Thursday, July 31, 2014

A message.

I occasionally revisit my blog when I need to look up a date or some other detail from my past. It's convenient to have chronicled every major life event from my adolescence, though to be honest, a lot of it makes me cringe.

Unfortunately, scrolling down the page is like strolling through a graveyard where many of my friends are buried. That's the double-edged sword of the internet: you have access to so many lovely, amazing people, but they can so easily slip away like semen in the shower and there's nothing you can do about it.

I'm thankful that a lot of the people I met through this blog are still some of my best friends, or even grew closer to me after I quit blogging.

Some of you dip in and out of my life, just to say hi or let me know how you're going, and I'm glad to have that contact. My life is better for knowing you people.

There are people whom I didn't know that well but that I cared about, whose blogs I read and commented on, or shared emails with, just to say that I was there for you. I remember you all more than you might think.

There are others that I used to speak to almost every day, who helped me through a terrible time in my life and whom I genuinely loved for that and whom I loved as people, but that I haven't spoken to in years ... though it feels like an eternity. There's a hole in my heart for you bastards.

It's a hard life being gay/bi/trans. We've all had to deal with a lot of shit, shit that we shouldn't have to, but have to nonetheless ... Sometimes life's just a royal cunt and deals you a poker hand full of jokers. I lost contact with some of you when times were toughest for you, while others just vanished without reason. I worry about you. I hope that you are well.

If any of you read this, now, or years after this is posted, even if we only spoke once, whether things are fantastic or fucked, know that I would love to hear from you. My email is the same now as it was for the life of this blog: paperkirbypnk at You can also leave a comment on this post for me to read without publishing.


naturgesetz said...

Sorry you've left Twitter. I enjoyed your interactions with the guys there, but I know you have your reasons. I'm glad you're making progress at uni.

I've put your e-mail address in my contacts list, but I probe won't be e-mailing you often. If you still follow my blog(s), you'll occasionally find out bits about what I'm doing.

Best wishes.

Nic said...

I love you. I love your kind soul. I love your golden heart. I'm sorry you've been hurt by so many people who just decide they ha taken enough (love, support, time) from you and then just vanish. I don't want to be that person ever to cause that kind of pain as I know how it feels to be on the receiving end

Aek said...

A lovely post. :-)

Biki Honko said...

A while ago I wrote a post thanking those that had helped me along my journey, and was quite saddened by the numbers of people that just faded away. They got their lives in order and didnt need to blog any longer, or other many other reasons. But you are ever so right, they moved into our hearts even tho we've never met.

I'm glad to hear from you again!

Mirrorboy said...

Thanks guys. <3

Anonymous said...

I remember you

Tim (@tfb62) said...

And then you were gone from Twitter. I missed why, I've been rubbish at Twitter. I never blogged, but we did chat briefly and occasionally on MSN. You have a good heart, I wish you well. I hope to hear from you again.


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late. I wondered why I hadn't seen you on Twitter much, I see naturgesetz has let me know. You know I'll stay in touch, my friend. Always.

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just came across your post. Glad to hear from you. Hope you have a good holiday season. KJ