Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have to meet my Work Skills teacher at the radio station tomorrow at 10:15. We'll be going in to talk to the guy there about organising my work experience, starting about a week from now.

And then at 11:30 i have an appointment with my psychologists, so fun times. :P

The break's almost over. I start at school again on Monday.

I think this is the first time in years, that i'm not terrified about having to go back to school.



Spastic Fantastic said...

Good Luck with your job :)

Mr. HCI said...


I was in college radio for nine years and I still miss it.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have an extra enjoyable weekend before heading back to school

Anonymous said...

Busy, busy!

Enjoy the radio station - you should be able to be yourself!

cvn70 said...


Good luck with the work studies and all. Hey I'm glad youi aren't worried about school. I hope the rest of your vacation is good

Take care and be safe


WkBoy714 said...

Great. :)
I'm glad.

Hope teh station goes well (:

Anonymous said...

That's good! You deserve peace of mind regarding school.

Aek said...

Hurray for starting your radio work! :)

And I'm glad that things are finally going good for you at school. It definitely shouldn't be one of those places to fear going to.

Lol, my word verification is: ingested.

Matt. said...

Sounds like a good day :D Its always nice when you have something to look forward to. Thanks for uh talking today:P


Anonymous said...

good to know that school is better now

Though I'm almost certian you would dread being in my Physics class and it's not b/c of the level of work either

Seth said...

Good luck with the radio job, put some effort into it and get some enjoyment (and experience) out of it.

Sorry again to hear about the psychologist thing (I'm reading this ex-post-facto with your following post)

Planetx_123 said...

Im excited for you-- I can't wait to hear about the job. But vacation is nice too :-)