the comments on my last post. More than once i felt very humbled. I'm very lucky to know you all.

- I broke the 175,000 word mark on my story the other day. Woot for me. WOOT. :P

- I'm still sore all over. I figure that's due to how stressed i've been recently...

Oh man, i wish it was the holidays already...

- AJ's had a tough time recently. I can't do much else to help him other than to tell him that he's loved by many of us and he will be okay - it will just take time for him to feel better on the inside. He has Matt to look after him though... and i know he knows just how lucky he is to have that.

- I'm working on fixing up my blog links. Get in touch through comments or email if you want to be on there.

I had more to say but it has all flown out the window...

I'll get around to comments and emails when i get time.

Love you all, wish me luck, and i wish you all luck as well,


My cat has gone psycho now and is attacking the rug.


AJCon89 said...

thanks buddy...

I really think i'm doing ok with this all... but matt thinks i'm not. So I will talk with someone.

I think you need to set your cats right and show them who is boss :-P



Planetx_123 said...


I love crazy cats.



victor said...

i'm glad your blog has taken off and things are getting better for you. it's good to have a community of people who care. ya, no, i'm not commenting to the wrong post here i just haven't been able to get by recently. i wish all of you guys the best. be seeing ya.