Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goodbye. :'(

Today was my last session with my psychologist, so i'll never see her again. Unfortunately for the majority of the session, i was in tears and could hardly speak, so it was a pretty sucky time.

My other psych said it might be a good idea to write the one that's leaving a letter, so i can get a bit of closure. So i'll probably do that sometime this week. Not today, cos i'll start crying again, and i really don't want to start crying again.

Just so you know, yeah, i have 2 psychologists. I won't be keeping in contact with the one that's leaving. And after she's gone, i'll only be seeing the one. The one's that's leaving is the one i was closest to, because she was the one who... ran the sessions i guess. The other one was there to observe and give ideas.

K that's about all i want to say right now. As you might guess, it's hard to write about.


Drew said...

I'm sorry... If I had super long arms I'd give you a hug. You'll get through everything just fine, it will just take some getting used to.

Love and hugs,


Aek said...

Awww. *Hugs*

I think writing a letter to the psychologist who's leaving is a good idea. It probably will give you some closure.

Hopefully the one who's still there will step up his game and be just as good. :-)

Mr. HCI said...

Hang in there, M! You'll make it.


James said...

Having been through 5 therapists, I know what you are going through at least in some way. *hugs* It hurts me that you are hurting now; I am sorry.

John Doe said...

im sorry hun =[

i know how it is to loose someone you felt really close with that you could tell anything too and it sucks.

Planetx_123 said...

I can imagine it's like loosing a parent or a best friend. Someone that you share such a strong bond with, is no one that you can part with easily.

I'm sure she has good reasons for leaving, but I'm sure that you had a big impact on her life, just as she did on yours.

Much Love-


WkBoy714 said...

I am sorry to hear ):

The best you can do for her is to take away her advice and remember how she helped you, and keep on improving

And I wishes you luck *hugs*

Matt. said...

Man, having to let go is never easy. But try to find other stuff to foccus on, to take your mind of it...


Ben said...

I know how you feel. I've been going to the same therapist on and off for almost 8 years. She's my best friend and knows me better than anyone I know and... she's always been there. Everytime the sessions end it's like I'm losing a best friend, I started doing the letter thing about 2 years ago and it really does work. Stay strong, I know you can get through this.


cvn70 said...


HUGS. It will get better but write the letter I agree it will help. And I hope you become trudting of the ither doctor. Keep working hard to improve yourself.

Take care and be safe my friend


Ryan said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss. Stick through it, someday you will look back and just think of this a a blip on the huge timeline that will be a very happy life!!

Lots of love and a HUGE BUNDLE OF HUGS!!!!


Seth said...

Hang in there hun. I know its tough and it hurts and probably leaves you feeling adrift and lost - but you'll get through it like you do with everything, be strong, work with the other one to help you deal with losing the first one.

And if the second one is a schmuck, you can always try another one, until you "click" again.


zz said...

Wait, wait, wait... you are in therapy and attend a gay youth group? You are not mad, boy, please quit. People who think life is black and white, gay and straight is actually mad!
You probably realized sexuality has no clear rules! Somebody never does... you are lucky... Some rules may not be accepted where you live, in the time you live... but what is wrong is the place and time, not you! Run away from that fucking small town where you live if only you can. Stop living your alleged diversity as a problem!

peace and love


Jeremy said...

Your post title scared me D:

I know you'll be okay *hugs*

Landyn said...

i love you, its gonna be ok. Hang in there man. I've hung in there for u when ive been super down and said, and I hope you hang in there now cuz I'm asking/demanding you to :)

I miss talking to you a lot lot lot lotttt :(

Randy said...
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