Saturday, October 24, 2009


Thnx for the comments. <3


J said...

I've never used the word before on the Internet, but this morning it seems especially appropriate. I give you, a little shopworn from life in the States, a big HUG. Blogger or not, you're a great guy, and against all odds a survivor.

Jake Annonymous said...

In before 60+ comments saying don't quit/saying do what you know is best

Mirrorboy said...


Horny Builder said...

I love u mate
Say hi on msn sometime

PoisonedHappiness said...

Jake is right you know, do what you feel is right and good for you

billy said...

Don't let Jay's erratic behaviour get you down. When people are on the edge they can't see beyond themselves. It sounds like he was lashing out at you to avoid dealing with something else.

Trying to help can sometimes be tough. But we do it because we have no choice.

Micky said...

If this is really bye- bye then thanks for everything.

Mind you - we all get very down on occasions and it's sometimes best to re-organise a bit. We all should do that sometimes. Good luck!

Ryan said...

mboy, in the short time I have come to know you I have learned alot.

I wasnt here when you were a wreck, at the lowest in your life. I didnt see you rise through it all, but I read about it.

I dont know your feelings concerning blogging and Its not my place to know.

I do know that I have never before in my life seen people follow someone, some total stranger (if only a stranger for a while) so completely and without pause.

You have become what you may have seeked in the beginning, a hero to the people on here.

If it is time for you to end your reign on blogger, do so knowing that you have changed many other lives as well as your own.

And I can read that in just a few posts here and there.

It was nice too meet you and good luck in journalism. Hopefuly I see you on MSN.

And if we all are going way overboard on this, and you are not leaving for good. Then take this comment as a really long compliment. lol

Peace out, lots of love and a hug,

Ben said...

Please don't say that, we know that your life is pretty sucky right now, but that's another reason to stay here. You helped me more than you will ever know, and I thank you for that a thousand times over.
Take a break if you need to, or at least try to say hi every once in a while and tell us how you're doing. I love you.

cvn70 said...


hey jake anon atually makes comments on a blog? SO what does that that mean anyways yo are sick of blog world?

take care and be safe


Peter said...

D: What sparked that?

Drew said...

Mboy, just know that because of you many people have come to terms with how they view themselves. Even more have joined our blogging community.

We love you, we care for you. You can only do what you think is right, but if you do decide to stop just know you will be sorely missed. Just PLEASE don't do anything that would hurt yourself.



Tyler said...

:O i hope its only blogworld you've stopped caring about

x! said...

Bye Mirrorboy!

BILIKEME said...

hope its not something we did :)

take a break...then let us know how your doing :)

Planetx_123 said...

Sorry- I'll miss your posts
I hope to hear from you at some point in the future <3


Randy said...

sry bout last nights comment, was drunk... I kno u have probs bro, was only saying you couldnt understand mine... just thought it was harsh to kick someone when they are down, mix that with alcohol and u get a dick... no hard feelings i hope... hugz

victor said...

i understand completely.


Seth said...

Don't pull a SmallTownDavid on us now, y'hear. Say hi, we'll have one of our 6-line awkward chats and you can explain in 2 lines and I will respond in 2 lines. "Hello" doesn't count as a line.

And yes, a *HUG* for you as always.

naturgesetz said...

It's been good having you around.

Since I've never come out to more than a very few people, and those were mostly people who had a right to know at the time, I've never had to go through the sort of thing you did. It was a real education for me to learn how it has been playing out in your case. I know that is not why you blogged, but I want you to know that your blog has been valuable to me.

It would be nice to hear how you're doing at important points — going to uni, graduating, getting a job, and anything else you feel like sharing.


naturgesetz said...

And cuddle the cats for me.

Just said...

Although I haven't gotten to know you , other than reading your blog. I do see you comments on other blogs. I know you have touch many people. That you should be proud. I know you are saying you stop caring , I just want you to know that people care about you . I know times are hard right. I just hope you find that strength you have inside. Well Be thinking of you and burning a candle for you .... Love Just

Jeremy said...


goleftatthefork said...

my cats don't like that post :( I dragged them in here and showed them