Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blurk Explurnairianence.

Sorry i didn't post last night. I forgot. :P

So the work experience went pretty well. I got a lot of practical experience in... folding paper. For the first half hour i folded newsletters in the office. :)

Then a woman there told me to pick out some cds i liked from the archive. I had no idea who almost all of them were. lol

Then i went into Studio 1 and she showed me how to work the board thingy. So then i messed around in there for half an hour until the presenter guy showed up. He was older than i expected. By that i mean he's old. :P

So i watched and observed for the next three hours, and i asked questions too. It was mostly a music show, with a lot of various music. He also read out community events and the weather. He hates reading stuff out. :P

So next week i'm probably gonna read out the weather and the community events. He also said i could pick out a song to bring in and he'd play it. :)

It was a pretty good time, the only bad thing is that my head was ready to explode after 3 hours of only listening to music.

Oh and i'm almost at 400,000 views and i dunno how to celebrate. So, any ideas? :P


Anonymous said...

Glad you (more or less) enjoyed the experience, except for the three straight hours of music, lol. Just curious, what genre of music does the station work with? Who are the popular artists at the moment down under?

Congrats on the upcoming achievement. That is quite an accomplishment for a guy blogging about his life. How to celebrate is beyond me. I'm sure you'll figure something out, though. :)

Mirrorboy said...

The station does all genres. And it doesn't do mainstream music. :P

Anonymous said...

Damn, I wanna know what station now. We'd get to hear your hot sexy voice. ;)

Good on you, keep it up. Sounds like it will be heaps of fun and good experience.


Matt. said...

Yeah work experience can be so fun :D
And you have to play
'Flightless Bird, American Mouth' by
Iron and wine. :P

Hmmm maybe you should come to London and stay at mine for a few days? :P


Aaron said...

well done!! sounds like u had fun and im glad u had funn!!! :D

Dave83201 said...

Glad it went so well. I knew it would!

Anonymous said...

I remember doing a similar thing from school - we were officially there for two weeks solid though, to help index the new record library at the BBC Pebble Mill Centre where one of their local radio stations was going to open.

After a few days we got to play on the mixing desk (although nothing was being broadcast) and later that got me involved as a 'studio manager' with the Hospital Radio Network which I then kept up twice a week for a year and a half until I left school.

As you gather - the indexing wasn't much fun (aka 'paper folding' but learning to talk on a microphone and to cue stuff up, levels and such was fun then and really useful later.

Rowan D said...

doesn't play mainstream music?
you should get him to play some Muse!
dunno how big they are where you are...

Daily Dan said...

so does it do old stuff? like the rolling stones and beatles and stuff?

Anonymous said...

what's the name of the station? And congrats on the job!

Seth said...

Folding letters is valuable experience. LOL. It will prepare you for future certification as a professional letter-folder-er. Few have managed to graduate with honors from this challenging program, but I KNOW you can do it!! Stamps FTW.

All kidding aside, I think I said, use it for what its worth. At the very least, it might show you something you never want to do again, or you might come to enjoy it and follow up later on.

Either way, just don't spill soda on the control board.


ps: YAY on 400,000 views!!! I'm sure you can think of something awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, 400 facts about you ?? :p

Ryan said...

Congrats to a "fairly" fun work experience! And as far as the celebration goes... you always have great ideas... i am sure one of those will suffice, or draw a picture of a cake or write a story about your dream party... could be fun...

Picture are fun as well! Lol

Lots of love,

PS: My autorization word is tinoncho!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I wish my first job had been that exciting. It involved taking care of animals at a county fair...figures. :P

Jason Carwin said...

Congrats on the almost-to-400,000 views.

Your job sounds interesting, but I can see how listening to 4 hours of music can be painful. What song are you going to play?

Aek said...

Lol, sounds like things went pretty well. :-)

It's probably fortuitous for you that the guy doesn't like reading out events much, so you get to do it! Just think, all those people hearing your voice, hehe.

WkBoy714 said...

Hah, I agree with kiwi. :)
You could make our heads explode too, but not from music, if you get my drift :P

J said...

Have your practiced your mellifluous radio voice?

Kevin Wilson said...

That's the joy of a non talk balk radio show. At the very least, you'll get an education on what is probably my generation type music (< 80's)

Anonymous said...

I just have to ask... when you say he is old ... ummm ... like how old is he?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time!

p.s. Happy National Coming Out Day!

John said...

Wait wait super introvert everybody hates me the world is against me I hate my life you hate my life
mirrorboy is going to speak PUBLICLY ?
Is this a mis-print or type-o ?
Is this station on the webb so we all can listen ?
MB you know I`m kidding (sorta of)!

Mirrorboy said...

@Rowan - I love Muse. I'm considering choosing one of their songs. ^_^

@Dan - A bit of everything.

@Ben - If i told you, you'd know ehere i live. lol

@glatf - He's a grandpa. lol

Mirrorboy said...

*where -_-

cvn70 said...


I have acouple of somd ideas for you. I hope its lot of fun

Take care and be safe


CAMERAN said...

well i live in newcastle and we had it to trem 2 ours was shit we got one day be for it was cand i thing i add you on msn cameran

Jake Annonymous said...

Little Lion man -mumford & sons

good song, makes me happy