Friday, October 16, 2009

Work Experience Week 2.

First, thanks for the nice comments on my last post. I won't be going anywhere for a while at least, i promise. I just need something more interesting to post about. :P

So today at work experience at the radio station, i did more than last week. First i had to go around and empty all the bins, and that was uber-gross, especially when i had to empty the bin in the toilet room, which was full of stinky toilet paper.


Then i was shown how to work the photocopier, so for the next couple of hours i did a bunch of photocopying, stapling, putting in pigeonholes etc. And I also typed up some stuff for the Community Calendar and printed that out.

Then i listened to the Muse songs on my iPod while i waited for the afternoon presenter to arrive, because i'd brought my Muse cd with me, seeing as he said i could pick any song and he'd play it during the show. So i was listening to them, trying to pick one out.

Then i was in there in the studio with him for the three hours, just like last week, and he played my song. (I went with Starlight). So that was pretty cool. And he liked it too. :)

Then i volunteered to read out the Community Calendar, which is about a page long. So i did read it out. lol. I was a lot more nervous than i thought i would be, but he said i did a good job. :)

And good is good.

That's it for now. :)


James said...

:) Awesome! Muse... ^_^

Mr. Urs said...

Well done! But could it happen that I haven't got any muse songs on my iPod? I actually like them. Thanks for the reminder.

Octavius said...

The first time is always the hardest, but you get used to it really quick. In no time you will be saying random things on air just to break the flow.


Micky said...

Mirrorboy rocks - oh wow!

Traditional work-experience with bin-emptying, typing, photocopying. The essential skills of any office! Have you made the coffee yet?!!!

Excellent to pick such a tune though and did you hear yourself on tape after you'd read the stuff out? How different you sound from just talking?

It's nerve-wracking the first time waiting for your cue but it gets very much easier with practice, of course. Crikey! I'm so jealous of you - I loved working in radio - perhaps I missed my vocation!

Aaron said...

hey mr DJ!

would u give me a shoutout while on the show? :P

good song choice!

Deadwing said...

i love Muse!!!! excellent choice! i wanted to be on the radio when i was a kid. i guess i kind of am, but not announcing songs haha. have fun!!

Rowan D said...

Thats amazing!
On your first work experience post i was gonna suggest you ask him to play some Muse!
I dunno why i didn't suggest it but you did it anyway!

BTW, i'm a huge Muse fan, i'm going to see them in November!!!


P.S You could have picked a better song than Starlight from BH&R :P
kiddin on, but not one of my favs tho

Aek said...

Nice job Mboy. It sounds like you're working hard, so keep up the good work!

Seth said...

Can M-boy make coffee??


xthecouragex said...


First thats awesome that you got to be on the radio and did a great job reading the community events.

Second, I didn't know you liked muse...they're one of my favs.

And its cool you're getting experience as basically a gofer. I worked as one for a record company for a summer (gofer = go for errands, stuff envelops, etc.) because its a great way to get your foot in the door at a company. But I got sick of it and decided it wasnt for me, but I did learn a lot that summer like you are now.

Hope the rest of it goes well for you too

Planetx_123 said...

That sounds really cool! You should post a clip of your broadcast- that would be really cool :-)

The radio station that I volunteered at in high school allowed us to pick music, but it was an adult contemporary station that had almost nothing I enjoyed at the

Much Love,